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My daughter passed the pencil test

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Not many girls with natural tits with any size to them can pass the pencil test but I made one that can. My daughter is now 16. I have watched her grow up and am amazed at the body she has. She has always been tall and slim. She started getting her hips and tits before she was 12. Now her figure is absolutely amazing.

She is 5'6" and only weighs around 120 pounds. She works hard at staying in shape and is one of the star runners on her high school track team and one of the top scorers on her soccer team. She has shoulder length blond hair, milk white skin without a blemish on it and C-cup tits that hardly sag at all. If any of you do not know what the pencil test is, let me tell you. If you place a pencil under one of her breasts and it does not sag enough to hold the pencil in place she passes. I just watched the pencil fall to the floor.

About a week ago we were home alone because my wife was visiting her sick mother. I was watching TV when my daughter came into the family room wearing a long tee shirt that came down to her mid thighs. From what I could see I did not think she had anything on under it. "Daddy, can we talk?" "Sure, what's up?" She giggled, pointed and said, "that big bulge in your pants." I looked down at the tent my erection was making in my pants. I'm sure I blushed. "Sorry, Hon." "That's OK Daddy. I'm happy that you like what you see. I see you looking at my body lots of times and it makes me feel good and funny between my legs at the same time."

"You're a beautiful young lady and I guess I just can't help but admire you. But I'm your father and I shouldn't let you excite me sexually. I'm really sorry." "I think about you sexually, too. Remember when I was little and you would get in the shower with me and wash me. It felt good even back then and I remember looking at your penis. I called it a thingy back then." "You were only a baby back then. We haven't done that for years. I'm surprised you even remember it." "I remember it very well and I think it's time we did it again."

Sue reached down, took hold of the bottom of her tee shirt and swiftly pulled it over her head. I was right, she was not wearing anything under it. Oh my God, what a beauty. She was prettier and had a better body that any woman on any of the porn web sites that I enjoy looking at. She reminded me of her mother when we first met. Sue smiled and pointed. "It's growing again Daddy."

Sue took my hand. "Come on, it's time for you to wash your little girl. Time to get us all soapy andtime for you to let your hands slide all over my body." She pulled but I did not get up. She pulled harder and I got to my feet. She pulled my hand to her and put it on her left breast. Her nipples stood out at least a half-inch and I felt how firm they were when my finger touched it. I pulled away but I could feel my cock jump. Not able to resist the urge, I followed her to the bathroom with her holding my hand. Once there, I started to undress but she stopped me. "I want to do it." Sue first unbuttoned my shirt. It fell to the floor. Next she unbuckled my belt, unzipped my slacks and pulled them and my shorts down at the same time while lowering herself to her knees in front of me. I was almost fully hard and my six and a half manhood sprung up in front of her face.

There was already a drop of pre-cum at my piss slit. Sue put her hand around my shaft and gave the end of my prick a little lick. "Ummmm." Even in her hand, I could feel it jump as she did. "I still remember the last time we showered together when I was four. I was curious and I reached out and put my hand on your 'thingy'. You stopped me and we got out of the shower. I hope you're not going to stop me this time." Sue used my prick like a handle and led me into the shower. Once we were in, she dropped back to her knees. Sucking on my cock head and licking around it as she stroked my shaft, made me weak in the knees. "I love how hard it is on the inside while the soft skin on the outside slides up and down on it. The head feels almost rubbery in my mouth."

After a couple minutes she stopped, stood, turned around and bent over, putting her hands against the end wall of the shower. Pushing her ass back against me she said, "I want your wonderful cock deep in me Daddy. I've wanted it for a long time. I'm not a virgin. Fuck me. Fuck your little girl, Daddy." Not able to think straight, all I said was that I didn't have a condom. "That's Ok. I told Mom about a year ago that I was having sex with my boyfriend and she got me a birth control preion. Put your hard cock in me. I want you to fuck me and fill my pussy with your cum."

Sue reached back and took me in her hand, lined me up with her opening and started to push back. In seventeen years of marriage I had never cheated on my wife. I knew that she had cheated on me one time. A young and attractive electrician was working at the house and, well, one thing led to another and they wound up in bed for over an hour. She felt so bad about it and she told me what happened and apologized over and over. I couldn't help myself, even though I knew that it was wrong, I pushed forward as my little Sue pushed back. I slid easily into her. Although she was tight, she was also very wet and hot. Now, here I was, cheating on my wife with my daughter.

I have always been one to be able to last longer than the average man but the spectacular feeling and the thought of my daughter's cunt engulfing my cock was almost too much for me. I had to work hard to keep from blowing my load in a couple minutes just like a teenaged boy. My concentration paid off and I fucked her for over ten minutes and brought her to several hard orgasms. I loved the loud moans that she made each time she reached a peak. She almost screamed and I could feel her muscles tightening around my cock as she would orgasm. I was able to look around her body and see her tits hanging below her and swaying back and forth as I fucked her. I've always loved seeing that. Finally she said, "I can't stand it any more. Fuck me hard and fast and deep. Pound me. Fill me with your hot cum, Daddy." I let my mind concentrate on the pleasure I was getting and in about another thirty seconds I exploded inside her. I felt myself pulse four or maybe five times as I pumped my seed into her. "Oh yes. Oh fuck yes. Fill me, Daddy. Fill your little girls cunt."

I started to soften and pulled out. I saw my cum dripping from her pussy. Sue turned around and dropped. She sucked my slightly sensitive prick deep into her mouth and cleaned every drop of our cum from it. She looked up in my eyes, "Thank you Daddy, I wanted that so bad." After a quick shower to clean the sweat and cum from our bodies we stepped out of the shower. Just outside the bathroom door, in the bedroom, I spotted a pencil on the nightstand. I couldn't resist the urge. I picked up the pencil and put it under Sue's breast. There wasn't enough sag to trap the pencil. It fell to the floor. She looked at me funny so I told her about the pencil test and how it showed that she had perfect tits. "Daddy, Mom wont be home till tomorrow night. Take me to your bed."


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