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Another Chance: The Shattering

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Recap: I'm a 21 year-old boy who moved away from my family and friends to live with the girl that I loved. But it turned out that after 3 years, she had been cheating>"Tell her that you love her, that you don't care that you're different because all you want in life is her! Say something; anything, just don't let her go!" I looked up from the floor I'd been staring at and smiled as much as I could without looking fake, "Yeah, I get it. I mean, I guess I always knew that we couldn't keep it going forever." She stood up and put her arm over my shoulder; the warmth of her gesture hurt a lot more than it helped. "Look, I know it's tough, but this is for the best, trust me." I could feel my resolve breaking, and I knew that if this went>pretend to be a civilized human being?" My response was a glare so cold that it could have flash-frozen a volcano. "Fine, sheesh." I heard her take a step away before turning back and arguing, "You know, at least I'm nice to all the people I fuck." An angry snarl escaped me and I spun back towards her with surprising speed, "That's it, you and I are not friends you don't just walk up to me and act like everything's cool. And if you listen to anything, listen to this: if I see you ever again, I will be the last thing you ever see. Do you understand?"

She was as pale as a ghost, and her mouth silently opened and closed as she tried to re-discover words. Everyone in the supermarket was staring with shocked expressions, all eyes on me. Leaving my cart in the center of the aisle, I stormed out of the building, leaving all the judgmental eyes behind me. I fell into my car seat and furiously twisted the key in the ignition. The entire ride home was made in silence, my thoughts were racing by so quickly I couldn't hold onto a single one as I made my way back to my apartment.

Slamming the door, I stomped my way up the stairs and shoved the front door open with so much force that the hinges nearly broke off of it. There she sat, my Tina, idly spinning in one of the desk chairs that I left sitting in the living room. As I walked in, she stood up, quickly speaking, "Look, I'm sorry about this morning, I didn't mean to sound so final about it. I just think-" She never got to finish her sentence, my arms wrapped around her and my mouth crushed itself into hers. To her credit, she resisted a bit at first, but then melted into my embrace, giving in willfully to each movement of my lips on hers.

Deftly I swept her feet out from under her, holding her in my arms the way a husband carries his bride. My tongue invaded her mouth and she reluctantly met it with her own, gently playing with it like she used to. Tina's arms wrapped themselves around my neck, a sign that she knew what was happening, and trusted me. Step by step I made our way to the bedroom, Tina actively participating in each rough, lustful kiss. We reached the bed just as she was starting to get restless, pulling at the buttons on her jeans in a futile attempt to remove them.

I dropped her on the bed and immediately climbed on top of her, dropping my head so that I could bite at the base of her neck. Her hands were already tearing at the zipper to my jeans, sliding it down with surprising ease as she fished in my pants for my erect cock. Without a word I broke away from her and peeled her jeans off her roughly; with a little help from her they were on the floor in seconds, leaving her bald, wet pussy exposed to the open air. She smelled like desire, and I could tell by the look on her face that she wanted me.

My dick pulsed as I leaned back down to kiss Tina, who hungrily kissed back and humped up at me to show her readiness. There was no foreplay, no teasing, no love as my 5-inch penis plunged into Tina's tight little cunt; immediately I began to ram my member in and out of her each thrust added more momentum to the next. She screamed loudly, her nails digging into my shoulder blades but she still fucked back into me, trying to force me deeper into her pussy. The room was still, the only sounds that could be heard were Tina's moans and the slapping of our groins as I pounded in and out of her relentlessly.

She slowly slid her hands down my back, finding their way to my ass; using this position as leverage, she pulled me into her harder than before, causing her to groan in approval. I watched her writhe beneath me, her face betraying the pain that she felt, but she never asked me to stop. Without breaking flow I pulled her t-shirt over her bra-covered breasts, revealing more of her smooth pale skin. Slowing my pace only slightly I tore the bra off of her, the snap in the front making an abnormal cracking noise as it broke open; with her breasts in the open now I firmly planted my right hand on the bed and used my left to grope her. If this bothered her at all, it didn't show; in fact, her pussy seemed to tighten around me.

Without warning her entire body tensed up, and I could feel her vaginal muscles squeezing my member as hard as they could. Taking that as my cue, I railed Tina for all I was worth, sending her body into a shuddering orgasm that seemed to go on forever. Pleased with my work, I took one of her nipples into my mouth, running my tongue along the edge of her tiny areola while I pushed myself further into the depths of her vagina. A sudden gasp drew my attention, and I looked released her nipple to look up at Tina's face. For just and instant our eyes met, and in hers I could see the beginning of tears; I lost it in that moment, my dick started to spew hot semen into her. Pulse after pulse ran through me, stopping at about five, and then our stare broke, and I was back on Earth.

I was lying on top of the girl that I loved, the girl that did not love me back, and I could feel the lump forming in my chest again. My limp cock slid out of her as I stood up, pulling up the zipper on my jeans; she didn't move to stop me as I left the room, and not a word was said between the two of us. My footsteps seemed to echo as I crossed the living room, shoving the front door closed as I passed; it felt like I was back at the supermarket, with all those people silently passing judgment on my actions. Supermarket, Christina, she filled my thoughts like a radio hit single; clearly she was to blame for all of this.

The bathroom was pitch black, and I had no intention of lighting it as I reached beneath the sink, groping for an old watch that I had hidden there months ago. After a few seconds of blind searching, my hand wrapped around something solid and smooth; pulling it out confirmed my suspicions, I had indeed found my grandfathers time-traveling watch. I flicked the light switch in the bathroom so I could see the dials better; the small bronze watch was exactly how I remembered it: The small black hands stood resolute while a thin piece of metal ticked away with the passing of each second.

After admiring it for just a moment, I pulled out the tiny round stopper and twisted it back several times, causing the numbers representing days to flip back rapidly. Back to a time where I could hurt Christina the most, before I had given up my life for her. As I pushed the stopper back into the watch, I turned around for one last look at Tina before I vanished.

©  Cosmic Castaway Sat 24th of March 2012

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