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Pregnant lady

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During my 10 years in the decorating business I had often flirted with and been flirted by clients but nothing had ever really come of any of it. We all dream of the lonely housewife but in reality it doesn’t happen.
I was asked to do a job at one ladies house that would change all that, even though no actual flirting happened.

I arrived at the job, having been recommended by a friend of the client. I hadn’t priced anything and so it was a “As the job runs” structure. The lady in question was Mrs. Lyn Holmes. Now Lyn was, by my estimation, about five months pregnant, no husband in sight. Apparently he had done a runner as soon as she had conceived. Still she had a nice pad and didn’t seem short of a few bob. However she did have an annoying habit of putting a price on every little thing. “How much will you charge for that?” was her favourite question, even if it was doing something trivial like replacing a light bulb.
I kept my temper, which was severely tested sometimes, and put it down to hormones.

One particular day, when I rolled up, she seemed apprehensive. “I need to ask you a favour” she asked. “Tomorrow I have got to go for a scan, at the hospital and want you to escort me, if you would?” She seemed very nervous and I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her. “How much do I get paid for that?” I asked her, reversing the tables on her for once. “I’ll pay you an hourly rate, if that’s’ O.K?” she replied tears nearly welling in her eyes.
I accepted and rolled up for work the next day in clean, casual, clothes and my work clothes in a bag. “What time are we off?” I asked as she put in an appearance. “About half an hour” she replied. Lyn was not overly pretty but attractive all the same. She wasn’t very tall, maybe a little thick set but this may be because of her condition, she had short mousey coloured hair, gorgeous baby blue eyes and sharp-ish features. “Time for a quick cup of tea then” I said, as a typical English worker. She sighed, turned and said “I’m not paying for to drink it though!”

Tea drank she tossed me the keys to her BMW. “I want you to drive please” she said as she made her way out. I locked the door and went around to the passenger side door and opened it for her. “Ever the gentleman you know” I mentioned to her as I went around the driver’s side and got in. Off we went, Lyn giving directions, she seemed to get more nervous the nearer we got to the hospital. I parked the car and walked with her to the entrance, “Do you want me to come in with you?” I asked. “Please, if you don’t mind” she replied. We made our way to the antenatal clinic, notified the receptionist of her presence and sat to wait. Lyn was now extremely nervous so I offered to hold of her hand as a gesture of re-assurance. She willingly took it, her palms were sweaty and her grip was tight. Eventually her name was called out. She stood up and made to walk to the….. room, she hadn’t let go of my hand, I had stayed sat down, presuming she wouldn’t want me to go in with her. She tugged my hand, turned to see I was still sat and simply said “Please”. I couldn’t turn her down.

The mid-wife, in the room smiled at us both as she directed Lyn to go behind some curtains. “Your first?” she asked her as Lyn stripped behind the screen. She also looked at me for a response. “Yes my first” Lyn replied. The mid-wife swung her eyes to me as if to question my unwillingness to answer. Lyn came from behind the screen in a hospital gown and climbed onto the bed. “You stand up there” the mid-wife instructed, directing me to the top of the bed to once again hold Lyn’s hand. She placed a towel over Lyn’s lower half and pulled her gown up which revealed her “bump”. A large dollop of jello was slapped on her midriff and the mid-wife used the ultrasound. We all viewed the screen, sure enough there was a picture of little baby inside the womb. Lyn looked up to me and gave me the biggest smile. “I’m just going to fetch doctor” the mid-wife informed us. “Is there anything wrong?” asked a frightened Lyn. “Oh no” the mid-wife replied “Just normal procedure” she re-assured her. The doctor eventually arrived, an young Asian man with a heavy Indian accent. He looked at the picture of the scan, smiled at Lyn and said “Everything seems wonderful…plenty of lovemaking and you’ll have a happy baby” he added with a big grin. Lyn looked at me apprehensively, the doctor picked up on her concern and directed his next sentence to me “Don’t worry you can’t harm the baby, you’ll be doing it good with the making of the wife happy” How he managed to speak and grin so widely is a mystery. “He,..he’s not my husband” chirped in Lyn. “I’m not one to be judging” the doctor replied as he sauntered out. “Plenty of loving” he instructed as he waived and waltzed out the room.

Lyn dressed, behind the screen and we made our way back to the car. She never spoke all the way and not even when we were travelling back , until, as we neared her home I glanced across to see tears welling up in her eyes. “What’s wrong?” I asked her. “I’m going to have a miserable child. One that cries all the time” she blubbed before breaking into a full blown sob. I frowned, “What makes you say that?” I asked. “You heard the doctor, I’ve got to have lots of sex to have a happy baby!” she blurted out. “And?” I asked. “Well how the hell am I going to get lots of sex, like this!” she shouted pointing to her bump. I had to console her “Well you get a guy and fuck his brains out” I said “Then, if you do a good job he’ll come back for more and more”. She swung her face to me, still eyes full of tears “And what guy do you suppose is going to screw me in this condition?” she demanded an answer. “There’s lots of guys that making love to pregnant women” I replied “Some even find it very horny” I continued. She sat silent for the rest of the journey. When we arrived back at her house she got out the car and made her way to the door. She had to wait for me as I had the keys. As I opened the door she put her arm across the doorway, blocking my entrance, “Do you find pregnant women sexy?” she asked straight faced. Raising my eyebrows I responded “Well yes, actually, pregnant women have a glow about them, plus their tits get bigger” I joked as I made my way past. Lyn looked down at her breasts, they were indeed a size. “So would you screw me if I asked you?” she asked. I made out as if deep in thought “We’d have to agree a rate” I joked. “No seriously would you?” she repeated. “Look I have a beautiful girlfriend, I’m very happy and if she found out I would be in deep shit!” I told her. She thought for a while and then responded “If you don’t tell her and I don’t tell her then she won’t find out, will she?” I realised now that she was getting serious. She continued “I don’t want a miserable child and I don’t want a husband, I just want lots of sex so I can have a happy baby”. “Are you serious?” I asked. She just nodded. “Just sex?” I asked. She nodded again, “Lots of sex” she said. “And you won’t tell?” I looked at her to try to get some confirmation. Lyn shook her head from side to side. “What do I charge?” I asked her, again trying to get my own back on her for her persistent enquiries about my prices.
“You can’t charge for sex!” she said, “That would make you a male prostitute”. “Mmm” I responded “Not if I didn’t charge cash” I told her. “Well how will you charge?” she enquired. “I know” I said “For every time you want sex, I get a blow-job, additional to having sex with you”. It was tongue in cheek but it was all I could think of at the time. Lyn wrinkled her nose, contorted her face to one side, winked and said “Deal”. She put her hand out to shake on our agreement. “But,but” I stammered. “You proposed the deal and I have accepted” she said sticking her hand out even further. I shook her hand and said “O.K. but you mustn’t tell a soul”. I went to my bag and changed into my work clothes. “Cup of tea?” she asked, tears gone and a lot brighter than she had been earlier.
“How much?” I joked. “We’ll discuss it later” she replied.I cracked on with my jobs, nothing more was said all day.

The next morning I had some ceiling coving to finish. This meant I had to stand on some steps and hold the coving in place until the glue set enough for me to let go. Lyn showed up with the tea she had promised. I was standing on the steps, with the steps behind me, arms stretched out. “Tea?” she said as she approached. “I can’t get it now” I replied “I’ve got to hold this coving up for a while, put it on the table and I’ll get it in a few minutes” I instructed her. She put the tea down on the table and stood at the foot of the steps, looking up at me. “What you can’t let go, not even with one hand?” she asked. I shook my head “Not for a couple of minutes” I responded. Lyn stepped forward towards me on the steps. She smiled a wicked smile and then reached for my flies, which were almost level with her head. She started to unzip my flies, “What are you doing?” I exclaimed as she continued to completely unzip me. “You mustn’t let go of the coving” she told me as she reached into my jeans and take hold of my manhood. “Does wee willy winkey want to come out to play?” she asked as she pulled my cock over the top of my boxers and free of restriction.
She placed my flaccid dick on her stuck-out tongue and just rested it there. The feel of a warm and wet tongue on me soon had the blood flowing. Lyn placed both palms of her hands on my thighs and then in a combination of pulling my cock, on her tongue and moving her open mouth forward combined to take my cock into her mouth. She then started to move her head backwards and forwards, just using lips and tongue, blowing me to erection. Needless to say it didn’t take long.
She pulled her head back to admire her work, eyes wide she said “Your girlfriend is a lucky girl, big aren’t we” as she admired my full erect penis. I couldn’t move “You bitch” I said to her “Just wait until this takes and I’ll sort you out”. She turned and as she walked away said “I’ll be in the bedroom”. I was left stood on the steps, erect cock sticking out of my fly and arms out-stretched, “Bollocks to this” I said to myself and let go of the coving. I climbed down the steps, put my cock back into my jeans, not bothering to do my flies up, I went to the bedroom. Lyn was laying on the bed with just a light bed-sheet over her. I tore the bed-sheet away to see that she was naked. Those ripening tits standing proudly out on her chest and I noticed a shaven pussy. “Very nice” I commented staring at her bare pussy. Lyn’s nipples were already erect, hard as bullets as I took one and then the other into my mouth. These were the tits that Junior was going to suckle on but for now they were mine. I could feel the blood swelling in her bossom as her boobs became firmer as I applied myself to her. The areola had started to spread as her boobs were growing and my was she sensitive. “Are you going to make me happy” Lyn asked as she took my head in her hands. For a second I stopped sucking on her tits and replied “I think I’m going to make us both very happy”.

Lyn pulled my shirt over my head and then reached down to undo my jeans, the fly already being undone she pushed my jeans over my bum. She grabbed the cheeks of my arse in both hands, scrunched them in each hand and commented “Mmm very nice”.
Not tiring of her boobs but wanting to play elsewhere I snaked my tongue over the ever growing bulge on her belly and slid it along the V crease, between her thigh and her abdomen. The smoothness of her pussy was silk like as I let my tongue wander onto her pussy mound. I kissed her, at the top of her slit, poked my tongue out, which opened her pussy lips and wiggled it, the saliva providing lubricant which enabled my tongue to slip down between her lips and locate her clitoris. “Oh my god” Lyn cried out, as I licked her slit. Her hands placed on the back of my head, she pressed my face into her. I pulled away and then kissed her from her knee, up the inside of her thigh and back to her pussy. I did this a couple of times, alternating thighs until she grabbed my head again, raised her knees up, pulled my face into her and forced my tongue up into her juicy tunnel. I stretched my tongue out as far as I could and darted it in and out of her. I then put a finger inside her and wiggled it around as my tongue reverted it’s attentions to her clit. Now whenever I give head I always try to find out if a woman likes anal stimulation, by almost accidentally pressing a knuckle, of the hand I’m fingering her pussy with, onto her anus.
I can revolve the knuckle whilst fingering and if I get a negative response I stop with the knuckle and apologies for my clumsiness. However Lyn didn’t seem to object, she did wriggle her bum a little but not enough to break contact of knuckle and anus. Feeling that I had received a positive response, so a second finger penetrated her pussy, this with the sole intention of lubricating it in order to invade her anal passage. Wiggling both fingers inside her soon had her panting and as I removed one and pushed it into her anus she came. I continued to finger fuck her pussy and ass and both her vaginal muscles and her sphincter muscles clamped onto my probing fingers. She continued to cum and cum again, pushing my head away from her clit but not being able to grab my fingers I continued to probe both orifices.
Don’t ask me how many orgasms she had on the trot because I didn’t count, I just enjoyed the site of her writhing and her bump bouncing up and down as she bucked her hips. “You bastard” she eventually said, once she had got her breath back “Your supposed to fuck me to orgasm not finger me”. I smiled up at her, removed my fingers and climbed up her body, “And what do you think I’m about to do now?” I asked her.
I stroked the tip of my cock up and down the smoothness of her pussy, then having located her entrance I pushed my cock inside her very slowly. Her mouth opened wide and she pressed the side of her face into the pillow as she felt the full length of my penis inside her. I had to slightly adjust myself as my stomach contacted the bump on her belly, arching my back which made me penetrate her even further. “Oh my god, you bastard” she said “Your too fucking big”. Now how good does that make a guy feel? Full of confidence in my prowess I started to fuck her, slowly at first and then speeding up. I made sure that I banged the top of her pussy, with my pubic mound as I penetrated her to full depth. As she could sense me nearing my own orgasm she said “Stop!”
I gave her a puzzled look “What’s the problem?” I asked. “Nothing” she replied as she got herself into the Doggy position. “Now again” she instructed me. I got behind her and felt her hand take hold of my cock and lead it into her love hole. I slid myself in and reverted to slowly penetrating her. I managed to reach around and under and stroked her clit as I fucked her. I continued rubbing and fucking, then cupped her swollen belly in the palm of my hand and stroked the swelling. “Mmm” she mumbled “That’s nice”. I was rapidly approaching my own orgasm so I leant back and jammed my thumb up her anus, this made her choke, combined with the sperm which shot inside her, she came with me. “Well at least I can’t get you pregnant” I stated. “No but you can give me a happy baby by doing this every day” she replied.

We sat on the edge of the bed, dressing. “You do realise you now owe me a blow-job” I told her. “I gave you one on the steps” she responded indignantly. “That wasn’t a blow-job” I told her “A blow-job is where you make me cum in your mouth, not just suck for a little bit”. She looked at me and replied “Do I have to swallow?” Smirking back at her I said “Of course, otherwise it doesn’t count”. She considered what I had said as we finished dressing. “After dinner then, so it doesn’t spoil my lunch” she agreed. I returned to work, sure enough after dinner I got my promised blow-job. The trouble was, how was I going to fuck her, get a blow-job as well and satisfy the girlfriend all at the same time.
Fortunately my girlfriend never twigged on, I was coming home knackered and blamed work. The job, at Lyn’s place, only lasted for a fortnight but I called around every day to fuck and be sucked right up until the day before she gave birth. We had to change our position, when she got big, to spooning and I was sorely tempted to stick my cock up her arse but never did. Lyn had a very happy and contented baby boy. Her niece came over to help when she came out of hospital. I met her when I delivered a bunch of flowers.
I might tell you about her another time.

©  djohmari Fri 13th of February 2009

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