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It’s Snowing

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It’s Snowing

My teenage daughter thinks that looking good outweighs being comfortable. So needless to say she runs around in micro miniskirts, sexy blouses, and occasionally a bra. In essence she drives me freaking crazy. I think that she does it on purpose too.

That brings us to the fall when we were going out into the woods in search of colorful leaves for a collage that she was planning for a school project. I suggested that she dress warmer and bring a coat but that didn’t go over very well. She insisted that the car would keep her warm and that she wouldn’t be out in the cold for very long.

Thirty minutes later we were in a state park ready to gather pretty fall leaves. I let Sylvia led the way and look for leaves while I got to hold the bag that she put them in. Before she knew it we had been out and about for almost an hour and she was shivering. We were also lost. That didn’t help any. I was comfortable but I really didn’t want to give up me light jacket because I just had a T-shirt on.

Suddenly Sylvia opened up my jacket and pressed her firm breasts against my chest and hugged me tight. Her breasts were warm but I pulled my jacket around her and held her cold back. Then she started humping my leg like a dog.

I asked, “What are you doing?”

Sylvia replied, “In class they taught us about hypothermia and how to fight it off. We need body contact, movement, and possibly sex.”

I said, “They taught you that in school.”

Sylvia said, “Yes, some of the boys are Boy Scouts and they told us about experiences that they had heard about. If you get really cold you have to get naked and cuddle up in a sleeping bag. If that doesn’t work then you have to have sex. That gets you both really warm and you live to go camping another day.”

I laughed and said, “These are all boys getting naked and having sex, right.”

She stopped to think about that one and replied, “I don’t think so. That would make them gay. Don’t they get to take their girlfriends camping with them.”

I smiled and said, “What they told you was mostly true. Did they also tell you to dress appropriately too?”

Sylvia smiled and said, “Not exactly. They were more interested in close contact and copping a free feel.”

I asked, “Do you let boys feel you up?”

Sylvia smiled and replied, “Sure! They really like it and I like it too.”

I held her close to me and then I rubbed her back from her neck to below her butt cheeks. I cupped two hands full of flesh. My little girl was wearing thong panties under her very short skirt. I sure liked it and she did too.

I talked her into looking for the car and getting some heat turned on. We stayed as close together as possible with me holding onto one of her breasts as we walked. She didn’t seem to care. When we finally got to the car she jumped in and I started up the engine.

I reached over to hold a breast but Sylvia spread her legs and said, “If you finger fuck me I’ll get warmer faster.”

I could not believe her request but like any knight in shinning armor I did as my lady asked. I pulled that tiny scrap of material to the side and plunged a finger into her moist pussy. Shortly she was squirming under my clitoris stimulation. Soon she was crying out and thrashing about shouting, “Oh Daddy that feels so good.” I kept up the sexual assault until she had two more orgasms and the car warmed up.

Finally Sylvia said, “It’s snowing!”

I said, “Yes, we should be heading home then before it gets worse.”

Sylvia said, “No Daddy, everything is perfect, and I want you to make love to me.”

I looked at her not quite understanding her request. Well of course I understood her request, I just couldn’t believe it.

Sylvia added, “Look Daddy, I have had this dream of loosing my virginity to the boy that I love. We are in the woods, the snow is falling, and we are cuddled up for warmth. We are in a tent cuddled in a sleeping bag and I love him very much…so I give him my virginity.”

She looked at me and said, “Daddy, I love you very much and I would like to give my virginity to you.”

I just looked at her in amazement.

Sylvia smiled and said, “Let’s do it in the backseat like you and Mommy did the first time.”

Now it was all making sense…her mother and I had made love for the very first time in the backseat of my father’s car during the first snow of the season. They must have talked about it a number of times. Now I had the chance for a repeat performance. I was older and more mature now so it should be a lot better than a teenage boy sticking his cock into a girl for the first time. I’m surprised that my wife remembers it so fondly. It only lasted a minute or two but it led to our getting married and eventually having Sylvia.

So after barely a moment’s thought I said, “Okay” and then I got out of the car and climbed into the backseat. Sylvia was already there since she had climbed over the seat. Her almost bare ass was in my face so I kissed it.

Sylvia laughed and said, “Daddy you just kissed my ass.”

I replied, “Yes, I did and I’ll do it anytime that you want me too.”

She slipped her orange thong panties off and said, “Then kiss it again.”

I got right in there as she leaned over the front seat to hang her panties on my rear view mirror like her mother had so many years ago. My nose was touching her asshole, my lips were on her pussy lips, and my tongue was slipping inside her folds. She cooed softly and enjoyed my oral sex.

Sylvia said, “My girlfriends only dream of having a boy do that to them and I’m experiencing it. Wait until I tell them all about my first time with the boy that I love. You are a lot better than they are at it. Mommy said that you would be.”

That was when I realized that I had been set up, that my wife knew all about it, and that I could relax and enjoy myself.

I pulled Sylvia’s sexy blouse up over her head and turned her around to face me as I sat her on my lap. My lips tasted her sweet nipples on their way down. My hard cock was out and she sat on my cock perfectly. We became one instantly. Then my daughter wrapped her arms around my head and thrust her tongue into my mouth as she quickly bounced up and down on me.

She broke our kiss and said, “Thank you Daddy. You made my dream come true. Mommy said that I could share you whenever I wanted too.”

I thrust up into her and replied, “I hope it’s often.”

Sylvia giggled and then held me tightly as her orgasm rolled through her body. On her second trip up Orgasm Mountain I was leading the way. When I was done shooting gobs of sperm into her and she was done receiving it we embraced and cuddled feeling the warmth of the car's heater.

Sylvia sat topless and pantyless next to me on our way home. She stroked my cock and even sucked me off once before we reached the driveway. The garage door opened and I drove in. Sylvia carried her blouse into the house where her mother greeted her with open arms. I came in just in time to watch my wife checking her daughter’s pussy for signs of cum. Her fingers went to her mouth and she smiled at me.

My wife asked, “Was it everything that you had expected?”

My daughter replied, “Yes, it was and then some.”

My wife said, “I’ll let you sleep with him on Friday and Saturday nights and you can have sex with him when he comes from work. Other than that he is all mine.”

Sylvia smiled and said, “I don’t know if that will be enough for me…but we’ll see.”

The End
It’s Snowing

©  fbailey Thu 1st of September 2011

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