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Family Fuck Night Part 2

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Meanwhile, in the Bathroom…

Robert sighs, his cock rock hard and throbbing as he washes himself in the shower. His thoughts are on his little brother's tight ass when he hears the door open and close, tiny footsteps, and then a hand draws the curtain back as a lithe, young girl steps into the shower with him, her already naked body glistening as the spray hits her flat chest.

"Hello big brother," she stands on tip toe and kisses his chin, her bald pubic mound grinding on his engorged tool as she does so. Chelsie squeals with girlish delight, "Very, very big brother."

Robert smiles and leans into the kiss, gripping her bare backside as he does so, lifting her up so that her sweet hole is positioned right over his dick.

"I'm so glad I decided to let you sleep with me last year."

Chelsie wriggles her body down onto his cock slowly, eliciting a moan from her brother, "I'm so glad my plan worked."

She giggles again at the shocked look on Robert's face, and kisses him deeper. Robert grips her ass harder in turn, and begins moving her small ass up and down on his thick tool, 7 inches of flesh embedded in his seductive, sneaky little sister.

Her giggles turn to yelps as he leans her back against the shower wall and begins viciously fucking her tight twat, his hands holding her arms to the side as he kisses her mouth hard, crushing her small lips with the force.

As he breaks away, Chelsie looks at him with misty eyes, "I love you."

"I love you… too."Robert grunts in reply, as Chelsie throws her head back and comes violently, her miniscule hips grinding down harder onto Robert's cock.

As the cascade of water splashes against her face, she flutters her eyes and looks down at her bro's still hard cock pistoning in and out of her tight cunny, still loaded and ready to go off.

"You usually come by now, bro… don't you like me anymore?"

The concern in her tiny voice stopped Robert, but only momentarily as he begins slowly continuing to fuck her.


"Then why haven't you come?" She grinds her puss down hard onto his cock, a groan escaping her lips.

Robert hesitates about telling her, but figures since they have already fucked that it wouldn't hurt, and tells Chelsie about how he fucked their brother last night.

As he tells her about how Brian passed out from his anal ministrations, Chelsie groans and writhes on his cock again.

"Fuck me!"

Robert gladly does so, his sister's juicy cunt now soaked with her girl come as he savagely fucks her tiny hole, his mouth over hers to keep her quiet as his balls bounce off of her small ass cheeks.

As the water begins to turn cold, Robert's balls tighten and his dick widens, and a long, hot burst of come shoots inside of his sister as she pants heavily, her long red hair soaked and clinging to her back, sides, and Robert's face, her chest heaving and flush, cheeks bright scarlet.

As Robert slows his fucking, his cock slides out of her well oiled pussy, and Chelsie collapses onto the floor of the shower.

"You ok?"

Chelsie smiles, and then grabs her brothers cock to pull him down and kiss him hard.

"Yes. Now get out of here so I can clean up." She shivers, "AND you used up all of the hot water."

Robert smiles, "You mean we BOTH used up all the hot water," he gets dressed as Chelsie laughs and leaves. Chelsie smiles to herself, and begins to clean herself up.

Her brothers are fucking! She wonders if they would like to fuck her, instead… it had to be better then going gay, right?

She finishes quickly, her tiny, sore little kitty wet again from her thoughts. She curses as her little brother knocks hard and rapidly on the bathroom door, "Hurry up!"

"I'm coming!" She giggles as she grabs a wad of toilet paper and wipes her lower lips of the moisture which recently collected there. Finished, a towel is wrapped around her body and she leaves the bathroom, her little brother rushing in after her and closing the door.

The mad rush of a household full of kids on a school day morning, then silence.

Lauren sighed, and sat down heavily onto the couch. She stared at the ceiling, and thought about what she had done with Brian just a half hour earlier. She groaned, disgusted with her impulsive decision.

She covered her eyes with a pillow and cursed. Lauren had always fancied younger men. She thought of Brian's ass riding Robrt's cock and she groaned as her pussy tightened, her hands involuntarily rubbing her breasts.

She shuddered, and then placed her hands to her sides firmly. But a few moments later, they had migrated to her mons, her left hand lifting her sweatpants and creeping under the elastic band as she bit her lip, her right hand slowly going back to her left breast and exploring under her loose t-shirt.

She gave in, her mind flashing images of Brian and Robert fucking like crazed apes in her elder son's bed, and her left hand found her hard, aching clit.

She flicked her clit softly, and tweaked her erect nipple with her other hand. Groaning, her right arm flew up and threw the pillow across the room and into the kitchen as she stood and stripped her sweats off in one tug, revealing her puffy and freckled pussy. She hastily removed her top, her large, pale, freckled tits swaying as she sat down hard, their mass jiggling nicely as she again got to work on her overworked pussy.

Meanwhile, Robert was walking into the house, his car keys in his hand. Entering the kitchen, he heard groans coming from the living room and stopped. A low thud and a pillow ricocheted into the kitchen, and Robert knew what the groans were; His mother was masturbating!

Slowly, he crept forward until he was inches from peering around the wall and into the living room, his cock rock hard and sweat on his brow. Licking his lips, he took a deep breath and craned his head around the corner, and the sight that met his eyes made him exhale and drop his keys at the same time.

Lauren looked up, shocked. Her left hand was over her pussy, two fingers rubbing either side of her clit up and down, her right hand tweaking her left nipple hard. Neither hand stopped as she saw her eldest leering at her naked form in obvious lust, his cock rock hard and tenting his jeans.

She moved her left hand away from her clit, and curled her sticky index finger, which drizzled her girl come onto the carpet as she did so, "Fuck momma."

Robert walked over like a zombie, unzipped his pants, dropped to his knees, and plunged hhis cock balls deep into his Mothers tight love tunnel.

They both groaned, and Robert, his cock having been milked multiple times over the last 24 hours, fucked her hot pussy hard and fast, Lauren's groans loud and primal as her tits swayed wildly.

Her son grabbed her shoulders and hammered his cock into her, his hips pistoning faster then ever, his balls squeezed forward between his muscular thighs and bouncing off of his mothers tight ass cheeks. After a minute of this, he pulled out and tried to stand, falling over his mother as he did so. She giggled as he removed his pants completely, and then hastily shoved his fuck stick back into her sopping wet hole to her loud, appreciative grunt of approval.

Propping his right leg on the edge of the sofa, he used his left hand to pinch his mothers clit, replacing her hands there as he did so. She moaned and gripped her son's buttucks, flexing as he rammed his 7" cock home again and again.

Squeezing her eyes shut tightly, the orgasm she had been working towards finally flared forth, her pussy muscles gripping his cock hard and her hips gyrating wildly, her eyes fluttering as she gripped Robert's ass hard, ripping the flesh and causing 8 long streaks up it, which seemed to send him into fits of ecstasy as he pushed his hips forward and came violently into his mother's womb, inadvertently mixing his come with his young brother's sperm.

They collapsed, Lauren's chest heaving as Robert kissed her hard, she in turn shoving her tongue into his mouth as they sparred orally for a few minutes, Robert's cock deflating slowly and eventually popping flaccid and satisfied out of his mother's sweet, sweet pussy.

"You'd better get to school, mister." Robert lifted himself off of his mother, grinning. "And after school, we need to have a family chat… got it?"

The grin faded off of his face, "Ok. Got it."

They parted, She to the shower to clean up, he back to school, thoughts on his brother's tight ass, his sister's tighter pussy, and his mother's well kept mature fuck hole.

And how much shit he was in when he got home that night.

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