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Fantasy Sex Cruise 02

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This is the second episode in a multi-part story. Although I hope you would enjoy it by itself, it would be better to start with Chapter 01 first so you can understand the context of the situation and get introduced to the characters. This is a story of a journey and is meant to be read in sequence.


I slowly drifted back in to consciousness with my eyes still closed in a half sleep. I was lying on my back and I felt an unusual but delightful sensation emanating from my groin area. I kept my eyes shut as I tried to identify the feeling without looking at my body. It soon became apparent that something was happening at the tip of my cock. I slowly opened my eyes and saw Kealani’s head between my legs. She had the head of my cock inside her warm wet mouth and was gently licking and sucking on it. Saliva was slowly dribbling down the sides of my shaft and her hands were softly massaging my balls with the spit that was sliding onto them.

I remembered that she promised to awaken me in this way but her technique was something I had never encountered before. The blowjobs I had received in the past were much more energetic. A lot of stroking and slurping with a girl’s head bobbing back and forth. This felt more like a little kitten sucking its mother’s teat.

“Oh Kealani, that is the most indescribably wonderful thing anybody has ever done to me. I won’t even ask you where you learned to do this but please don’t ever stop.” Her eyes opened and without missing a beat I could tell from her look she was happy that I was pleased with her attentions. Now that she knew I was awake she increased her activities ever so slightly and took a little more of my hardening shaft into her mouth. Her tongue was gliding around my cock head in slow circles as she alternated licking and sucking me. Her expert fingers continued to manipulate my balls by pulling on each one and lightly squeezing it.

When I was fully erect, she removed her mouth and told me to lie on my right side. When I turned to do so she said. “Now you just slide that nice hard cock in and out of my mouth however it feels good. Go as slow or as fast as you want. Keep fucking my mouth until I feel you get close and then I’ll take over again.”

My only thought was: Why has it taken fifty years for me to hear those words? I decided not to dwell on that and began to do as I had been instructed. I tried to replicate her previous actions and go as slowly as I could. My cock slid effortlessly into her mouth about half way and then I gently pulled it back until the tip was barely touching her puckered lips. She sucked and stuck her tongue into the hole then moved it out of the way as I began to enter her wet mouth again. I abandoned myself to pure sensation as I inserted a little more of my cock into her mouth with each stroke.

Eventually I could feel my cock head moving into her throat and after a few long, slow strokes I felt her lips press against the base of my cock. I was in her as far as I could go. She accommodated her throat to my cock’s presence and began to breath in a steady rhythm. Her tongue slid out beneath the base of my cock and could almost touch my balls as she lapped at them in a futile attempt to get them inside her mouth as well. I fucked her mouth with a steady pace, pulling out almost completely and sliding back in to the hilt with each stroke.

I think she was actually aware of my impending climax before I was. I didn’t even want to cum. It felt so good that an orgasm seemed almost anticlimactic. Nevertheless, she wrapped her right hand around my shaft and began to stroke me and squeeze me as her left hand began to massage my balls and tug at them. All the while continuing to suck on the half of my cock that was still in her mouth until I felt the first hot jet of my semen flow through my cock and spew into her mouth. I didn’t have to do anything. She milked me like a dairy cow as the cum poured forth into her mouth in a series of pulses, I felt her gulp down each hot glob of jizz.

When she was sure she had extracted the very last drop of my cum she removed her mouth and said, “Eddy you have the sweetest cum I’ve ever tasted. I could do that morning, noon and night.”

I immediately wondered: Why didn’t we take two-week cruises instead of one?

Kealani then picked up the phone on the bedside table and pressed the buttons for room service and proceeded to order us breakfast: fresh fruit, some muffins and coffee. “That should be here in about 15 minutes. After we’ve had a bite to eat, I’m going to give you a bath.”

As soon as we finished eating, Kealani told me to go into the bathroom and lie down on the floor. I wondered what she had meant when she said the floor was big enough for both of us to lie down on. She appeared in a couple of minutes with a bottle of what looked like dishwashing soap and closed the door. She reached in the shower and turned on the water. When it had reached a nice warm temperature she turned a handle and the water began to come out of the spray head on a long metal hose. She brought the spray head out and began spraying water on me.

When I was completely wet she turned the spray on herself and then opened the bottle and poured the thick liquid all over her body. She then lay on top of me and began to rub herself all over me as the liquid began to turn to foam. I caught on pretty quick to this game and soon we were rubbing and sliding against each other in a pile of white lather. She slid down my chest and got between my legs and began to rub her tits on my stomach. She then pulled my cock back so it was laying back on me and pressed her breasts around it and started titty fucking my cock. Her nipples stiffened and she soon had my cock standing straight up.

We played around for a few more minutes until we were thoroughly clean and rinsed off in the shower. It was about a quarter to 9 by now and Kealani told me to put on some shorts and sneakers and a t-shirt. She was dressed the same way.

“Come along, we don’t want to be late.”

“Where are we going?”

“To the spa. Don’t you remember I have an appointment for a waxing this morning. Now, do you want me to leave a little heart shape patch or a landing strip on my pubes?”

“No, I want every hair from your neck down completely removed.”

“OK, just checking. While I’m in the salon, you can visit the exercise room and build up your stamina on the machines they have.”

When we got to the exercise room Kealani picked out a couple of devices for me to work out on and told me she would meet me back in the room at 10 o’clock. I had a good workout and took a brisk stroll on an outside deck before returning to the room. About 5 minutes after I got back, Kealani opened the door and walked in with a big smile on her face.

“Here I am Eddy. Are you ready to see what I look like hairless?”

“What a silly question, of course I am.”

“OK, grab the video camera and get ready to save this for posterity. When you’re an old man you can pop this in the player and drool on yourself. You’ll want to use the close-up lens for this. “

While I got out the camera she put the i-Pod on and ‘Wild Thing’ began playing. She did a quick little striptease for me and pulled down her shorts with her back to me, bending over to give me a rear view first. She spread her ass cheeks apart so I could see that all the hair had indeed been removed. I zoomed the camera lens in as far as I could until her fingertips, puckered anus and hairless labia filled the screen in glorious high definition.

She walked over to the sofa and sat on the edge. She lay back and slid her ass half way off the cushion as she spread her legs open wide. I knelt in front of her and spent about 5 minutes filming her bald beaver with the macro lens as she spread her lips apart and made the opening of her vagina gape open by squeezing her stomach muscles. I got up and walked over to the side of the sofa where I had set the tripod up and put the camera on it and focused it on her. I quickly removed my clothes and returned to kneel between her legs.

I began to study her magnificent body intently. I felt like I was looking at a work of art. The Mona Lisa and the Cellini Venus were mere imitations of her beauty. No dead painting or sculpture could possibly compete with a living, breathing Venus. I examined her visually from her navel to her puckered little rosebud touching her with my fingertips, pulling the hood of her large clitoris back until it was completely exposed. It appeared even larger now without hair covering it. I rubbed it with my thumb as she lay her head back and gave herself totally to my exploration. I marveled at how intricately exquisite her pussy was in all of its parts. Like a delicate Camellia blossom with perfect overlapping petals arranged in a pattern that took millions of years to evolve to this exacting configuration. Finally I raised my head up and looked at her face.

“Do you like it Eddy?”

“Do I like it? I like it so much I’m going to write the authors of that book ‘1000 places to see before you die’ and tell them to put your pussy in it. They can take out some less interesting place like the pyramids or the Sistine Chapel. In case you have even the faintest whisper of a doubt I want to say that you are the absolute embodiment of my sexual fantasy. You exceed all of my expectations. I can’t tell you how happy you are making me and how much I appreciate your being here with me.”

“Well if you can’t tell me, then you can show me. I think you should see if tastes as good as it looks.”

I didn’t need that invitation repeated. I went down on her like a condemned man eating his last meal. I started at her navel and licked and kissed my way down to concentrate my attentions on her clit until she began to squirm and moan. I licked her slit up and down with broad laps pausing to pull her long inner lips into my mouth and gently nibble on them. I spread them apart and stuck my tongue as deep into her vagina as I could and opened my mouth wide to taste her. I put my hands on her ass and squeezed it as I continued to lick her. I returned to sucking on her clit and stuck two fingers into her opening and began to finger fuck her. Soon she began to tremble and I felt her orgasm wash over her as the juices flowed out of her onto my hand.

“Oh God Eddy I really wish you would keep doing that for another hour or so. Where did you learn to eat pussy like that?”

“I developed a taste for it my senior year in high school when my girlfriend took the time to tutor me in the finer points of cunnilingus. She loved to have me do it to her and was very patient with me while I was learning to do all the things she liked. She was especially fond of 69; we would have contests to see who could hold out the longest. I hate to admit that I haven’t done it to Linda very often in the last couple of years.”

“That’s probably one of the reasons she came up with this cruise idea.”

“In any case, your beautiful bald beaver has rekindled my appetite for it and I intend to make an effort to do it a lot more often.”

“Then quit talking and get back to it.”

“Gladly. But first I want to see how you feel in your newly denuded state.” My cock was rock hard so I moved closer to her on my knees and started rubbing the head up and down her slit in slow wipes from her asshole to her clit. When the head was covered in her juices I rubbed it all over her mound and up and down her outer lips to feel the exciting sensation of her smooth naked flesh. I paused at the entrance to her vagina and eased into it about an inch. I could feel her flexing her muscles to squeeze me. I used one hand to rub my shaft while I held the head in her hot opening and rubbed her clit with the thumb of my other hand.

“My girlfriend was also very adept at giving me hand jobs too. She would do it to me in as many places as she could think of; even once while we were having dinner at her house with her parents sitting at the table.”

“Do you want me to do that for you Eddy? Do you want me to jerk you off at dinner tonight? I’d be very happy to see if I can match your girlfriend’s expertise. You can play with my bald pussy at the same time. In fact, I’ve got some remote controlled vibrators with me. What if I put one in me and give you the control so you can surprise me anytime you want tonight? I’ll bet you’d get off on that wouldn’t you Eddy, you little pervert.”

I didn’t say anything back to her. I just kept rubbing my shaft and her clit as we both began to climb to another climax. I slowly pushed more of my cock into her dripping tunnel as I rubbed her clit faster. Her breathing quickened as I began to half way fuck her and half way jerk off in her. “Use your hands to rub your clit for me. I want to see you get yourself off while I attend to other things.” Her hand moved swiftly to her mound and she began to rub herself. “Tell me what you’re doing and how it makes you feel.”

“Did you know a woman’s clitoris goes way back into her body Eddy? The part you see at the top of the slit is only the tip. When I rub it I feel little electric tingles all the way up my spine and a warm flush all over my body. I like to rub all around it and use my finger to press against my pee hole. I like to use two fingers to rub my labia and feel your cock between them while you’re inside me. It makes me feel just like your cock feels when I suck it.”

I moved my left hand down below my cock and found the wrinkled entrance to her anus. It was wet with her juices, which were flowing down from her pussy. I placed my index finger in the middle of her puckered hole and slid it in up to the knuckle.

“Oooooh Eddy, you’re cheating. You know I want you to fuck my ass but that’s on tonight’s agenda. You can use your finger but save your cock for later.”

I pushed my finger all the way into her ass and sped up the pace of rubbing my cock as it slid through my hand into and out of her hole. “I’m getting close Kealani. Are you going to cum with me? As soon as you feel it starting I’m going to pull my cock out of you and put the tip right on your clit and jerk it until I cum all over you. I want you to hold your lips open so I can get my hot cream all over your gorgeous little Asian twat. Will you do that Kealani?

“Oh yes Eddy I want you to do it just like that. I want to see your cum spray all over my pussy. Keep going baby I’m so close. Ooooh, Ooooh, Unnnhh yes, yes, yes. Now Eddy now, shoot your hot spunk all over me. DO IT NOW!”

She raised her hips up as I withdrew my cock and placed the tip right on top of her clit as I furiously stroked the shaft. A few seconds later the first jet of hot pearly liquid erupted from the end of my throbbing cock and spread all over her clitoris and her fingertips. I pulled back slightly and the second glob splashed against her slit and began to ooze down toward her opening. A third and then a fourth large spurt landed on her mound and fingers. She began to rub the hot goo all over her pussy as two more ropes of cum landed on her lower stomach. I began to rub my cock head on the sides of her lips as even more of my jizz slowly oozed out onto her.

“Oh Eddy, my God, look at what you’ve done to me. My whole crotch is covered in your sticky nectar. I love it.” She began to lick it off her fingers. “Ummm it tastes so sweet. I’m going to scoop up every drop of it and lick it off my fingers.”

I watched as she did it and when she was almost finished I said to her, “You missed a drop.” I lowered my head down and began to lick her inner thighs on either side of her labia and then up and down her slit.

“Eddy, what are you doing? I don’t think I can stand any more right now.”

“Really Kealani? I thought women were supposed to be multi-orgasmic. Are you telling me you can’t keep up with a man almost twice your age?”

“No I am not telling you that.” She said softly and deliberately. “You just keep licking me and I’ll cum for you as many times as you want.”

I stood and pulled her up to stand beside me then I laid down on the sofa on my back and told her to sit on my face with her head facing my feet. She swung her leg over my head and got into position. “Now you can suck the last of my cum off of my cock while I concentrate on your delicious pussy again.”

She lowered her head and began to lick at my half hard cock without using her hands. She ran her tongue down the top and briefly sucked the head into her hot mouth. When it showed signs of coming back to life she wrapped her hand around it and pulled back toward my stomach so she could lick the underside. Then holding it down with her hand she moved her mouth down to my balls and began to suck each one into her mouth and gently roll it around with her soft tongue. She used her other hand to hold my scrotum in her palm so she could alternate sucking and licking each testicle.

Her attention to my balls almost distracted me from what I was doing to her. I regained my focus and licked softly at her opening having decided to give her overworked clit a brief respite. I placed my mouth over her vagina and sucked on it. I stroked it with my tongue and lightly licked it. I put my hands on her hips and pulled them toward me to increase the pressure on my mouth. I stuck my tongue in as far as I could and wiggled it from side to side until I could feel her juices begin to seep into my mouth. After a few moments of this I pushed my finger in her vagina. When I had it sufficiently wet I stuck it back in her asshole. I heard her softly moan as she continued to orally caress my balls.

“Oh God yes Eddy eat my pussy. Stick your tongue inside it and suck it. Oh Jesus that feels sooo good.”

I felt her mouth begin to slide up and down my cock as her hand continued to fondle my balls. We kept this up for some time until I put my middle finger into her vagina and began to move both of them in and out of her while I licked her labia. I sucked each one into my mouth and pulled on it with my lips. Her hips were gently rocking up and down to show me the rhythm she wanted me to use.

I felt her other hand reach beneath the one caressing my scrotum and then felt the pressure of her finger on my asshole. She inserted it all the way in and started rubbing the tip along the thin wall of my rectum on the other side of my prostate. I increased my tempo on both of her orifices in response and soon felt her begin to tense up and the finger in my ass pressed harder against my prostate. I don’t know where it came from but I felt myself begin to cum yet again in the hot wet confines of her mouth. As soon as my cream started flowing I felt her holes clamp around my fingers and heard her moan in orgasm as she swallowed each weak spurt of my cum.

“Good lord Eddy that was fantastic. I didn’t think I had another one in me and you give me one that rocks my world. But that will have to do for a while, we’ve got to get up and get going.”

“Where are we going?”

“The first place is to the bathroom. I have to pee really bad. Then a quick shower followed by lunch. I’m starving, and you need to eat something besides me. Why don’t you check out a place to go while I head to the bathroom? Oh and one more thing, we have to be back here by one o’clock.”

“What’s happening at one o’clock?”

“It’s a surprise.”

“What kind of surprise?” “You’ll see. I think you’re really going to like it.”

When she emerged from the bathroom she asked if I had picked out a place for us to go to lunch. “They’re having some kind of Caribbean party on the main pool deck. Take a look at it and see if that’s OK.”

She came over and stood in front of the TV while I headed off to the shower. When I got out she said the party looked like fun and we should go check it out. We got dressed in casual clothes and headed for the pool deck.

When we got there we could see that it was going to be a popular destination for lunch and drinks. In addition to the people who had come to sit around the pool and go swimming, there were a lot of people in shorts and t-shirts that had come for the party. This deck is very large with a lot of open space and multiple pools, whirlpools and hot tubs. There were a couple of bands playing music and several tables with serving dishes set up all over the deck. Extra tables and chairs had been placed around for people to sit while they were eating.

“This is too good of an opportunity to pass up.” She took my hand and led me to one of the tables. “We’re going back to the cabin so you can get the camera. When you come back here I want you to get us something to drink and come over here and sit at this table and keep the camera ready. Look down this aisle that runs practically the entire length of the deck. Watch for me to come through the door at the other end and when you see me, start recording.”

“That’s a long way down there. How will I know it’s you?”

“Oh you won’t have any trouble finding me.”

When we got back to the room I grabbed the camera case and asked her, “How long are you going to be?”

“About 20 minutes. If you want you can hang here until I’m almost ready and then head back up.”

I decided to stay in the room. I knew how long it could take a woman to get ready. She took one of her cases into the bathroom and closed the door. Sure enough, twenty minutes later she opened the door and called out to me to go on back to where she wanted me to wait. I left without seeing what she looked like and headed up to take my position. The table she wanted me to be at was still empty so I sat my baseball cap on it to mark it as taken and walked to the nearest place that I could get a couple of drinks. I got us a couple of lemonades and returned to the table. I took the camera out of the case and turned it on but did not start recording yet. I used the zoom to look down the aisle where Kealani had told me she would be arriving and waited.

She was right about one thing. I didn’t have any trouble spotting her. Kealani is half Japanese and she really knows how to make herself up to look like just about anything she wants to look like. I’d already seen her turn herself into a Chinese last night. So when I saw a Japanese face in the viewfinder I figured it was her. I hadn’t had a chance to study her since it was quite a distance down to where she was and there were people walking across my line of sight. Then I saw clearly what she had on and knew it was her. I quickly hit the record button.

Her hair was in the typical prince Valiant hairdo of many young Japanese girls. She wore a white short sleeve shirt that buttoned up the front with the top two buttons undone revealing her breasts to the edge of decency since the shirt appeared to be a size too small for her anyway. The lower part of the shirt was not buttoned at all but tied so it exposed her midriff. She had a gray, blue and green plaid micro-mini skirt on that barely covered her crotch. On her legs were white thigh-high socks that stayed up without a garter belt. Her shoes were black leather Mary Janes with a 3-inch heel and 2-inch soles. I had no idea if she was wearing panties but with children around I hoped she hadn’t omitted them. As she got closer I saw that she had on black horn-rimmed glasses.

I was so glad I was recording this. I don’t know if every woman knows what a powerful sexual icon the Japanese schoolgirl in her uniform is but I guarantee everybody with testicles knows it. As she came into view of each man on the deck, his eyes locked onto her. The breeze and her sassy walk kept that short pleated skirt constantly flirting to expose whatever was under it and every male was waiting for it to be revealed. The closer she got to me the more I zoomed out to keep her at about the same size in the picture and to include the reaction of everybody watching her walk down the deck.

It took her about 3 minutes to get to the table which immediately became the center of every man’s attention. The first thing she did was slowly bend over and reach across the table to put her purse down in front of one of the chairs. I couldn’t see her backside but everybody else could and when they did I think they all stopped breathing. She walked around me to the chair and sat down in a way that let me see she was wearing white cotton bikini panties. I should have known she wouldn’t omit any detail of this costume.

Kealani put on quite a show walking to all of the food tables and leaning over to see what was in all the dishes. She had an uncanny knowledge of just how much of her luscious ass was showing beneath the hem of that short skirt. Back at the table she sat with her feet up on the support bar beneath the table with her legs spread apart so anybody walking toward us got an unobstructed view of her crotch barely covered by the thin cotton fabric.

“I know it’s probably too soon to make this judgment but I think the video of you walking the length of the deck today is going to be my favorite.”

“I wouldn’t be too sure.” She said in a very mischievous tone of voice.

We walked back down the other side of the long deck to be sure everybody got a chance to ogle her and have a momentary wish fulfillment and stopped at a large TV screen near the elevators that displayed information about the ship and directions for getting around. Kealani spotted the photo gallery and decided we should go by and take a look at our boarding photos and the pictures taken at last night’s dinner. There were several display cases full of photos stretching down a long hallway with a few people searching for the ones taken of them. We didn’t see ours on any of the racks until we got to the counter where you could pay for them.

There behind the counter were all of our pictures. Mostly the ones of Kealani. One from last night had been blown up to poster size and was right in the middle. The photographer was standing there and when he saw Kealani it took him a few seconds to recognize her. “Holy shit it’s you!” He exclaimed.

She looked at him and smiled. “Do you think we might get a copy of some of our pictures?” She asked ever so demurely.

“Absolutely. And there will be no charge. I’ve already sold over 50 copies of the large one. You’ve become quite the mysterious celebrity on board. Everybody is asking if you’re making a movie.”

“I am actually but not one for general release.”

“So you’re an actress are you?”

“Only occasionally. I’m primarily a professional model.”

“In that case would you grant me a wish and let me take some shots of you in that schoolgirl outfit?”

“I don’t guess a few more pictures would hurt. But you’ll have to hurry. We have an appointment at one o’clock.”

The photographer grabbed his camera and told us to come with him to a lounge area a few yards down the hallway from the gallery. There were stools in front of a bar and small sofas with tables in front of them. Potted plants were interspersed among the furniture. He started to tell Kealani what to do but she quickly said back to him, “I know what to do. You just keep shooting.”

She posed all over the room lying on the sofas, sitting in the easy chair with her legs hanging over the armrest, playing peek-a-boo from behind the plants and sitting provocatively with her legs spread apart on a barstool. I’d say half the pictures probably couldn’t be displayed where children could see them but it was obvious that she really knew how to pose for a camera.

After a few minutes had passed she called out “That’s enough. Time to go.” I’m sure he could have stayed there for another hour taking pictures of her.

“Thank you. Maybe we can do this again sometime.” We went back to the counter and he gave us a DVD. “All of your pictures are on this. If you’ll come back tomorrow I’ll have the ones from today burned for you.” Then he added, “You’ll be at the Captain’s cocktail party tonight won’t you?”

“Of course, we wouldn’t miss it.” We headed down the hallway to go back to the room.

When we returned to the room she told me to take my clothes off and come with her into the bathroom where we got into the shower and took a quick bath. “Now put on one of these yummy soft robes and go sit on the sofa.”

I was wondering what we were waiting for and I asked her to tell me what kind of surprise I was going to get. She just told me to be patient and I would soon find out. At one o’clock there was a knock on the door. Kealani got up and answered it. I heard her speaking to somebody, telling them how glad she was that we could do this. She came back into the room with a very pretty little blonde girl about 5’3 dressed in skintight white leggings and a bright pink t-shirt that only came down to below her boobs.

“Eddy this is Mina from Finland. She’s the spa technician that did my waxing this morning. She did such a good job that I asked her if she also did massages. When she said she did, I was lucky enough to arrange for her to come here to the suite and give us both a very special type of massage.”

I looked at Mina and wondered what type of ‘special’ massage it was going to be. She had a large carrying bag slung over her shoulder and she put it down next to the sofa.

“Can we do this on the balcony?”

“Of course, that would be a great place to do it.” She took out a silver plastic sheet and took it out to the balcony. Then she took a small electric pump out of the bag and plugged it into an electrical outlet. She then began to inflate the plastic sheet until it turned into an air mattress about the size of a queen bed. She then retrieved a large plastic bottle about the size of a gallon milk bottle.

“Mina is going to give us a nuru massage Eddy. The stuff in the bottle is nuru gel and it is extremely slippery.” As Kealani was telling me this, Mina was pouring the gel into a large wooden bowl that she had set beside the mattress. When she finished she stood up, pulled her t-shirt off with one motion and then slid her leggings off and laid them on a chair with her shirt.

Mina was as cute as a young woman could be with straight almost white blonde hair down past her shoulders. Her breasts were smaller than Kealani’s with areolas no larger than a nickel and nipples that covered most of them. Her skin was creamy white. She had a bubble butt that was one of her best features. Her pussy was completely different than Kealani’s well-developed outer lips and protruding inner lips with a large clitoris perched on top. Mina’s was barely a dimple, a small cleft that looked like a shadow between her white legs. The only thing the two of them had in common was the total absence of hair.

Mina folded two towels and put them on one end of the mattress and told us to lie face down with our heads on the towels. Kealani shrugged off her robe and lay on the left side of the mattress. I took my robe off and lay beside her.

“This is going to be similar to your bath this morning but with gel instead of soap, only this time you’ll have two women rubbing their bodies all over you.”

I felt Mina straddle my lower body just below my butt and reach over and scoop up a large handful of the gel. She let it drip on to my back and then proceeded to rub it up to my shoulders and down to my butt. She repeated this and I could feel my back covered in the slimy gel. She must have rubbed a handful on her chest and stomach because I could feel it dripping onto my butt from her legs.

She leaned forward and I felt her lower abdomen slide against my ass then felt her breasts on my back. Her nipples were hard and felt like little fingers pressing into my skin. She slid forward and back using her hands to spread the gel on my shoulders and all the way down to my ass. I felt the heat of her pussy as she slid it down one of my thighs. Her hands kneaded the flesh of my butt cheeks then slid between them to find my balls. I spread my legs apart to give her better access to them.

Kealani got up and walked over to the bowl of gel and began to spread it on her chest and stomach. She then got behind Mina and straddled my right leg while Mina kept my left leg between her legs. I could feel Kealani rubbing her chest against Mina’s back while her hands smeared the gel all over her breasts and stomach. Kealani’s right hand soon insinuated itself between my left thigh and Mina’s pussy. “Ooooh Mina, I don’t think all of this slippery liquid between your legs is gel. It feels like you’re really enjoying this.”

“Yes I am, very much. I especially like doing couples because I get the best of both.” They worked on my backside for about ten minutes and then told me to turn over.

I rolled onto my back and my cock stood straight up. “Looks like I need to give that woody some attention. Mina, you sit on his face and do his chest and stomach while I take care of his legs.”

Mina straddled my face and I got a chance to do a close up inspection of her crotch. With her legs parted it was clear that she had all the parts a female is supposed to have but they were very understated. Her labia were the same color as her inner thighs and it was not easy to tell just where they began. Her slit was narrow and I used my hands to spread her ass cheeks further apart so I could see her inner lips. They were the palest pink color I’ve ever seen and barely more than little ridges. Her clitoris was small with almost no hood covering it. Her tiny anus was slightly puckered and the same pale pink as her labia. I used my thumbs to hold them open and discovered her vagina, which was a little deeper pink than her lips. I raised my head up and stuck my tongue into it. Even with the lubrication of the gel and my saliva, it felt tight around the tip of my tongue.

For the next few minutes the girls worked me over. Mina would slide forward and rub her upper torso from my shoulders to my hips as Kealani did the same to my legs. When they met at my crotch they would take turns sucking my cock and balls. Mina would stroke my slippery shaft while Kealani would fondle my nuts and run her fingers underneath them to press against my asshole and insert one in me using the same rhythm as Mina was using to jerk me off. When they would slide back and Mina’s pussy came within reach of my mouth I would lick and suck her as she squirmed on my mouth.

The next time Mina slid forward she moved her knees down and lay back on top of me spreading her legs to match mine. My cock stuck up between them and pressed against her pussy. “I’m going to slide my hips up and down so Kealani can use her talented tongue on both of us. While she’s doing that, I want you to play with my tits.”

I brought my hands up to comply with her request and began to slide them all around her soft breasts. Her nipples were hard and as I pinched them they would pop out from between my fingers. Kealani began doing her part even though I couldn’t see her. She pressed my cock against Mina’s slit as she lifted her hips and I could feel the head brush against her clit. When she raised up a little more Kealani would push the tip against the opening to her vagina and then use her tongue to lap at both of us like a thirsty puppy.

Kealani got to her knees and reached for Mina’s hands and pulled her up onto her knees so that her pussy was directly over my rock hard cock barely an inch away. I could see Mina’s bald cunt between her magnificent white ass as Kealani maneuvered her knees further apart until the tip of my cock was barely inside the entrance to Mina’s tight pink vagina. “Now Mina, I want you to use your hand and rub your clit while I stroke Eddy’s cock. ” I saw the tips of Mina’s fingers begin to caress her clitoris as Kealani began to rub my shaft in long smooth strokes. When her hand got to just below my head she would squeeze me to make my cock head expand. This caused Mina’s opening to flex and slip down a little so my head would move into her a tiny bit more.

The pace picked up with each repetition of these movements until both of their hands were moving quickly. I could hear Mina making the kind of sounds that women make when they’re getting close to a climax. Then she tilted her head back and began to tremble as she moaned out “Oh, Oh, OH.” Finally she let her knees slide to the side and she dropped down on me, fully engulfing my cock. Kealani was on her knees in front of her and wrapped her arms around her in an embrace as she kissed her full on the lips. Mina’s tight passage was pulsating around my cock as the full force of her orgasm ripped through her body.

The only thing that kept me from blowing a massive load into Mina’s tight little twat was my complete immersion in the sensations that I was feeling. I felt like I was watching a porno movie and I was merely another actor. My entire body was overwhelmed by the sights and feelings of what had been going on for almost an hour and I couldn’t focus on having my own orgasm. Then I had this thought: The young woman whose vagina was still milking my cock is two years younger than my youngest daughter Jessica, who is 23. Could I ever look at her again in the same way? What would she say if she ever saw these videos?

I was brought back to reality when Kealani broke her kiss and slowly lifted Mina off of me. Mina looked at Kealani and told her “I only have a few minutes left to be here and now I want to do something special for you.” Mina positioned Kealani on her back and spread her legs wide apart bending the left one so her knee was sticking up and out. She lay down next to her with Kealani’s right leg bent behind her back with her head even with Kealani’s hip.

Mina then reached over and dipped her right hand in the gel getting it completely covered. Her left arm was bent over Kealani’s hip so her hand could reach her pussy and she began to rub her clitoris. I positioned myself behind Mina with my head facing away from hers and my cock in line with her ass. This afforded me an unobstructed view of Kealani’s wide-open crotch and allowed my cock to slide between Mina’s slippery butt cheeks and rub against her naked pussy.

“Mina I know what you’re going to do and I’ve never done this before but I can’t think of anybody I would rather be my first than you.”

Mina brought her right hand up to Kealani’s slit and let the gel drip all over it. She then inserted her index finger into her vagina and began to slide it in and out while she continued to rub her clit with the fingers of her other hand. After a couple of minutes she slid the middle finger in with her index finger and began to press up as she rubbed her fingertips against Kealani’s g-spot. Soon a third finger joined the others and she was pushing them in as far as they would go. I matched Mina’s rhythm as my rigid cock slid along the folds of her hot, sopping pussy. I could see the head pop out in front of her as though she had grown a little penis. Now the fourth finger was added to the bundle being thrust into Kealani’s soaked cunt. Finally Mina’s thumb formed a tight little packet that she was moving in and out of her stretched pussy up to the knuckles of her hand.

Kealani cried out, “Oh Mina, yes, YES do it. Do it now!”

I watched spellbound as Mina’s entire hand disappeared into Kealani’s cunt.

I could see the swell of Kealani’s lower abdomen as Mina formed her hand into a fist and began to fuck her in earnest. In and out it went as Kealani reached down and grabbed Mina’s arm to pull it into her past her wrist. Kealani was panting and gasping “YES, YES, OH….GOD….MINA….YES DEEPER, HARDER, FUCK ME, FUCK Meeeee!”

Mina had the presence of mind to hand Kealani a towel and told her, “Put this in your mouth or they’ll hear you in the engine room.” Kealani complied but kept right on grunting and building to what was sure to be a monumental orgasm.

I was beginning to feel it too. Mina was reflexively squeezing her legs around my cock at the same pace as she was fisting Kealani and I could feel her juices and my precum all over us even with all of the gel already there. I can’t evem begin to describe what this felt like. Finally Kealani moaned and her whole body went rigid. She began to shake almost to the point of convulsing. Her head tilted back and her eyes closed, as she was lost in the throes of an intense climax. It was a sight to behold. A woman completely consumed by her considerable sexuality is a powerful phenomenon. Just watching her was enough to trigger my own orgasm and I began to spurt jet after jet of cum between Mina’s tight ass cheeks.

Mina withdrew her hand and began to slide away from Kealani’s limp body. I grabbed her right ankle and lifted her leg up in the air so I could see her crotch. It was the most erotic sight I had ever seen. Her pussy was covered in gel and cum from both of us. She looked at it and said, “It looks like we enjoyed that almost as much as she did.” I assured her that was true and released her leg so she could get up. I told her to go get cleaned up and I would stay with Kealani until she could function again. She had curled up in the fetal position and was breathing deeply but regularly. I gently stroked her forehead and her hair and in a couple of minutes she was back to consciousness again.

She looked at me and said, “Eddy, what just happened?”

“You’ll have to look at the video because even though I watched the entire thing I don’t think I could describe how erotic an episode it was.”

“It must have been. I feel like I’ve just finished giving birth. Remind me not to mess with any more blonde girls from Finland would you. That little vixen is dangerous.”

“You didn’t seem to mind it while it was happening.” I helped her up and we walked into the sitting room, pausing to turn off the camera then proceeded to the bathroom to see if we could get all of this gel off. Mina was still in the shower so Kealani got in with her and told her that after what she had just done to her, the least she could do was to wash her off. Mina was happy to do so and the two of them enjoyed lathering each other up and playing with each other for a few minutes. When they got out, I took my shower and washed myself from head to toe.

When I emerged from the bathroom Mina had finished packing up and was ready to leave. “Mina deserves a very nice tip don’t you think Eddy?”

“I couldn’t agree more,” I said as I got my wallet out of the drawer in the sitting room and took out two hundred dollar bills. Mina’s eyes widened when I handed them to her.

“Thank you. Thank both of you for a lovely time.”

“Mina would you do us a big favor? Would you leave the air mattress and the gel here in case we want to use it again?”

“No problem Kealani, we’ve got several of them.”

When she had gone I asked Kealani what she would like to do now. “It’s two thirty and we don’t have anything planned until the Captain’s cocktail party at seven. Tonight is the first formal dress night so we need to find a place to have dinner. Why don’t we look at the list of alternative restaurants and pick out a couple to go see.”

We checked out two restaurants and decided on a plush upscale place with a famous chef that rotated the menus frequently depending on what was available at the local ports where the ship stopped. We looked at the menu and found several offerings that sounded both delicious and healthy. Kealani walked around the entire place examining everything and finally saw a table for two in a back corner that while not completely isolated, was very secluded. She told the dining steward we wanted that table and he said he would reserve it for us. We booked a reservation for 7:45, which is when the cocktail party ended. We spent another couple of hours exploring the ship and stopped in for a fruit smoothie before heading back to the room to begin getting ready.

“I brought several outfits for the two formal nights Eddy. What would you like me to wear tonight?”

“What are my choices?”

“I have two costumes. One is Indian and the other Japanese. I also have two long formal gowns. One is black and very elegant; sort of New York chic and the other is silver metallic, very South Beach glamorous. Finally I have a black silk cocktail dress that is very sexy.”

“You make anything you wear very sexy. Since I’m wearing a tux and the restaurant is so posh I think the long black gown would be a good choice.”

“You’ll like it Eddy, I got to bring it home from an assignment I had for a very expensive couturier. “

About six o’clock she headed off to the bathroom to get ready and I began to get my clothes out of the closet. I took my time dressing and was ready about 6:45. I hadn’t put my coat on yet. I saw Kealani’s I-Pod lying on the dresser and searched for a song I wanted to play later tonight when she inevitably asked if she had looked OK but she didn’t have it. Then I saw an icon for downloading music from the web so I typed in the name of the song and in a few seconds it showed up on the list of titles. I put the I-Pod back on the dresser and turned around just as Kealani came out of the bathroom.

“Does this meet with your approval Eddy?”

Once again I was amazed. She looked like she had just stepped off the cover of Vogue. Her hair was blonde and almost shoulder length. The style matched what she said about the dress, very elegant and New York chic. Her makeup had erased almost every trace of Asian features and was perfectly suited to a formal occasion. Even her eyes were now blue. The lipstick was a soft shade of pink.

The dress was beautiful. It looked like a long skirt with two wide strips of slightly stretchy fabric with satin ruffles on them that were attached to the front of the skirt leaving a gap of about four inches between them. The strips ran up each side of her stomach to cover her breasts and then continued up to meet behind her neck. This left the middle of her chest and stomach completely exposed all the way down to below her navel. If it hadn’t been so well designed it could have looked a little too sexy but it looked rich and alluring instead.

“It looks like it was designed specifically for you.”

“Ummmh, Eddy. It was.”

I started to say something but before I could she turned around. I don’t know why I was shocked when I saw the back of the dress or rather the lack of the back of the dress. Her entire beautiful back was completely bare. If the skirt had come down any lower on her hips it would have been too revealing but again it just looked elegant.

A tear shaped pendant of little diamonds hung around her neck. Her earrings matched the pendant. Four thin bracelets in various shades of smoky silver adorned her left wrist and a bracelet consisting of three rows of white pearls encircled the right one. Black ‘Come Fuck Me’ shoes with 4-inch heels were on her feet. She reached down and picked up the skirt and pulled it all the way up to show me that she wasn’t wearing anything under it. No stockings, no panties and of course no bra.

I noticed a little plastic case about the size of a small cell phone on her inner thigh close to the top of her leg held in place by an elastic band that wrapped around it. A thin wire ran from the case to between her legs. “What is that accessory?”

“That is a battery pack for a vibrating egg that is inserted in my ass. In my clutch is the remote control unit that you can have as soon as you come over here and kiss me.” I hurriedly walked over to her and did as I had been told. She took out the remote and showed me how it worked. There was a little wheel on the front that controlled the intensity all the way from off to very stimulating. “You may use it at your discretion but don’t get too carried away. This is a little taste of what is to come later. And don’t forget to take one of your little blue pills with you.”

We made our way to the concierge station to pick up our video assistant. The concierge looked at me with the obvious question written all over his face. Weren’t you with a Chinese woman last night? Nevertheless, he directed the same young man who had helped us last night to do so again. He was really getting into it and did a marvelous job of filming us all the way to one of the show lounges where the Captain’s cocktail party was being held. He made sure to get us going through the reception line where we were greeted by some of the ship’s officers and the Captain.

The ship’s photographer was there taking pictures as people stopped to greet the captain. At first he didn’t recognize us but he finally remembered me and took a long look at Kealani and said, “What did you do with the gorgeous Asian girl?”

Before I could answer him Kealani said, “Awwww, you’ve forgotten our little session in the lounge today so soon?”

He shook his head and said, “No. It can’t be.” Then he looked hard at her again and said, “You are truly unbelievable.”

“You don’t know the half of it.” I told him.

We walked around a little and had a glass of sparkling water while we chatted with some of the other passengers. I noticed both men and women giving Kealani some long appreciative looks, especially when they saw her from the back. After about thirty minutes it was time to start moving along toward the restaurant.

Our young camera operator continued filming us and accompanied us all the way to the restaurant where he again helped set up the tripod and mount the camera. Kealani thanked him and told him that would be all he needed to do this evening.

The table Kealani had requested was decorated beautifully. Fresh flowers were artfully arranged in a bowl and the table was set with a long tablecloth and fine china and crystal. The table could have seated four people but due to the location, one end of it was flush to a wall with a small pillar blocking one corner. So instead of two chairs on either side, there was a small loveseat with the back against a wall on one side so we sat side by side and not across the table facing each other. This afforded us a great view of this part of the restaurant, which was a small room by itself with French pocket doors at one end so it could be sealed off for private parties. The closest table to us was a round table set for four persons a few feet away from us across an aisle.

The headwaiter brought us our menus and asked if we wanted something from the bar. I told Kealani that I thought the occasion called for a glass of Champagne and surprisingly, she agreed. I ordered two glasses of Veuve Clicquot, my favorite Champagne. We had pretty much made up our mind what we wanted to eat so we just sat there drinking our wine and watching the other people arriving and being seated. The maitre D’ walked toward us with four young women who looked like they might be college students and seated them at the round table nearest to us. They were all talking and giggling and seemed to be the best of friends.

The young women were dressed in cocktail dresses that were all made to show a lot of cleavage. The way they were seated at the table allowed two of them to face us and the other two sat at an angled side view to us. One of the girls facing us was quite pretty with long brown hair. She seemed to be purposely leaning forward as she repeatedly talked to the girl on her right. When she did so, the view of her breasts was quite revealing.

“Why Eddy, I think that pretty young thing is flirting with you.”

“And what makes you think she’s not flirting with you?”

“You really need to get out more Eddy. A girl flirts with a man in a different way than she flirts with another girl.”

“Do you really think she expects me to respond with someone as beautiful as you sitting next to me?”

“She’s young, smart and used to getting her way with men. It would be a real ego boost to her if she thought she could take your attention away from me.”

“You’re not thinking of getting her into another threesome are you? I’m not sure either one of us is up to that so soon after Mina.”

“It’s an intriguing thought Eddy but I agree with you for two reasons. One is I have other plans for tonight and they don’t involve anybody but you. The second is I’d rather just play with her here and see if we can mess with her head a little.” Kealani moved her arm in an obvious way from the tabletop and placed her hand in my lap. “Eddy I want you to use both hands to unzip your fly. Take your time and be as obvious as you can about doing it.” I complied with her directive and the brunette surreptitiously observed the action while pretending to read the menu. Kealani was sitting to my right so when I had unzipped my pants I brought my left hand back up above the table.

Kealani then slid her left hand under the generously sized napkin in my lap and stealthily inserted it inside my fly and began to fondle my prick. She fished it out of the opening in my shorts and pulled the head and half the shaft out of my pants. She turned a little toward me and began to gently kiss the right side of my neck. After a minute or so she nonchalantly reached for her glass and took a sip of her Champagne, making a point of running her tongue in a circle slowly around her lips to lick every last drop off of them.

“Keep looking at the little hottie and send her a mental message that you wish it were her sitting next to you playing with your cock.” The tablecloth more than covered the side of the table facing the girls. And Kealani was being ever so subtle in her stroking of my cock, so to the casual observer we just looked like a couple of honeymooners having dinner and being a little playful. But to a young, bright woman on the prowl already feeling the effect of at least one cocktail on her inhibitions, it was all too obvious what was happening underneath our table. It was an activity I felt sure she was very familiar with.

She confirmed it when her eyes widened in realization and she quickly leaned over again toward the girl on her right and began to excitedly say something to her. It was a dead give away when the girl quickly turned her head with a mixed look of shock and disbelief and stared at us to see if it was true. Neither Kealani nor I acknowledged them or stopped what we were doing. The news quickly spread around the table to the other two girls who also had to take a look for themselves. I suppose the look a man has on his face when he is being jerked off is unmistakable and known intuitively to all women. I didn’t even try to conceal it.

What happened next was completely unexpected. Apparently the pretty brunette was the leader of this happy group and you could see the light bulb go off in her head as she leaned over again and said something to the black haired girl on her left who then passed it on to the one on her left and so on until it reached all of them. The brunette then lifted up slightly in her chair and lowered both arms down under the table. She rocked back and forth a little and then bent forward until her breasts touched the table and were marvelously displayed as they were pressed forward.

She then rose back up and brought one arm back up on top of the table. She looked around to see if anybody else in the room was watching. She needn’t have worried. The room was dimly lit and except for us, everybody else was behind them and nobody was taking much notice of a group of young women sitting by themselves. She then brought her other arm up above the table. In her hand was a tiny little pair of black lace panties. She took her time showing them to us and when she was sure we had seen them, she reached down, picked up her purse and put the panties inside it. I picked up my glass of Champagne and raised it slightly in a toast to acknowledge her performance.

One at a time, the other three girls all repeated this little striptease. We had now all tacitly decided to join in this game. As the girls all removed their panties, Kealani increased the tempo of her stroking. It was still a leisurely pace but the squeezing of my shaft was having a decided effect on me. We slowed down when the waiter occasionally came toward our table and Kealani managed to eat dinner with her free hand. The girls had upped the ante at their table as each one dropped an arm into their lap. The two sitting at an angle to us made it obvious by pulling their dresses up to their hips and using the hand facing us to play with their naked pussies. This kept up all through dinner with pauses for visits to the table by the wait staff.

Once again Kealani had found a way to amaze me. She had started a circle jerk with four complete strangers in the middle of the most luxurious restaurant on the ship. If I hadn’t been there myself I would never have believed it. Suddenly I remembered the remote control. I reached my hand down and put it in my pocket to grasp the little case. I used my thumb to move the dial about a third of the way around. Kealani’s grip on my cock tightened in reaction to the buzzing I knew she was feeling in her rectum.

“I thought you’d forgotten about that little toy.” She said breathlessly.

“Almost” I replied. I began to turn the dial back and forth increasing and decreasing the vibrations. Kealani began to squirm a little.

“You may as well know now that I am just as orgasmic from anal stimulation as vaginal and if you keep that up I’m going to cum. Especially with the added excitement of watching a table full of girls getting closer to doing the same thing.”

“Well you started this. Not that I’m complaining mind you but what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. Surprisingly, even though I’m really enjoying the hand job and the erotic show the girls are putting on, I don’t feel any urgency of an impending orgasm. But please, don’t let that stop you.”

“Oh I won’t, you just keep twiddling that dial and when I tell you to, I want you to crank it up all the way. In the meantime I’m going to sit here and think about what it’s going to feel like when I get you back to the room and your cock replaces this buzzing egg in my ass.” Soon she shuddered and said, “Oh yes, do it, do it now!” My thumb slid the dial all the way around and her hand tightened around my rigid cock as her head tilted back against the top of the loveseat and her eyes rolled up and then closed. She stifled a moan, thankfully, as her whole body tensed and then began to tremble slightly as she managed to keep her orgasm subdued but not so much that the brunette would not know exactly what was happening to her.

It did not go unnoticed at the other table. I quickly reached for the camera remote and turned it toward the girls’ table in anticipation of what was about to happen. As if it were infectious, the other girls increased their masturbatory activities and one by one joined with Kealani in orgasmic bliss without any of them making a sound. It was surreal. I just could not believe what was happening. Here I am in the middle of the ocean in a 5 star restaurant not only watching but video recording five women with no underwear having orgasms while one of them has a death grip on my erect cock and a vibrating egg up her ass. Thank God I had the video. Linda would never believe this otherwise.

I started to order dessert but Kealani said, “You can have dessert in the room. I think it’s time for you to take your pill.” I fished it out of my pocket and held it up to show the girls the way they had shown me their panties. I popped it into my mouth and downed it with a big sip of water. We finished our coffees and then began to put the camera away and remembered to zip up my pants. We got up and began walking toward the door.

As we passed the girls’ table Kealani stopped, walked over to the brunette and leaned down and whispered something in her ear. Then she kissed her on the cheek and turned around and took my arm and led me out of the restaurant.

“What did you say to her?”

“I told her that if she wanted to we could do this again sometime in a place where we could be a little closer to each other, like suite 1408.”

“So I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised if they knock on our door at two in the morning.”

I told Kealani I would like to stop off at the lounge where the jazz group with the female singer was playing. She agreed and we headed in that direction. On the way she asked me why I wanted to go back to this little cabaret. I told her that I liked the sound of the music they played but most of all I liked dancing with her. A big part of being with a beautiful woman was showing her off. She smiled and thanked me for the compliment.

I put my arms around her and kissed her passionately. “That was for what you did back there at the restaurant.”

“You mean jerking you off or playing with the young ladies?”

“Both and what you did when we were leaving. It takes a person with a very refined sense of who they are to thank somebody who flirted with their companion, to kiss them and invite them to drop by and continue playing with them. I can’t imagine another woman in the world who wouldn’t have seen those sweet young things as a threat and been all jealous and hissy. You are a very special person indeed Kealani.”

A look of intense sincerity swept across her face; it completely disarmed me and in an instant the Japanese Kealani emerged. “Mista Eddy san it is my purpose and therefore my desire to fulfill all of your fantasies, even those you do not realize you have. If even one of those pretty young ladies can provide you with pleasure and happiness then I will endeavor to make it happen. One must seize an opportunity where one can, even if it arises unexpectedly.” She lowered her eyelids and bowed her head. Just as quickly the American Kealani returned and we continued walking to the cabaret.

We arrived a few moments before the band started playing and ordered a bottle of Perrier. “Once I start feeling the effects of the Viagra and we get back to the room, what exactly do you intend to do with me tonight?”

“Have you ever had anal sex with Linda?”

“We tried it a couple of times when we were younger but it was a long time ago.”

“Well I’m going to show you the right way to explore the rectum as an erogenous zone and then you’re going to put that chemically induced erection up my ass and fuck my brains out.”

I thought about Linda and wondered if Brad had brought up the subject of anal sex with her. I hoped so since I was about to get a lesson in it that I would very likely want to share with her. I made a mental note to send Linda a text when I got back to the room.

The band started playing ‘The Way you Look Tonight’. We sat and listened to the lyrics and I really understood where the person who wrote them was coming from because they were echoing my feelings. When the song ended I asked Kealani if I could have the next dance and as we walked onto the dance floor the band began to play Anne Murray’s ‘Could I Have This Dance’. This band had an uncanny knack for playing exactly the perfect song for everything that was going through my mind. They kept it up with the next song, which was ‘The Nearness of You’. The words were dancing in my brain with the thoughts that were already there as we moved gently around the dance floor, lost in our own little world.

The next song was ‘I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You’ and it really got to me. Apparently it got to Kealani too because before it was finished she raised her head from my shoulder and said, “Eddy we really shouldn’t be doing this.”

“Why not?”

“Because this is the way people fall in love.” She softly replied. “I can do the sex thing but holding you close, feeling your arms around me and your heartbeat when my head is on your shoulder and listening to these songs is beginning to be too much for me. If we keep this up I’m going to start wishing it would never end and I can’t do that. We can’t do that. So before I get too carried away, let’s head back to the room and get back to business.”

We walked off the dance floor and went back to our table to pick up the camera case. As we walked back to the room I said to her, “I’m not sure what to say to you Kealani. Part of me feels that I should apologize because I’ve done something to make you uncomfortable but I really didn’t mean to do that. I’ve enjoyed every moment of this trip so far and I really hope you have too.”

“Oh Eddy I have enjoyed it. These two days have been the best days I can ever remember having and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity. It’s just that I didn’t expect you to be so wonderful. I thought I could treat this trip like a modeling assignment and remain detached and play my part but back there on the dance floor I felt myself starting to get too close and it scared me because I don’t want to do anything to mess this up or get one of us hurt.”

“You’re right of course. This is an arrangement not a honeymoon. We both have lives to get back to in the real world and we need to remember that. I’ll try harder not to be so wonderful.”

“Eddy don’t be silly. You can’t help being who you are anymore than I can. But I agree we need to keep this as professional as possible.”

“Kealani you said it was your purpose and your desire to fulfill all my fantasies, even the ones I don’t realize I have. What if one of those unrealized fantasies is that we do fall in love? What if that’s also one of your unrealized fantasies?”

She looked at me with so many emotions on her face that I couldn’t even count them. Her chin trembled almost imperceptibly as she softly said, “Eddy….Please….Don’t go there.”

We walked the rest of the way to the room in an uneasy silence.

“So, are you ready to begin tonight’s festivities?” she asked me when we walked into our suite. “Ready or not, here it comes. Take that tux off and meet me in the bathroom.”

I took my time undressing so I could think about what happened at the lounge. In all of the possibilities I envisioned prior to coming on this trip I had not thought about Kealani developing serious feelings for me. I had thought about maybe I would fall for her but not her for me. It just never occurred to me that somebody my age would even be of interest to her outside of our agreement. What would she want with a middle aged married man with grown children? I would have to think about this some more after whatever was about to happen next.

When I got to the bathroom Kealani was back to her natural state, naked, without makeup and gorgeous. She was putting water into a hot water bag. “Ever had an enema Eddy?”

“I had a colonoscopy six months ago so I’m very familiar with enemas.”

“Good because you’re about to have another one. Then you’re going to give me one. The first thing to know about anal sex is to get as clean as you can. Inside and out.” She told me to get on my hands and knees and as soon as I did I felt the tip of the nozzle press against my asshole.

“If you don’t mind my asking, aren’t you the one whose ass is getting something put in it?”

“We’re not going to let me have all the fun. Don’t worry; you’ll like what’s going to happen. Most males don’t know it or are afraid to admit it but they respond very favorably to anal stimulation. Mainly because of the proximity of your prostate.” I felt the warm water begin to flow into my rectum. I had to admit that it did feel better than I expected. As soon as I began to feel a little uncomfortable pressure the water stopped and she withdrew the nozzle. “Now lie down on your stomach and try to hold the water in as long as you can. Just think of this as anal sex foreplay.” After a few minutes I felt the urge to let the water out so I got up and sat on the toilet and let it go. Kealani had been busy preparing the bottle for another use while I was on the floor. “As soon as you’re finished you can come over here and return the favor.” I cleaned up and washed my hands and then proceeded to give her the same treatment. “While I’m waiting you can get in the shower and get squeaky clean. Pay special attention to your ass and cock.”

When I was as clean as I could get, I got out of the shower. She took my place and told me to dry off and head for the bed. I went to the sitting room first and found my phone. I sent a text to Linda that read: Having a wonderful time. Hope you are too. I love you, Ed. I turned off my phone and headed for the bed. In a few moments she came into the bedroom carrying an assortment of cases, bottles and boxes. “I’ve got lots of things here to play with that make anal sex a real treat. The first thing is a small bottle of essential oil. This one is flavored with peppermint.” She held up the little bottle and removed the top. The scent of peppermint was quite pronounced.

“Get on your hands and knees again.” I got into position and she carefully poured a couple of drops onto her finger. “A little of this goes a long way. Now spread your ass with your hands.” I did as she directed and felt the finger with the oil on it slide into my anus. She moved it in and out to the whole length to rub the oil into my lower rectum. She continued this action while she told me that she was going to demonstrate what I was to do to her in a little while. “I want you to understand first hand that anal sex can be very pleasurable if you take the proper precautions and make the right preparations. That way you can reintroduce Linda to it when you get back. It may take a few times but if you make it fun for both of you I think she’ll learn to like it. If she ever has an orgasm while you’re fucking her ass she’ll want to keep doing it. I ‘m going to show you how to make sure that happens.”

She picked up another bottle with a light amber oil in it and poured a little in the palm of her hand. She began to rub the oil on my balls and then along the shaft of my cock. “This is a high quality massage oil made from almonds. It also makes a good lube for ass fucking but we’ll use something else for that tonight.” She put the top back on the bottle and set it down.

“OK, now the fun part starts. Keep your ass cheeks spread.” As I pulled them apart I felt her mouth touch my asshole. She moved it down to my balls and licked them, sliding her tongue up until the tip was pressing against my hole. Then I felt her tongue slip inside me. She stuck it in as far as it would go and moved it back and forth. She used her oily hand to gently massage my scrotum while she continued to suck and tongue fuck my ass. “When my mouth fills with saliva I’m going to spit it into your ass so we can use it as lube. Spit makes the best lube because it’s so personal and so much fun to apply. One of my fondest memories is of a very famous supermodel I once spent the night with sucking on her gorgeous asshole. She must have cum 5 times.”

She continued to do this for another 20 minutes all the time caressing and massaging my cock and balls. She would stroke my cock slowly and would back off if she felt any precum on the tip. “I’d like to make you cum while I’m rimming you so you can know what it feels like but tonight I’m going to be greedy. What happened at dinner and what I’m doing to you now, should help you build up a really big load of cum that you can spew into the deepest part of my rectum. I’m getting excited just thinking about it. You’re being awfully quiet. How does this feel to you?”

“Incredible.” I answered. “The more you do it, the better it feels.”

“Good, I think you’re very relaxed and ready for the next step.” I felt her move and heard her reach for another case. “Now Eddy you’re about to get fucked in the ass. There are two ways we can do this. You can remain in the position you’re in or you can lie on your back and pull you legs up with your hands. Which way would you prefer?”

“Since you’re taking my virginity, I think I’d like to see your face while you do it.”

“OK, roll over.” As I got into position she stood up and removed a harness from one of the cases, which she proceeded to fasten around her waist. She tightened the straps and then reached back into the case and brought out three very realistic dildos. She measured each of them against my stiff cock until she found the one that was closest in size to it but not quite as big around.

“That looks like the real thing.”

“It should, it was made from a cast of a porn star. The material is extremely life like.”

She slid the dildo into an opening in the front of the harness and reached for the bottle of oil she had used before. “I’m sure you’ve got plenty of saliva in your ass but I’m going to put a little oil on the tip of this dildo just to make insertion a little easier and to oil up my hand so I can play with your goodies while I’m fucking you.”

Another fleeting thought floated through my head: Did you ever think you would hear the words that were just spoken to you? At your age? By a beautiful Asian woman? I let the thought drift away and got back to reality. Kealani moved between my raised legs and eased up until the tip of the dildo was pressing against my puckered hole.

“Now just relax and breathe deeply.” She said as she pressed the tip forward. It slipped into me easily about an inch. She held it there so I could adjust to the sensation. “How does it feel?”

“Actually pretty good. Not quite as good as your tongue but better than I thought it would.”

“I told you it could be a very pleasurable experience if you do it right.”

“I need you at a better angle.” She withdrew the dildo and told me to grab a pillow and put it under my hips. I did so and raised my legs back as far as I could while holding them with my hands under my knees. This provided much better access to my ass for her. She got back into position and began again. This time she inserted the dildo in about two inches. “This is actually a first for me too Eddy. I’ve done this to women before but never to a man. The only times I mentioned it to a guy he was either too much of a pussy or too homophobic to even consider it.”

“Too bad for them. They don’t know what they’re missing.”

She started massaging my balls as she eased more of the dildo into me. When it was half way in she stopped and withdrew it back to about an inch. She slowly moved it in and out each time going a little deeper into me. Her hand moved from my balls to my cock and she stroked it in the same rhythm that she was fucking me. It felt fabulous.

“You tell me if you feel like you’re getting close because I don’t want you to cum yet.”

After a couple of minutes she had the dildo completely buried in my ass with each stroke. She put one of her hands on my leg and held on while she fucked and stroked me with a steady pace. The look on her face was one of wanton lust. Her eyes were wide and she was smiling. I removed my hands from behind my knees and put them around her wrists then I pulled her down toward me and when she was close enough I raised my legs out and up and wrapped them around her. She laid down on me and put her legs out behind her. The artificial cock was completely inside me and it felt fantastic.

She kissed me as she resumed her pumping and I wrapped my arms around her. “Fuck me Kealani. Fuck me like I’ve been fucking you these past two days.”

“Oh yes Eddy yes. It feels so good. I don’t want to do anything else but stay on this ship so we can fuck each other until we can’t move anymore.” We kept it up for a long time and built toward a sexual peak but neither of us had a physical orgasm. But the feelings we were sharing and the intimacy of our acts kept us in a constant state of euphoria.

I rubbed my hands up and down her back and onto her ass as I pulled her closer to me feeling the dildo fill me up. I gained a newfound appreciation for what a woman must feel when she’s having sex. Finally I said to her, “I could go on like this for longer but don’t you think it’s my turn now?”

“Ohhhh Eddy this feels so damn good. I’ve never experienced anything like this before, not even with a woman. It feels like I really have a cock. But I guess we do need to continue with the program.”

Reluctantly we pried ourselves apart and sat on the edge of the bed. “Let’s take a break. I need to pee and get a drink of water.”

“OK, that sounds like a good idea.” We used the bathroom and I got a bottle of sparkling water out of the fridge and poured us two glasses.

“Let’s take these out on the balcony.” When we walked out on the deck of the balcony the almost full moon was shining brightly high above.

“Eddy what we just did is the most special, sensual, intimate experience I’ve ever had. I’ve never felt closer to another person in my life. You are one incredible man to do that and respond the way you did.”

“I don’t have to tell you that it was the same for me. Something in me trusts you so naturally that I can’t help but surrender to you in everything we do together.” We stood by the railing looking out at the moonlight reflected on the water. I pulled her to me and put my arms around her and kissed her tenderly. I had never felt happier in my life.

“Well cowboy, are you ready to saddle up?”

“I reckon so ma’m.” We walked back to the sitting room and I asked her if she had any music appropriate to the occasion. Of course she did and opened her music bag and pulled out a CD of spa music. She put it in the player of the docking station for her i-Pod and hit play. Soft, relaxing sounds perfect for being massaged in a spa began to float ethereally through the air. We continued on to the bedroom and got on the bed.

“Let’s see if you remember what you’re supposed to do.”

“Before we get started, I want to have a look at all of these toys in this case.”

“Eddy I don’t think you’ll need toys; you’ve got the real thing.”

“I may not need them but there might be one or two I’d like to try.”

I rummaged around in the case and took out a long thin tube with a handle on one end and an egg shaped object on the other. A switch on the handle caused the egg to vibrate when I moved it.

“That is especially effective on a woman’s g-spot because the egg is tilted at an angle and the tip can drive a woman crazy when it’s in the right place.”

I found another one. This one was a glass cylinder about 7 inches long that was hollow and open on both ends with a little ring around one end with glass nubs on it; presumably to keep it from disappearing completely into whatever body cavity it was inserted.

There was some tape over the openings and when I removed it there was a small thin flashlight inside. I tipped it so the flashlight slid out into my hand.

“You’d be amazed what you can see when you put that in my pussy and shine the light in it.” I took out one more toy and held it up. “That’s called a butterfly because of how it looks. You put the flat part against your pubic bone. There’s a vibrator that fits over my clitoris and further down is a little 3-inch penis that goes in my vagina. There’s a wired control unit so you can vary the intensity.” I put the three items on the nightstand next to the bed.

“As I recall you need to be on your hands and knees.” She quickly moved into position. I picked up the little bottle of peppermint oil and carefully poured about 3 drops of the fragrant liquid on my right index finger tip. I quickly stuck my finger into Kealani’s asshole and moved it in and out as she had done to me. I removed my finger just long enough to put the cap back on the bottle and put it back on the nightstand. I returned my finger to her ass and wriggled it around to get the oil spread as far in as I could. I pulled my finger out and reached around and put it on her mouth. “Here, see if this tastes about right.”

She licked my finger clean. “Delicious.”

I picked up a pillow and folded it in half and placed it under her hips to elevate her ass. “Stretch your legs out and spread them.” I told her. I paused to look at her; to admire her beautiful body, which she had now placed completely at my command. The fragrance of peppermint was heavy in the air. A fragrance I would forever more associate with this moment. She turned her head as if to question why I had stopped and saw me adoring her. She smiled in acknowledgement of my appreciation of her. She moved her head along the sheet like a cat rubbing its head. I could almost hear her purring in anticipation.

I didn’t keep her waiting any longer. I lay on my stomach with my head between her thighs and began to rub her butt with my hands, spreading the traces of the peppermint oil on them. I slowly moved them apart and exposed her puckered rosebud and her pussy below it. I licked her from as far down as I could reach up to her asshole. I repeated this several times savoring the exotic mixture of her natural taste with the peppermint.

After a few minutes her slit was wet with my saliva and her juices so I inserted my finger into her vagina and slowly began to feel for her g-spot. “Right there.” She said and I began to rub her softly with my fingertip. “Oooooh that feels so good Eddy.”

“That’s what I’m here for Kealani, to make you feel as good as you make me feel.” With my finger gently massaging her vaginal wall I returned my mouth to her anus. I pressed my mouth firmly against it and licked it with the tip until my mouth filled with saliva. I puckered my lips and squirted my spit into her ass. I stuck my tongue into the tight little hole and pushed it in as far as I could. I repeated the licking and the squirting for at least 20 minutes all the while listening to her soft moaning and cooing as she pressed her hips back to receive my tongue each time I stuck it into her delicious asshole. Finally I felt her legs tense ever so slightly as her breathing deepened and the moans became louder.

“Oh Eddy…. yes…. yes…. yes…. yes…. You’re making me cum. OH, OH, OH, yes, yes now, I’m cumming on your tongue with my ass.” A soft tremor ran over her body as a long sigh came from deep inside her. She relaxed and said, “Oh my God Eddy that was fabulous. I’ve never cum like that before. It was so gentle and sensual, I felt like I was floating off the bed. Between this meditative music and what you did to me I almost left my body!”

“I suggest you stay in there because I’m not finished yet. And by the way, you have the most delicious asshole I’ve ever tasted.”

“That would be a much more effective compliment if you had ever tasted an asshole before.”

“Don’t be picky. I meant it sincerely. Until tonight I would never have imagined I would spend over half an hour doing it.”

“As good as you are at it you should spend a lot more time doing it. If Linda doesn’t get off on it when you do it to her then I need to have a long talk with her.”

“I guess we’ll see about that. For now though you stay just as you are.” I reached for the long hollow glass tube and placed the tip against her vagina. She was still so wet that it slid in easily when I pushed on the end with the ring. I picked up the little flashlight and turned it on and pointed it into the opening. Her entire vagina was stretched out and exposed to my view. It was breathtaking. All the little folds and crinkles were a pink masterpiece of biological construction. At the very end of the tube was her cervix; something I had never seen before.

“Well now you’ve seen as much of me as my gynecologist. What do you think?”

“Truly Magnificent. I could look at this for hours.”

“Use the camera with the macro lens to take pictures and then you can do just that.”

I got up and went to retrieve one of the cameras and put the macro lens on it. I returned to the bed and put it behind her on the little tripod and aimed it at the end of the tube and adjusted it so that Kealani’s distended vagina filled the viewfinder. I sat the little flashlight on top of the camera and illuminated her internals then hit the record button. “You really do come up with the best ideas. Now hold still for a few minutes while I make a beautiful memory.”

I carefully crawled up the bed until my cock was level with her face. “If you think you can do it without moving your butt I’ll let you suck the head of my cock.”

“I can manage that but don’t you dare cum in my mouth.”

I moved the head of my cock against her lips and she gently sucked it inside her warm mouth. Her tongue slowly licked the head as my precum oozed out of the tip. I let her continue for about 5 minutes then reluctantly withdrew it.

“Now I think I want to switch from gynecologist to proctologist.” I crawled back down to her butt and hit pause on the camera then slowly pulled the tube from her pussy. It was covered with her internal secretions. “Want to taste yourself?”

“Oh yes please.” She quickly responded. I handed the tube to her and she began to lick her juices off. “What do you think Eddy, does my pussy taste as sweet to you as your cum does to me?”

“Nectar, Mana, Ambrosia.” I took the tube back from her after she had licked it clean and placed the tip at the entrance to her asshole. “Now let’s see what we have in here.”

I pushed the tube slowly into her rectum, which was generously lubricated with my saliva. She moaned softly as it stretched her anus into a tight ring and the inner walls of her rectum expanded to conform to its shape. When the base touched the stretched skin of her asshole I picked up the flashlight and began to inspect her interior. More pink folds greeted my vision. “If there is any part of you that is not beautiful, I’ve yet to find it.” I put the flashlight back on the camera and hit record. “OK hold still again while I take a picture of your rectum.”

After a few minutes of recording her I turned the camera off and removed the macro lens. I replaced the camera on the tripod and zoomed it in to get a closeup of her crotch then hit record and reached for the vibrator with the egg on the end. I slipped the egg into her vagina and oriented it so the tip was pointed down toward her g-spot and told her to let me know when it was in the right place.

“I think you’ve found it.” She gasped. I slid the switch forward a little and felt it start to buzz. She gasped again and said, “Oh yeah. You’ve found it alright.”

I held the vibrator in place with my left hand and began to move the tube in and out of her ass in a slow rhythm with my right hand.

“Eddy that feels marvelous but I want your cock inside me.”

“We’ll get to that as soon as you cum for me again. I want to see your ass when you cum. I want to know what it’s going to do to my cock when you come all over it. You be a good girl and cum real nice for me and then you can have my cock.” I increased the tempo of stroking the tube in and out and nudged the control of the vibrator up. “Reach back with your hand and play with your clit.” Her hand moved to her mound and her fingers started rubbing her clitoris at the same pace as my strokes. It didn’t take long for this much stimulation to drive her to another orgasm and I watched in awe at how it swept through her entire body as her muscles contracted and released and her rectum squeezed and relaxed around the glass tube.

“Jesus Eddy that was so intense. I felt like I was being electrocuted inside.”

“Well in a way you were.” I said as I withdrew the vibrator and then slowly removed the glass tube from her butt. Her anus was still opened a little and I bent over and covered it with my mouth and stuck my tongue in it. I felt her muscles closing the aperture around my tongue and I slowly pulled it out. “Would you like to take a break or do you want to keep going?”

“I could use some water and I can always manage to pee.”

I turned the camera off and placed the tripod on the dresser. When we had used the bathroom and got some more water I asked her if she had any other music.

“Anything specific?”

“Something with a little more energy than the spa stuff.” She flipped through her music case and brought out another CD. The room filled with an Indian rag with drums and sitars and flutes. “Much better.”

We returned to the bedroom and I switched the camera back on then said to her, “I’ll give you the same choice you gave me; doggy or on your back.”

“Let’s try it with me on my back and see if it feels any different than before.”

She lay down on the bed and I put a pillow under her hips and spread her legs apart pulling them up and pressing them toward her shoulders to expose her asshole. Her knees bent but she didn’t need to put her hands under them to hold her legs up. I got on my knees and spread them apart until my erect cock was aligned with her puckered anus.

As soon as I put the head of my cock against it the little hole seemed to open by itself and my cock slipped in about two inches. I held still and felt her sphincter squeeze and release my cock head. I pulled back slightly and then pushed in again a tiny bit further. I was determined to go slow and enjoy every second of this. I put my hand on the top of her thigh and rubbed her clit with my thumb. Her eyes were fixed on mine as she watched me getting so much pleasure in pleasing her.

“Take your time. You can do anything you want to me.”

That statement almost stopped me cold. In half a century of living on this planet no one had ever said those words to me, not even Linda. The trust implied in that remark coupled with the fact that she was showing me a new way to give pleasure to another woman was a rare combination indeed. My already considerable admiration for her shot up to a whole new level.

I bent over and sucked her left nipple into my mouth and licked it then did the same to the right one. I rose back up and continued the deliberate burial of my rigid cock in her ass. When I at last felt my balls press against her butt she let out a low guttural sound somewhere between a moan and a growl.

“So deep Eddy. You’re filling me up completely. It feels incredible. Don’t move. Let me feel you deep inside me. I can feel your pulse beating all through my rectum.”

I withdrew my cock as slowly as I had entered her and then slid it in again. I was amazed at how well my saliva lubricated her passage. “It feels similar to your vagina but tighter and hotter. And don’t ask me which one I like better.”

“You don’t have to choose Eddy, they’re both available anytime you want them.”

I started slowly fucking her with a steady rhythm. After a few minutes I could feel the first stirrings of an orgasm way down deep inside me.

I bent over and lay on top of her. “Put your legs around me.” When she did I put my arms under her back and pulled her close to me and kissed her pushing my tongue into her mouth. I could feel her hard nipples as her breasts pressed against my chest. I could smell and taste her breath as she exhaled and I inhaled. It made me shiver to think that not only were we sharing our bodies in sex but also we were sharing the very air that gives us life. It was sweet and had a fragrance uniquely hers. I thought about that beautiful song by the Hollies, ‘The Air That I Breathe’.

I increased the pace of my thrusts and soon could hear my balls slapping against her butt. I wasn’t even trying to have an orgasm but I knew one was on its way. Kealani of course could tell and she was close to her own climax. A few more strokes and I pushed in as far as I could and stopped thrusting. My entire body went rigid as a warm flush spread all over me.

“OH YES Eddy. NOW. Cum in my hot little Asian ass. DO IT. GIVE IT TO ME NOW.”

My cock started spurting its creamy liquid deep in her bowels. Her head rocked back with each jet of my hot cum and she let out a grunting scream as each spurt blasted into her. Her rectum began to spasm as my semen continued to spew into her. I had never felt anything so erotic and arousing. It was the most intense release I had ever experienced.

I pushed myself up and slowly withdrew my spent cock from her ass then fell over on my right side next to her. We lay quietly next to each other for a couple of minutes.

“Eddy I’ve never been with any man who really knew what the true secret to fantastic sex is like you do.”

“And what would that secret be?”

“You take your time. Plus, you have a childlike quality of playfulness that lets a woman know you are totally with her and that her pleasure means as much as your own. Does Linda realize how lucky she is to have such a considerate lover? Why did she suggest these cruises if your sex life is as good as what we’ve been doing?”

“I’m afraid I’ve been asleep at the wheel for some time with Linda regarding our sex life. You’ve managed to reawaken me to what it should be like. It’s all too common when you get too comfortable with somebody for as long as we’ve been together. You become complacent and routine replaces passion. Knowing that we’re only going to be together for such a short time has focused my attention like a laser beam. I want to experience every moment with all five senses in everything we do. Linda and I have never reached the sexual peaks that you and I have and it’s nobody’s fault; I don’t blame Linda or myself, we just haven’t been shown that it’s possible nor have we made sex a priority. I hope these cruises change that for us.”

“Come on.” She said as she got out of bed. “We need to get cleaned up and get some sleep. It feels like you pumped as much liquid into my ass as the enema bag did.”

We took another shower and dried each other off and then headed out to the balcony before going back to bed. The moonlight was breathtaking. We stood at the rail and looked out at the ocean and up at the stars.

“Tomorrow night it will be full. We should definitely do something out here on the balcony.”

“Do you realize we’ve only been together for 36 hours? We’ve done more in less than two days than I normally do in a month.”

“Then we had better get to bed because we’re not slowing down.”

As we walked back to the bedroom she finally asked me what I had been waiting for all night. “So Eddy, did I look OK tonight?”

“I thought you might ask me that.” I went over to her docking station and picked up her i-Pod and selected the song I had downloaded earlier: Eric Clapton’s ‘Wonderful Tonight’. I sat the i-Pod back in its slot and the song started playing. “Does this answer your question?” I took her hand and we headed off to bed. As we lay there listening to the song I thought I saw a tear in her eye.

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