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“Stay down here,” Michael said to Hannah. “Wait until I come back. Its a surprise.”
Hannah obeyed and waited in his living room. She was in a silky purple cocktail dress that hit her just above the knee. She paced back and forth, stared down at her feet, and looked about the room waiting for her surprise.
“Close your eyes! I’m coming down,” Michael yelled. Hannah turned away from the stairs and shut her eyes as tight as she could. He grabbed her by the hand, telling her he was going to lead her up to his room. She kept her eyes shut, letting him lead her up the stairs, but brushed her hand along the wall to make sure she wouldn’t run into anything.
“Alright, open your eyes,” he said.
She opened her eyes and looked about the room. There was a single white candle lit on his desk, and his futon was down, giving them more room to tangle their legs. She turned to Michael, who was wearing a tuxedo.
“You look beautiful,” he said to Hannah, whose smile shone in the candlelight. He turned Hannah’s back toward him as he began tickling the back of her neck with his lips. She shivered as he pulled the straps down over her shoulders and kissed her shoulder blades softly. Her dress fell to her feet and she let out a soft sigh. His lips were light as air, fluttering all the way down to the small of her back, while his hands ran down her side along her hips and around her curves.
She turned toward him and he slid his hands around her waist, his fingers pulling down her navy blue thong. His lips slowly came within centimeters of her lips, she kept her mouth partially open, already breathing in short and rapid breaths, waiting for his lips to meet hers. He kissed her so softly but lingered long enough for her to take suck gently on his bottom lip.
Hannah yanked the tuxedo jacket off of Michael and threw it onto the floor behind them. She began unbuttoning the collar of his dress shirt, kissing her way down his chest as she came to the rim of his pants. She pressed her lips harder against the area just above his slacks with her hands wrapped around his waist and pulled his body toward her. She got down on her knees and unclasped his pants, then, with her teeth, bit the zipper and moved her head down, unzipping his pants and tickling his cock with her nose.
Michael grabbed Hannah and pushed her back onto his futon. He climbed over her, putting his stiffening erection, still concealed in his boxerbriefs, between her legs. She threw her head back in excitement and anticipation, But Michael was not yet ready to make love. He told her to roll over on his back, while he poured massage oil into his hands. He began relaxing her by rubbing his thumbs in a circular motion on her back and digging his fingertips gently into her muscles. He massaged her upper thighs and buttocks, causing her to be more eager to feel him inside of her. With his hands so close to her clitoris, and his fingers grazing her lips occassionally, she did not know how much more she could take. After he had finished massaging her entire body, she decided to return the favor. He sighed whenever she ran her hands over his chest to massage his pecks.
As soon as Hannah had finished her massage, Michael told Hannah to lay back down on the futon, that he had another surprise. He revealed a necktie from under the blanket, which was tied to the bedpost, and slid it over Hannah’s wrists, the loop in the tie created a knot. He continuing tying up Hannah’s arms and legs, her body was spread out on the futon, completely vulnerable to whatever he wanted to do to her.
Michael began to run his fingertips up and down Hannah’s opening, tickling her lips and lightly tapping her clitoris before sliding his index finger into her. She was already dripping and moaned as soon as his finger slid in. He curled his finger up, towards her G spot, and slowly started pulling his hand in and out. Then he wanted to try something new. He pulled out his cellphone, turned on the vibrate function, and placed it over Hannah’s clit. She gasped and wriggled as he started to work her. She felt as though she were on fire, wanted to move with him, but could not change her position.
After Hannah’s panting and moaning increased, Michael decided to use his mouth. He put his head to her crotch, she could feel his breath on her. Then he began to run his tongue up and down her slit and thrusting his tongue deep into her vagina, all the while his phone still vibrating against her clit. She wanted him inside her more than anything. Finally, after the teasing, Michael slid off his underwear. His cock was twitching and ready. He climbed back up toward Hannah, pressing his lips to hers. He started rubbing the tip of his penis around her clit, his precum made it slippery and only teased her more. He placed his cock into her opening, hovering just above it, while she wiggled her hips beneath him in urgency. And as he slid down into her, he stopped just as soon as the tip was in. He pulled back out, and repeated this process over and over, as Hannah’s eyes rolled into the back of her head. She was practically begging for him to thrust into her entirely. In one single stroke, his cock finally penetrated her completely, and she moaned immediately, her face became unwrinkled in relief.
Michael began slowly sliding in and out of her wet, tight vagina. He thrusted into her until he could no longer stand it, and as his muscles contracted and his body went rigid, Hannah began thrusting from beneath him, tightening herself around his pulsating cock as he shot into her. When Michael had finished, he undid the ties around Hannah’s wrists. She then pushed him over, not letting him recover, and began to straddle him. She placed herself above him and immediately guided herself down onto him.
He let out a soft moan and Hannah bent over to kiss his neck as she moved herself up and down his shaft. She kissed along his jawline and behind his ears, lightly nibbling his earlobes and making his body tingle all over. After riding him at a fast pace, Hannah felt herself reaching orgasm. She arched her back and put her hands on Michael’s shoulders, allowing herself to go deeper. Her head tilted back toward the ceiling and then back down to Michael as her muscles contracted against his body and her grip tightened around his arms. She moaned and grunted in ecstasy as her muscles spasmed, and she collapsed onto him as soon as she finished. Her forehead was sweaty and her breathing was heavy.
Hannah knew that Michael had not finished and decided to pleasure him with her mouth and hands. She lightly ran her middle finger around the tip of his penis while gripping the base with her other hand. She started working the shaft with a strong grip, and leaned over to graze the underside of his penis with her tongue. She slowly pulled his tip into her mouth and sucked gently with her lips. Hannah started to rub Michael’s inner thighs with one hand while working his cock with the other, she ran her hand down his stomach and tickled his hips. After tickling Michael’s balls lightly with her fingers, she felt Michael’s orgasm building. His legs tensed up and he grunted while his head lifted up, his semen shooting into the air as Hannah continued to milk it out of him. Once Michael’s orgasm subsided they both agreed to take a shower.
The hot water trickled down Hannah’s nipples as they stood staring into each others eyes. Michael squeezed bodywash into his hands and ran it over Hannah’s body, scrubbing her down and feeling every curve of her body. She smiled and pulled him close to her and began to lather his body with more soap. After kissing and massaging shampoo into each other’s hair, they dried off and went back to the bedroom in their towels. Hannah’s hair, wavy from the water, fell around her chest as she sat on the futon eyeballing Michael from behind. As Michael turned toward her, a smirk spread across her face. She leaned back onto the futon with her legs spread apart, her towel falling down at her sides. Michael grins, ready for another go.

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