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No one under the age of fourteen has any sex in this story.


A knock on the door and a pretty young face peeking in on me. “Mr. Amos, could you let me in for a while. My Mom hasn’t showed up to our home and I left my key in my locker at school. Then a tear from a little mid-teen girl’s face to emphasize her dilemma. Followed by my heart getting choked up and the door opening for her to enter.

I guided her into the living room and seated her on the sofa, with the T.V. control in her hands and instructions to pick out whatever she wanted to see. I then inquired about whether she wanted something to snack on and she settled on some very good tasting green grapes that I had chilled in the refrigerator. I rinsed them off under cold water and served them in a cereal bowl. She had some mindless T.V. show on where the parents are clueless and dumb, and the kids know everything worth knowing. Rather common these days. I couldn’t help noticing that she was down to her panties and bra as she lounged on the sofa. She said that it was hotter than she usually experienced and so I decided to not make an issue out of it.

She ate the grapes in silence and I left her to herself for some time for me to work on my computer. And then as I noticed that time was flying by and it was getting into later that evening, I asked if her mother was due back soon. She said that she really didn’t know, but if it was okay with me she would wait it out here in my condo. I with reservations accepted that. After all she was over fourteen years old and I am a mature bachelor who is known to date the ladies, sometimes pros at that. What would others think with a young girl like this in my presence late in the evening without her mother around? And with now her only in her bra, as the panties had come off, too.

I was getting very worried as the time was slipping by and asked where her mother might be. And she said that she didn’t know, because she traveled all over town in her work. That got me a wondering. So, I asked for her mother’s name and she said Gloria Matson. And the name Gloria Man’s Woman came to mind. She was a deluxe escort and I had seen her several times. And she had mentioned that she had a girl about this age now. Oh, oh!!!!

I asked if her mother had a contact number. And little Gracie said that she does, but that she is not permitted to use it. Just was instructed to wait until she got home from her appointments. Of course, this would have been no problem if Gracie had not forgotten her key at school. So, I asked about her family, hoping that there was someone local that I could turn her over to. She said that her Dad lived out of town and that her siblings lived with him, all but her. She had stayed behind so that their mother wouldn’t be left alone. Evidently Daddy wasn’t ever coming back.

It was now moving past nine in the evening and she said that she was getting tired and asked if she could lay down on my bed. The nervousness accelerated with this, especially when I looked in and saw her laying on top of the covers with her dress off and her in only one of my short T-shirts with nothing on underneath, that I could see. And damn if she wasn’t fetching, too. She had the body of a girl several years older than her current age. And I knew that she had told me the truth, because I had checked her I.D. in her purse. And the address was the unit just down the hallway, just like she had said.

When it got to ten o’clock I got ready for bed, not knowing where to sleep. Because I only had the one bed in the condo and the sofa though comfortable to sit on was not a candidate for me to sleep on. So, I taped a sheet of paper on the outside of the front door and had written: HER HERE!! on it. I figured with the lights out and her late that she would know what I meant and would either knock to retrieve her little girl or let things stay as such until morning.

So, I took an extra blanket and covered over the girl and moved under the blankets myself to try to sleep with a half-naked and nubile girl next to me. I never toss and turn, but did so that night and after a while she rolled over in my direction and asked, “Trouble sleeping?”

“Yes, and I am sorry to have wakened you by it.”

“No problem, just lay back and try to relax and I will try to help you go to sleep.”

I had no idea of what she was talking about, but very soon thereafter felt her move under the blankets, too. And then I felt my pajama bottoms being lowered and taken off. I froze in position fearing of what would come next. What came was me, right into her mouth as she gave me a professional level Blow Job. With this I was terrified at what I was now into. And not too long after that, she had me up again and into her, right up to the top and solid at that. I don’t think that I had ever felt a vagina so comfortable. Not too tight, nor too loose. Warm and well wetted.

Right about then, I wanted to shoot myself over doing this to an innocent young woman, but even if I had had a gun, I couldn’t have pulled the trigger. I just had to see what this was all about. So, I rolled over and felt her cuddle up to my back and we both then went to sleep.

When we woke up in the morning, she smiled over at me and rose up and planted a very solid kiss on my lips and then moved out of bed naked to take a shower in the main bathroom. As she was showering I asked what she wanted for breakfast and she said, cereal would be fine. So, I set out the milk and a box of each variety of cereal that I had and turned on the morning news. As Gracie was coming out of the bathroom with only a towel to cover her, her mother was coming in the door and saw her in that condition. I thought that I was dead on the spot, but Gloria just said, “Oh, I see that the nice Mr. Amos let you sleep overnight. And you are all cleaned up this morning.”

“Yes, Mom. Manson was a dear for me last night. And he has breakfast for me now, can you wait a few minutes while I eat it, since he went to the trouble of providing it?”

“Sure, Dear. I can wait for a few minutes.”

So, Gracie sat down and when she took up her spoon, the towel came tumbling down leaving her naked before her mom and me. Gracie looked down at the absent covering and shrugged her shoulders and continued eating her breakfast, and Gloria just looked up, like she was looking at the heavens for inspiration and said nothing in the face of this. My eyes got big, but my mouth stayed firmly shut.

After eating her cereal, she got up and nakedly walked into the bedroom to put her clothes back on. And when she came in, she asked her mom if she could stay here on other times when she was late in getting home for her. Gloria said, “We will see.” And as they walked hand-in-hand out the door, Gracie looked back and smiled and Gloria merely waved over her shoulder.

Over the next six months, she showed up about eight times, three as all-nighters. And each of them with a resulting full intimacy. The last one was when I had a very hard woody in the night and she backed up to me and took it up her ass. I mostly woke up for the climax and then fell back completely asleep without knowing if it had really happened or not.

One day after that, I happened to walk into the local pub and saw Gloria at a table alone. I approached and asked her if I could talk with her a bit. And she said surely. That she wasn’t about to do anything for a couple of hours. So, looking her in the eyes, I asked, “What is this about, Gloria?”

“Well, Manson, you know what I do for a living. You have sampled my wares several times, right? My ex-husband knew about it when we dated and I never treated him as a client, but first as a friend and then as a lover leading up to our marriage. When we married he let it be known that he wanted me to retire my secret cell phone and rent-a-pussy service. But, I refused. I reasoned with him, that during our courtship, he never lost anything that he was entitled to at the time. He had never rented me and so I treated him as a beau, with things developing step by step, just like most lovers do.

All this time I was servicing my clients like you just as I always had. And though he never actually came out and said that he approved of it, he never gave me any shit over it, either. There were always some things that I never did for him before we married, because to qualify for them a person had to pay for those privileges, like peeing into my mouth for instance. But, he got everything that a boyfriend might get and better done than most women serve those things up. So, he backed off from his firm request that I retire my G-strings for others.

I did redevelop my work schedule to not interfere with our marriage dues and responsibilities. And I made very sure that he got all of the cock draining and pussy sucking that a man could ever want. He got me several times a week, more than my clients, though they sometimes got more, most got to see me only once a month, usually.

And then over the first six years, we got four children, Gracie being the oldest. The kids early on never knew what exactly what I did with my clients. Evidently they though that I gave medical massages, and it is true that I do qualify to do that. In fact that is how my real trade got started. With big tips for additional services, as they put it. I never lied to them about it, but I didn’t volunteer any unnecessary information, either.

Glen never showed any dissatisfaction with our love play. Mostly it was husband/wife kind of stuff: kissing, caressing, breast-play, oral on each other, and intercourse. But, once a month, I would pull out all stops, like he was a client and he got a role play, anal, some weird stuff or a combination of those things. He loved that, and since it was once a month, it was special to the two of us.

Meanwhile our family grew and specifically Gracie was moving towards being a woman. She got her period and was not thrown of the tracks too very much. She learned how to use the pads and tampons, and so was only slightly mortified by it all. And she got excited to see genital hair coming on and her breasts starting to develop. She took to the process of attaining womanhood as well as any female that I have ever been aware of. And with it came the realization that this wasn’t just for looks, but there is a purpose behind it. And after catching Glen and I fucking over the side of the bed one morning with a full view of real sex, she connected that with her younger siblings and herself. This was because of the illustrations in the sex awareness pamphlet that she got in school and the organs that we were actively using in our sexual activities that morning.

She was very impressed with my reactions to it all, and began to desire it for herself sometime soon. You know from experience how much I love the feelings and activities of sex, since you have seen that yourself. Well, evidently like mother/like daughter. Only she wasn’t getting any, and was fearful of her reputation to go outside of the family and was blocked by her two brothers being much younger than herself. So, she set her mark on her father Glen, him being completely unknowing of this. Just like you the first night with her. Both of you were knocked off your feet by her boldness and enjoyment of the activity.

The night after her fourteenth birthday, she set her cap firmly on good old dad. And on a day when I was busy elsewhere and the other kids were off visiting their grandparents, she joined him in our bed and tried to seduce him. Probably would have succeeded too, if it were not for our family dog that jumped up on the bed just as she started to suck Glen off. He reared up out of his slight slumber and was horrified to see his little girl with her mouth just about to swallow his dick and whatever would come out of it. He sent her to her room and she cried until I got home later from a very demanding client.

I took her into my arms, and comforted her with some kissing and attentions to her pussy to let her know that she was very desirable, it was just her father’s moral convictions that made that impossible for him, not that he didn’t love her, because he most certainly did. And in his eyes, his denial of her sexual advances was part of his love shown in practice.

So, while I was fingering her pussy and licking her nips, she asked how was she going to get a practice partner to develop her sexual abilities, if even her own father refused to help her? And I suggested that she would have to find someone else to do this for her. And things simmered for a couple of months.” But, the attempted seduction by his daughter sort of unhinged him and so he grabbed the other kids and left here. Left me, and his daughter behind with a separation agreement. Actually, I and Gracie get along very well on our own.

Then one night a month after the withdrawal of the father, Gloria mentioned that she made a serious mistake. She had accepted one of her more active clients to see her in her home and on her bed. She didn’t know that Gracie was home and that she would see an eyeful of what was to happen. Gracie hid in the closet when the couple was taking a shower and when Gloria opened it and saw that her daughter was there and seeing the actions, she just ignored her and proceeded just like she wasn’t present. That date with the client included a number of very fringe types of actions, like menstrual sucking, water-works and peeing into her mouth, with Gracie having a ring side seat.

When Gracie accidently made a sharp noise in the closet, Bert looked in and saw the young girl crouching there. He invited her up on the bed to play with good old mom and him, but Gloria indicated that she firmly nixed that. So, the guy paid up and left in a huff.

With this, Gloria indicated that Gracie had a lot of questions and only got very general answers from her mother. And Gracie was opened to porn that covered what mom wasn’t comfortable in telling her daughter about. And all this did was to sharpen Gracie’s desires even more. So, then came her first chance to practice her newfound interests with you. “How did she do, by the way?”

“She was stunning and not at all intimidated by our play.”

“As I thought she would be! I think that she is determined to follow her mother’s foot-steps. I am not thrilled by this, but will work with realities and not with wishful thinking.”

“Has she asked for any contribution, yet?”

“No, not at all. And if she did that would be the end of anything between us, because of the legal exposures that would result from that with her age in mind.”

“Yes, I see and agree. You can only be a sexual mentor to her, not as a client until she reaches the age of eighteen.”

“Just so!”

“So, where do we go on this from now on?”

“Just as it has, I would suppose. In for a pint, in for a gallon, I guess. It would make no sense to stop now as long as she is discreet about this, and she shows no signs at all of being resentful or guilty of this. She seems to just take it in course. I suppose I will have to join with her and you sometime after her sixteenth birthday to introduce her into types of group play and the permutations, thereof. She might as well know it all, so as to know what she will accept or reject, even when she gets married.”

“I am guessing that there won’t be much of rejections, from what I have seen of her so far.”

“Yes, I agree on that! Better up your game for the next couple of years, I would guess. And by-the-way, I am going to use you as the continuing back-up if I am going to be late and weekend relief when I am out for the duration in the future, and problem with that?”

“No, as long as you leave a dated permission slip for her to be with me on those occasions.”

“Will, do!”

With that the conversation broke up and I toddled off to home to face the rest of the day.

Two nights later, Gracie showed up again at just about dark and soon after coaxed me into bed with her. She immediately cuddled up to me and whispered sweet things into my ear. This with her hands playing over my body, centering on my cock. My hands were busy, too. All over her body jumping from her nips, to her pussy to her ass and back around.

I them moved her to her belly on two pillows and buried my face up into her pussy folds and her ass hole. Back and forth, I went, to her moans and muffled screams. Finally, I plowed up her ass and as she shimmied in a mini-climax, I emptied up into her darkest tunnel. She then sucked my cock off to get all of the remaining cum and swallowed it. With that, she went into the bathroom and rinsed out with mouth wash.

When she returned, she reversed herself for side-by-side 69, and after laying for a bit, we both fell asleep in that position with my face up to her pussy and my cock in her mouth.

When I awoke the next morning, she had two cool glasses of water for me to drink. And the way that liquids go right through me, I was into my peeing mode very quickly. Then she gave me a half glass to drink and ordered me to sit on the side of the bed with my feet on the floor. As I looked down on her kneeling on the floor, she assumed the hungry bird pose and instructed me to empty into her mouth. With a towel under her chin, she managed to swallow at least half of it, and then moved up to the bed to cow-girl me and then we both fell asleep again.

That afternoon, Gloria showed up for her daughter with a bit of a stressed expression on her face. They evidently moved out of their condo in the middle of the night and disappeared to places unknown. I never saw or heard of them again

©  James Dylan Dean Mon 7th of May 2018

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