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Our First Meeting Part 3

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Over the next 2 and a half years Jill and I stayed in contact. This time it was easier now that Tom new about me. We still would swap pictures that Tom didn’t know about. I also stayed in contact with Amy. I even managed to get her to swap pictures with me. But that took about 6 or 7 mounts before she would send the ones I wanted.
Jill told me that her and Tom would be getting married and they both would like me to be there, they even offered to pay for me flights and accommodation. I told them I would love to go and I would be paying myself as they had enough to pay for. The wedding was a year away so that give me time to get spending money together.
Over the next year I started to really save up. I got the date and venue about 2 months after being told. So now I could start looking for flights and a hotel, it didn’t take too long to find the hotel so I went ahead and booked it. The flights shortly after that. So, I was ready. The next 10 months went so fast and the next thing I knew I was flying in one week.
Jill and Tom arranged to meet me at the airport and take me to the hotel. When I got through arrivals I met both of them. Tom said he was going to the bathroom before we left to head to the hotel. This give me time to grab Jill’s ass as there was far too many people around to do anything else. Boy did it fell as good as I remember it did. Soon we were on our way and it wasn’t long till we got to the hotel and within 5 minutes I was checked in and on my way to my room. I decided to book a room with a queen size bed. So, there would be loads of room in it.
Tim needed to go to work so said he was leaving, Jill told him she would stay with me for a bit given I had only got there, so they said their good buys and she given a good big passionate kiss before he left. She also rubbed his dick, making him hard before he left, he has a smile on his face as he went out the door. Probably thinking about what he will get later.
Jill turned to me and said, “That was for your benefit not his”
I just smiled ad her and said, “I need a shower, I feel sticky from the flight over”
So, after that I went into the bathroom and turned on the water to let it heat up a bit before getting in. The shower was great, it was a big walk in one that would fit about 4 people, with see through side panels, it also had about 6 jets coming out of the wall aiming at your upper body as we as the main shower overhead, I was in about 10 minutes when Jill walked into the bathroom saying she needed to go pee. Without missing a beat, she dropped her jeans and panties and sat down and had her pee.
After I finished my shower I dried of and went out to get dressed, Jill was sitting on the bed in just her underwear, that was sleek lace balconette bra and pantie set. I had on my boxers. I sat on the bed and looked up at her, she opened her legs inviting me up, without saying anything, I moved up the bed looked her in her eyes and said
“I have been waiting so long for this moment”
“Shut up and kiss me” was what she said back.
I wasted no time in meeting her lips with mine. Our tongues danced in our mouths as we French kissed for what felt like ages, my hands finding there was to her tits, she let out a soft moan as I rubbed her hard nipple through her bra. I broke of our kiss so I could remove her bra and get sucking her nipples, fuck I missed her tits, as I sucked each nipple in turn Jill had moved her hand inside my boxers to my hard cock, rubbing it from the base to the tip.
“Lie down” she whispered in my ear.
Then she removed the only bit of clothes I had on, she took my cock into her mouth. Slowly at first then getting faster as she bobbed up and down. She sucked me for a few minutes before I could feel myself getting ready to cum. I had to stop her and fast. I wanted to last a bit longer before I emptied my first load. Lifting her head up,
“Give me your pussy to eat”
“A 69er sounds fucking great”
With that she took her panties of and put one leg at the side of my head as she lifted the other one over it and sat on my face, lowering her pussy as she did so. I could see the juices on her pussy lips as it glistened in the light, soon her lips met mine as I started to lick at her wet cunt, folding my arms around her legs so I could open her up and slide a finger into her, it went in so easy so I put in a second one, finger fucking her and eating her pussy at the same time. Dam that was good. As I was doing this she took hold of my cock and started to lick the shaft from the bottom to the top, flicking her tongue over the eye of my bishop, before taking the whole thing in her mouth going balls deep. Bobbing her head up and down as I licked her pussy, after about 10 minutes I was ready to cum,
“I going to cum” I told her
“mmmmmmm” was all I heard back
Then she started to massage my balls as she was sucking my cock, it didn’t take long after that for me to dump my load down her throat, this was enough to set her first orgasm of and she cum on my face. She keeps sucking for a bit longer as I started to go a bit soft, she then got up of me and moved up so she could kiss me again, our juices mixing as we did. All the time she was playing with my dick, getting it hard again, deciding to sit on me she started to rub her pussy over my dick, that helped get things going again and it didn’t take long for me to get hard.
Lifting herself up she aimed the head of my cock at the entrance of her love tunnel, as she slid me in her eyes rolled back in her head and soon I was deep inside her,
“I am not on the pill anymore”
I just looked at her and didn’t, couldn’t say a word.
“I want to get pregnant, and I really don’t care if you or Tom is the father”
“Fine with me”
At that moment in time I really didn’t care, at the end of the day I knew that there was a risk that she could get pregnant given we didn’t use condoms and I took her word she was on birth control. Then she started to lift herself up of my cock and slide herself back down again. Resting her hands on my chest she built up a good steady rhythm, her tits bouncing as she did. I reached up and took one tit in each hand, I moved up a bit to start sucking on them, but it was getting sore on my neck so I put a pillow under my head, that was much better, moving between each nipple as she bounced on my cock, after a few minutes Jill got up and off me and got on to all fours. So, I moved behind her taking my cock in my hand I rubbed it over her hole and then slowly started to slide into her, moving in and out a bit at a time, soon I was balls deep again, I started to speed up and slam into her with my balls hitting her pussy as I did. Her tits swinging under her, one of my favour sights. Her knees got sore so we changed again. This time I was on my back again, Jill sat on me facing away from me, leaning back and resting on my chest again she has her feet on either side of my legs, using her hips to push up and down. I reach up and grab her tits.
I move one hand between her legs and play with her clit, rubbing her little man in the boat as she bounces, she had at least three orgasms by this point. Wanting to look in to her eyes as I fuck her I roll her of me. She opens her legs so I can get in between them again, taking hold of my cock, she guides me inside her again, moving her legs to my shoulders I fuck her as deep as I can get. 5 minutes later her legs are back down again, I fell myself getting ready to cum again, Jill senses this and wraps her legs round my back, I fuck her a few more minutes.
“I’m going to cum”
“Good, I have been looking forward to this for so long”
And with that I cum deep inside her, I shoot rope after rope of cum as deep as I can get it. Keeping her legs wrapped round me and not letting me move till I was soft I got the impression that Jill wanted me to get her pregnant by the time I was to head back home again but I’m not 100% sure on that. Jill moved down and sucked my cock clean from both of our juices.
“You’re cum is staying inside me. I want to fell it run down my leg later when I’m with Tom”
“You are a dirty bitch and I love it. But what if her sees it later? you are wearing white bottoms”
“I will tell him I must have dribbled when I had a pee”
We lay there for a while, me not needed to leave to go anywhere and with Tom being at work Jill was in no hurry to leave. Soon I got up to have a pee myself. When I got back into the room Jill was getting dressed.
“I need to get going I still have things to sort out for the wedding, its only around the corner after all.”
“That’s OK. I hope to see you again” I said with a grin
“You can count on it” She said smiling.
After that she left for the evening. I got cleaned up, had dinner and a few drinks. The next few of days were quiet, I heard from Jill a couple of times, more hello how are you, kind of thing. I got a text I wasn’t expecting, it was Amy, we arranged to meet for lunch. We meet up and have a nice lunch at a local place she picked. After we had eaten she invited me out the next night to meet her boyfriend, I decided to go as I didn’t have much else to do.
The next night we met at the hotel bar where we had a couple of drinks before moving on to a small club that had live music playing. It was a rather uneventful night, just drinking and chatting, turns out her boyfriend who I found out was called John is a good guy.
Over the next week we keep InTouch and arranged to go to the wedding together. So, we met up in the hotel the morning of the wedding, Amy had on a knee length light blue skirt that showed of her ass perfectly, with a sleeveless top that opened to just below her tits, with straps that tied at the back, one you don’t wear a bra with. Don’t get me wrong, this outfit was by no means slutty, she looks so fucking hot in it I wanted to fuck her there and then.
Jill looked stunning in her wedding dress, it was an of the shoulder dress that fitted her just nicely and it didn’t have a long train. After the cerement, we went to the reception, we had our dinner and spend the rest of the evening drinking, as you do at weddings. Amy and John were staying at the hotel. I joined them as they were the only ones I knew other than the bride and groom, after a while I went for a walk to check the place out. Amy must have made an excuse to leave as the next thing I knew she was heading in my direction.
“Where did you go?”
“I went for a walk to see what this place is like”
“Well I am heading to the toilet a minute, fancy joining me for the walk?”
“Be my pleasure”
And with that we went to the hotel toilets. Then we saw Jill with some guests, she said hi, and we carried on our way not wanting to take her away.
“I thought you wanted the bathroom?
“I do, but I am going to use the one in the room, may as well make the most of it, it’s being paid for after all.”
We got to the room and went inside. I must say it was much better than the one I was saying in. it had a king size bed, a walk-in wardrobe, a two-seater seat and an arm large chair with room for at least one more double bed in the room as well, it had a 40” TV on the wall, a dresser under it and a unit to set a laptop on it and work at, the bathroom had what looked like a double shower and a double bath in it. Amy come out of the bathroom looking as good as she did this morning, she stopped in front of me and looked me in the eye.
“I have wanted to be alone with you all day”
“And I have wanted to be with you as well”
With that we kissed, after a couple of minutes I broke the kiss and asked about John coming up to the room, her replay was that he was eyeing up the staff and a fee other wedding guess’s and won’t be anywhere near the room. She then pushed me on to the bed and run her hands up my legs till she reached my dick, opening the belt closely followed by the zip she pulled them down and of me. Then went my boxers, and my rock cock sprung out, taking it in her hand she slowly stroked from top to bottom, looking me in the eyes the whole time, she had a slutty look in them to go with it. She lay on the bed beside me still with cock in hand she lowers her mouth over it, slowly at first. Starting with the head she wrapped her lips round it and licked the eye as well, then she took more and more in her mouth until she was deepthroating me and massaging my balls at the same time. Bobbing her head up and down, she took my whole cock without any problem’s. Amy was sucking my cock for about 10 minutes when I was getting ready to cum then we heard a noise close to the room we were in.
“What was that?” I asked
“I didn’t know, but we may finish up fast”
Amy started sucking my cock again and with in a minute or two I was getting ready to cum again.
“I’m going to cum soon”
All I heard back was muffled sounds, then I cum in her mouth and she sucked till I was empty and just to make sure she rubbed my balls. After I was getting soft she realised me and I went and cleaned up, when I was ready we headed back to the reception and had a few more drinks. The rest of the night was quiet and pasted by peacefully.
The next morning, I met Amy and John for breakfast, Amy had on a black low-cut top that showed of her cleavage and pushed her boobs together and blue jeans, John was wearing a t-shirt and jeans. As for me I was also wearing a t-shirt and jeans. None of us had anything special on. John, Tom and a few of the other men from the wedding had arranged to play golf after breakfast, I was invited but given I don’t play the game I declined. Tom got down around 8.30 and the guys left round 9.00. They didn’t expect to be ack until around 7 that night. Jill, Amy and myself then arranged to meet for lunch in the hotel at 12.30. I went back to my room and the ladies went to theirs. When I got back up I lay on the bed, the next thing I knew it was 12 noon so, I got up, washed my face and headed down to the restaurant. The ladies arrived just after I did. We had lunch and then a couple of drinks. Jill suggested we head up to her room.
The bridely suit was first class. It had a queen size bed, a three-seater, two arm chairs, a desk, a dresser, a 40” flat screen TV, a mini fridge and with room for two double beds, the bathroom had a triple shower, a bath big enough for three people and a jacuzzi that could hold a good six people. After getting into the room I sat on one of the arm chairs, the two girls sat on the sofa, Jill in the middle seat and Amy to her right. We chatted for a bit and then Amy put her hand on Jill’s leg. I thought nothing of it at first, as Jill had her legs crossed. Then she lifted her leg down and Amy started rubbing up and down her leg a bit, teasing as she did.
I was starting to get hard at the sight of this. Amy opened her legs wide enough for me to see right in between them, the only problem was she still had jeans on so I couldn’t see anything.
“Like what you see?” Jill asked as Amy sat smiling at me
“I think you both know the answer to that”
“Well why don’t you join us, Jill will move over.”
With that I moved over to the girls and sat in the middle, with both girls taking a leg each as they made their way up towards my dick. I looked at each one in turn, then Amy kissed me first, Jill opened my belt and then my jeans moving her hand to my boxers and onto rock-hard cock and freeing it at the same time, still kissing Amy I move my hand up to her tits and I have a good squeeze at them. Jill is stroking me at the same time and lowers her head to my cock and starts sucking as I lift of Amy’s top and bring her tits into view, only her bra is in the way of their freedom now, with that I opened her bra and removed it so I could start sucking her nipples.
“Why don’t we make use of the bed, it’s big enough for the three of us”
“Jill, that sounds like a great idea. And you can keep sucking my nipples as well”
As we moved to the bed I take of my jeans and boxers. I sat in the middle of the bed as Jill and Amy got on the bed as well, Jill went straight back to sucking my cock and I went right back to the nipples of Amy. Amy was lying down the bed with her feet near my ankle’s, as I looked down the bed a bit I could see that Jill had pushed opened Amy’s legs a bit and was rubbing her pussy through her jeans, I moved from one tit to the next as Jill tried to open Amy’s jeans and suck my cock at the same time. That didn’t work so she took my cock out of her mouth, opened the jeans and pulled them down and took her panties of at the same time, that left Amy naked, me with just a t-shirt on and Jill still fully clothed. That didn’t last long as Amy pulled Jill’s top of and I opened her bra and took it of her.
Amy started sucking my cock now and I opened Jill’s jeans and took them and her panties of and she took my t-shirt of. I lay on my back and got Jill to sit on my face as Amy give me a blowjob. Jill lowered her pussy on to me. I could see that she had juices running out of her very recently. She opened her pussy lips for me as I started to lick her hole out, I could feel Jill’s finger rub my chin as she played with her clit, I was licking pussy and getting my cock suck for about 5 minutes and boy was it good.
“I am going to cum soon” I said as I took a quick break from eating cunt.
Amy never missed a beat as I shoot my load down her throat, rope after rope of cum laced her tongue as she took the lot. Jill must have noticed I was cumming cos she cum in my mouth as the second rope left my dick. Jill got up of me and lay down on the bed, Amy took my cock from her mouth and went over and kissed Jill, they even swapped my cum between them. Dam this was so hot. I lay there watching them for a couple of minutes, then I moved over and come up behind Amy, put my arms around her, I started kissing and nibbling her neck, moving to her shoulder and her ear, I then took her tits in my hand as I did this. At this point Jill stopped kissing her. She moved her hand between Amy’s legs and started playing with her clit. This started Amy moaning softly. With me at Amy’s ear and neck Jill moved one of my hands and started sucking her nipple, Amy now started to groin with pleasure. I can only assume that Jill was fingering Amy as well going by the way she was moving her hips, I then moved my free hand to one of Jill’s tits and I noticed that Amy had her hand on Jill’s pussy as well.
I moved away for a second and got Amy to lie down, she opened her leg and Jill beat me to getting in between them so I went to her tits and sucked them nipples some more, she was really enjoying this, her hips were going mad, I slipped a hand down to her pussy as Jill was eating it, I decided I wanted some so I moved down and Jill backed away a little bit, I stuck my tongue out and tested her as Jill stuck one then two fingers inside her. As I was doing this Amy took hold of my dick to make me hard again and that didn’t take long, as I started to harden Amy took me in her mouth again, the more she sucked, the more I licked and the more Jill fingered pussy the harder I got. Pulling her fingers out and put them in my mouth so I got the teats of Amy’s juices first hand.
The girls had me lie down, Jill on my right and Amy on my left, they both started to suck my cock, a double blowjob. Amy started on my cock and Jill went to my balls, they swapped between both for a good 10 minutes before Jill decided she wanted to get fucked. So, she got up and stood over me, dropped to her knees and took my dick, then Amy brushed her hand away.
“Let me put in it”
“You like fucking both of us together big boy?
“You have no idea how much I have wanted this.”
Jill took my full length and sat there for a few seconds. Then she started to fuck me, Amy kissed her again and at the same time grabbed her tits before moving her hand down between her legs, parting her fingers as she reached my cock. This just added to the sensation. Then Amy got up and sat on my face so I could eat her out and fuck Jill at the same time, both girls started playing with each other’s pussies at this point. Then they swapped round, so, I had Amy on my cock and Jill on my face. 15 minutes after we started fucking Amy got of me and lay down and opened her legs.
“Fuck me please.”
“Hold on” Jill said before I got inside her
Then she took my cock into her mouth and sucked it for a bit before aiming at Amy’s pussy. As I fucked Amy, Jill licked her pussy as also got my cock before moving up to kiss Amy. I put my hand in between Jill’s legs from behind and started to play with her dripping wet fanny, my finger slide in so easy to her, I had to put a second one in. I fucked Amy as they locked tongues, then Jill moved back down and I pulled my cock our of Amy and put it in Jill’s mouth that was open and waiting for it before going back in the waiting pussy. I done this a few times, moving between mouth and fanny. The girls decided they wanted to both eat pussy so Amy stayed on her back and Jill got on top of her. Only they moved around so Amy had her head at my cock.
Amy propped her head up a bit so her neck wouldn’t be as sore when eating her cousin, what a sight this was, I got behind Jill and Amy took my cock and put it in her mouth just like Jill did. As Amy couldn’t move her head to suck me right I fucked her mouth before pulling out and entering Jill from behind. We fucked for a good 15 minutes’, I was getting ready to cum again and I let them know.
“Cum in her pussy, the slut will love it” Amy said
“Fuck yeah, cum in me” Jill replayed.
With that I emptied deep inside her. Amy rubbing my balls to make sure I was totally empty. As I pulled out my cum started to run out as well, much to Amy’s delight, she got to eat my cum that was mixed with Jill’s juices straight for her pussy. I moved round to Jill and stuck my cock in her mouth so she could clean me up a bit, Jill managed to keep me hard and put my cock in Amy after she cleaned me up. As I fucked her Jill got up of her and went to the bathroom.
“Jump of a minute”
“What’s wrong?”
“Nothing, you are going to stick your cock in Jill’s mouth as she has a piss.”
With that we went in to the bathroom behind Jill. She opened her mouth and took my cock again as Amy opened Jill’s legs wide, after she finished peeing Amy was fingering her, Jill took my cock from her mouth and put it straight into Amy’s. We moved back a bit when Jill went to stand up, Jill took Amy over to the sink and had her bend over, I moved behind her and Jill took my dick and put it straight into Amy, as we fucked doggy Amy’s tits sung under her, Jill got down and then got in between both our legs and started to eat pussy and sick dick and play with clit again. Every 4 or 5 times I pulled out I would leave Amy and enter Jill’s mouth and she would suck a bit then put me back in Amy.
After a while we moved back to the bed, this time I lay down and Jill got on me but not before Amy had me in her mouth, tasting her own juices as she did. She aimed me right at Jill’s fuck hole and I went in so easy, I was fucking Jill and sucking her tits as Amy sucked my balls, this went on for a few minutes then both girls got up and got on their knees and I moved behind them, fucking Jill first and fingering Amy at the same time, I moved between them for a bit, fucking one and fingering the other. About 10 minutes later I was getting ready to cum again and told them, this time Amy wanted it in her and she got on her back and opened her legs so I could fuck her a bit more. I got in between her legs and fucked away and in no time, I was filling her up, this time Jill got down and took my cum out of her. We fucked for about another hour and a half, I managed to cum twice more but less each time. The two loads went into each mouth, one at a time, I cum in Jill’s mouth first and just before I did she had Amy prop herself up so she was on her shoulders and her ass was in the air. After I cum in Jill’s mouth she turned around to Amy and opened her pussy lips and then let my cum run from her mouth right into Amy’s waiting pussy. Making sure every bit went in. then Amy done the same to Jill.
After all that I couldn’t get hard. No matter how much the girls tried. So, we decided to shower in the room we were in, we agreed on a story that we just spent the day together catching up on the last few years. We went down to the hotel restaurant. The time was close on 7 and the guys were due back anytime. About 7.10 they landed back and the girls met the men at the door. The chatted for a few minutes and then come back in my way with menus, they went and sorted a table out for 8.30, giving the guys time to clean up a bit. We had dinner and then went our separate ways that evening. I went back to my hotel, Amy and John went home and Jill and Tom went home. Over the next two weeks we all met up a few times, I managed to fuck both girls twice more before I left.
I found out about three mounts after I got back that both girls were pregnant they told their men they were the dads, as you would expect. I don’t know if the babies are mine or not but the dates they give me lined up with the day after the wedding. Truth be told, I don’t think they care themselves. They got what they wanted. We keep in touch to this day, I have been over once since the wedding, but with my new job I haven’t get back to visit. They both still send me pictures and sometimes even a video of themselves. I even got a video of Jill fucking Tom. Something tells me he doesn’t know I have the video. I am defiantly planning on getting back over and soon.


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