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Voucher Number One Ch. 07

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Starring: Lucy Pinder and Michelle Marsh, Jennifer Ellison

Disclaimer: This story is purely fiction, it has never happened. Please keep this story to this site only, if you want to share elsewhere DM me and ask for permission.


The girls arrived in outfit number eight, to find me chatting away with the gorgeous Jennifer Ellison in the poolroom. Jennifer wore an orange lingerie set, her young firm breasts squeezed up showing them off superbly. Michelle was wearing a tight silver one piece swimsuit, cut down to her navel, two thin strips of material covering her breasts. Lucy had a turquoise 1 piece swimsuit on, her huge breasts squashed together forming a cavernous cleavage.

“Hello.” Jennifer said, standing up and kissing both girls. “Seeing as I am gonna be your slave for a day, I have been given control of you for some fun today.”

“Sweet.” Michelle said, running her hand up Jennifer’s arm caressing her hair and kissing her again.

“Maybe not.” Jennifer replied with a grin. “Michelle, you are my first subject.”

“Okay, then.” Lucy said. “What about me?”

“Oh, you get to help me out.” Jennifer said. “Sit here.” She told Michelle patting the sun lounger.

I stood in front of Michelle, as Jennifer had planned, as she softly kissed her.

“I want you to sit here and watch Lucy and I jerk him off all over your face.” Jennifer said. “Take off your swimsuit, I want you naked and covered in spunk.”

Michelle removed her top half, her full glorious breasts released. She stripped off the rest of her suit and sat before me smiling staring up at me. Jennifer knelt on one side of me, Lucy the other. She gripped my hard cock and slowly started stroking me.

Michelle licked her lips as she sat trembling in anticipation below me. Jennifer smiled at her “Tell me your dirtiest fantasy.” Ahe said.

“The one dirty, filthy fantasy that you have never dared tell anyone, not even Lucy here.”

Jennifer eased the head of my cock free, whilst Lucy spat on her hand and then ran her slick palm slowly over it. Michelle swallowed hard and then spoke.

“Okay, well, I want to get about ten of my girlfriends over.” Michelle began. “Get them to swallow pints of semen, and then lay in a bath while they puke all over me.”

“Michelle, you depraved slut!” Lucy gasped.

“Then let each one of them fuck me, whilst I bathe in the puke, drink it swallow it.” Michelle continued.

My legs were wobbling, as Lucy dragged her spit slick hands over my knob. Jennifer groped my balls and squeezed my shaft hard, watching Michelle’s face.

“I would let them do anything they like, be their fuck-slut for hours. All of the puke turning me on, two in my pussy, two in my ass, I wouldn’t care.” Michelle said, her cheeks flushed red with embarrassment.

“Eyes open!” Jennifer said, as my cock twitched and exploded, thick bursts of spunk splattering Michelle’s face. Lucy rubbed my cock as it pulsed again and again all over Michelle. She gasped as the thick hot cum roped over her face, pooling in her open eyes, clinging in her hair and eyelashes.

My knees buckled as finally my spurts ceased. Lucy licked her spunk covered fingers clean as Jennifer moved over to Michelle.

“Oh, thank you Michelle. Please, if you ever do it, let me be there.” Jennifer said.

She softly kissed the top of Michelle’s breast sucking up a line of semen from there, licking her way up Michelle’s neck, she softly kissed her.

“Open your mouth.” Jennifer purred.

Softly, Michelle started to lick the cum from Michelle’s face, sucking it from her eye sockets and cheeks, before spitting it into her mouth. Jennifer slowly cleaned Michelle, making her swallow every drop she sucked from her face.

“Oh, that was sooo horny.” Michelle gasped as Jennifer finished her efforts.

“Now then Lucy, get naked and put on that strap on please.” Jennifer said.

Lucy peeled of her swimsuit, her huge hooters bouncing free, and wobbling erotically as she fixed the fourteen inch dildo into place.

“What now?” Lucy asked when she was finished.

Jennifer helped Michelle up off of the lounger, “Bend over.” She told her.

She made Michelle face towards me. As I sat down, then Jennifer sat beside me. “Fuck her hard.” Jennifer told Lucy; “Grab her arms and fuck her pussy hard.”

Lucy stepped up behind Michelle and held her waist, she eased the tip of the dildo between her pussy lips and up into her wet snatch. Michelle growled as the fourteen inch shaft invaded her cunt. Lucy gripped her arms and pulled them back bending Michelle up until her crotch nestled against her buttocks.

“Ohhh yeah, Lucy! Ohhhh, fuck!” Michelle gasped.

Lucy gripped Michelle’s wrists and pulled back on her arms. Michelle bent upwards her huge hooters wobbling as Lucy fucked her. Michelle was tossing her head from side to side, screaming and moaning as the long shaft rammed up her pussy.

“Fuck! Oh fuckkkk, yeah, Lucy, yeah!!” Michelle cried, as Lucy slammed her cunt.

Lucy was thrusting her hips against Michelle’s backside, driving hard up into her wet pussy. Michelle was fighting her arms against Lucy as she shook and quivered coming hard.

“YESSSS!! YEASSSSS!! YEAAAASSSS!!” Michelle cried, her body trembling.

“Go on Lucy, keep going.” Jennifer said urging Lucy on.

Lucy continued her thrusts, as Michelle came, tossing her head, her fine blonde hair whipping back and forth. Jennifer reached over and slowly stroked my now hard cock.

“FUCK! FUCK!! FUUUCKKKK!! YEAAAASSSS!!” Michelle screamed.

Jennifer stood up, and stood in front of a panting Michelle. “Stop.” She told Lucy. Taking hold of Michelle’s face she kissed her, softly at first and then harder, full tongue snaking kisses.

“Let go.” Jennif gasped at Lucy.

Michelle gripped Jennifer’s face in an identical fashion, as they kept kissing, Lucy dildo deep in Michelle’s pussy, softly stroking her ass and back, flicking her long dark hair up over her shoulder.

“Are you wet?” Jennifer asked breaking her kiss

“Very!” Michelle purred.

“good, now look at me, don’t take your eyes off of me” Jennifer replied. “Lucy, now stick the strap on up her ass.”

“I would love to.” Lucy replied

“Ohhhhhhhhhh…” Michelle gasped as Lucy took the slick fourteen inch shaft from her pussy and pressed it to her asshole.

Jennifer gripped her head holding it still, as she stared at Michelle, watching her expression as Lucy pushed the dildo up her ass. Her mouth was wide open as she groaned, eyes locked on Jennifer


“Oh Michelle, you are sooo tight babe.” Lucy gasped as she worked the shaft deep.

Michelle was biting her bottom lip, whining as Lucy eased the final few inches in. Michelle’s eyes were wide, pupils fully dilated, the girth of the strap on stretching her ass.

“Ohhh yeah Lucy, now take her arms again, and fuck her ass like you fucked her pussy.” Jennifer said letting go of Michelle, and sitting back next to me.

“Fuck, its huge.” Michelle gasped as Lucy pulled on her arms again, grinding her crotch against Michelle’s soft round ass cheeks.

She gasped, as Lucy pulled out and rutted back in, screwing up her face and grimacing as her butt was ravaged. Lucy was ramming the full length deep into her pal, Michelle’s breasts bounced provocatively as she was buggered.

“Fuck, oh fuck, fuckkkkkk!!” She gasped.

Jennifer reached over again and slowly wanked my cock, while we watched Lucy fucking Michelle in the ass hard.

“Ohhhhh!!” Michelle groaned. “Ohhhhhh fuuuuuuckkkkkk!!”

Her legs were wobbling as Lucy pulled hard back on her arms, driving the thick shaft up her ass, as she screamed and shuddered. She was shaking her head from side to side, crying and moaning as her legs trembled. Michelle’s massive breasts wobbled from side to side, nipples hard teats flushed and engorged.

“YESSSSS!! YESSSSS!! YESSSSS!!” She growled, climaxing.

Lucy kept rutting, Michelle squirming and shuddering in her grasp. Jennifer was grinning as Michelle came, licking her lips watching her orgasm intently.

“FUCKKK!! FUCKKKKK!! YESSSSSSS!!” Michelle screamed.

Lucy slammed her crotch hard against her ass, as she calmed slightly from her orgasm.

Jennifer helped me stand as she instructed Lucy to walk Michelle over to the lounger and bend her over so she rested her hands on it.

Michelle was bent over as Lucy held her hips, fucking her ass with her strap on. Jennifer and I stood beside her watching as Lucy toiled away, buggering her pal.

“Go on Lucy, give it to her.” Jennifer urged, as she stroked my hard throbbing shaft.

“Oh, ohhh, ohhhh!!” Michelle gasped, face flat on the lounger, gripping tight to the far edge.

Lucy was slapping her crotch furiously against Michelle, drilling the hard shaft up her ass. “Cum all over her.” Jennifer said to me.

I stood on the lounger above Michelle, my feet either side of her head. Frantically I wanked my shaft, pointing down towards her back. Lucy was watching me, snarling and gasping, as my cock exploded in my hand.

“Fuckkkkkk!!” Michelle cried as hot spunk splattered down her back, thick white streams of semen lashed Michelle’s spine. Splatters of scalding cum covered her ass, as Lucy increased the pace of her strokes.

“YESSSS!! YESSSSS!! YESSSS!!” Michelle screamed coming again, my cum now squirting out and splashing down over her hair.

Lucy was panting sweating her massive breasts bouncing up and down as she drove her hips against Michelle, I squeezed the last few drops of semen from my cock and flicked them down over her back. Collapsing back onto the next lounger I watched as Michelle writhed and shuddered coming hard.

“YESSSS!! FUCKKKERRR!! YESSSSS!!” She cried out.

Jennifer was beaming, watching as Lucy rutted Michelle into a senseless heap. Michelle gasped one or two more times before calming from her orgasm, Lucy easing to a standstill in her ass.

“Wonderful, Lucy.” Jennifer said, watching as beads of sweat dripped from her face, and nipples, onto Michelle’s spunk covered spine.

Jennifer softly kissed Lucy running her hand through her hair, before kissing her way down to suckle on her nipples.

“Ohhh Jen, ohh that’s good!” Lucy gasped.

“Now get out of her ass, and lick all of this delicious cum up.” Jennifer ordered.

Lucy eased from Michelle’s asshole, she murmured in delight as her sphincter contracted back to normal. Jennifer walked around to take Lucy’s place, shoving the whole of her shaft backup into Michelle’s ass, in one powerful thrust. Michelle screamed in shock as her bowel was once again invaded, looking up over her shoulder at Jennifer, a look of fury in her eyes.

“Ohhh ‘Chelle, there is more in store for you yet.” Jennifer said, grinding her hips against Michelle’s buttocks.

Lucy leaned forwards and started avidly licking the cum from Michelle’s back. She slurped every drop from her spine, then ravaged her tongue over Michelle’s ass, devouring every taste.

“Mmmm ‘Chelle, he tastes divine.” Lucy purred as she sucked the stings of semen from Michelle’s shoulders, and hair.

“All clean now.” Jennifer said as Lucy sucked the last few drops up. “Now, lay down Lucy.”

Lucy lay on the lounger, huge shaft bolt upright from her crotch. Jennifer slipped out of Michelle. “Sit on it.” She said, guiding Michelle over to Lucy.

Michelle Stepped over Lucy, looking down she grasped the thick shaft and guided it to her asshole. She whined and tossed her head from side to side as she sat on the strap on. Eventually all fourteen inches were deep in her butt, Michelle sat gasping Lucy stroking her thighs.

“Ohhh, fuck!” She gasped.

“Now bitch, do you remember what you did to me? You and your slut friend?” Jennifer said walking around behind Michelle, bending her over atop of Lucy.

“You double-fucked my ass hole.” Jennifer snarled pushing the head of her dildo to Michelle’s already stretched ass. Michelle screamed as Jennifer rammed the tip in, her sphincter being torn wide open.

Michelle howled and cried, sobbing her guts out as Jennifer pushed the shaft up her ass. Tears dripped down onto Lucy as she tried to console her friend as Jennifer decimated her asshole. Eventually Jennifer had the whole length in, and reached down pulling a crying Michelle up by her hair.

“And what else did you do?” She said. “You made him throat-fuck me until I nearly puked.”

She locked Michelle’s arms behind her back as she howled in pain, I straddled Lucy my hard cock bouncing in front of Michelle. Gripping her hair I rammed my cock down her gullet as she let out another roar.

“That’s it babe, choke the slut.” Jennifer said.

Michelle was staring up at me, her blue eyes watering as I rammed my hard shaft down her throat. She was screaming as I pushed my cock deep into her throat, Jennifer thumping away in her ass.

“Fuck Jen, fuck, she’s cumming!!” Lucy cried, as Michelle started to shake.

Her body shook and quivered, as she came, strangely she fell silent I thought she was gonna pass out, as her eyes rolled up into her head. I held my cock deep in her throat, balls squashed against her chin, as she trembled two massive dildo’s deep up her ass. Her eyes re-focused as she gasped for air as I finally slid out, she coughed up a thick stream of mucus that rand down her tits to her crotch.

Jennifer doubled her efforts pounding Michelle’s ass, as Michelle became more accustomed to the size in her back passage. Lucy reached up and started tweaking Michelle’s nipples as I throat fucked her. She squealed and shook as Lucy worked on her teats.

“Fuck her throat.” Jennifer gasped looking up at me. “I want the bitch to puke all over Lucy!”

Michelle’s eyes widened at this, Lucy teased her as well. “Yeah, puke all over me you dirty bitch.”

Michelle was gurgling and gagging spit splattering down over Lucy’s body, running down her arms where she played with Michelle’s breasts. I held her head steady and rammed my cock deep into her throat, over and over, searching for the spot that would make her throw up.

Lucy was groping Michelle’s tits hard, making her squeal and groan as I throat fucked her. Jennifer driving the hard shaft right up her ass, flicking her hair away she grinned at me as I gripped Michelle’s head and held her down on my shaft, grinding her onto my cock.

“Yeahhh baby!!” Jennifer gasped, as Michelle coughed and then puked.

Warm spit exploded from the sides of her mouth, spraying down over Lucy. I released her, and pulled my cock out, Michelle violently throwing up all over Lucy’s tits and face.

“Fuck!” Lucy spluttered, as stringy white strands of spit/puke cum covered her. Jennifer held herself deep into Michelle’s ass, watching as she wretched three or four times, all over Lucy.

Jennifer pushed Michelle down onto Lucy and set about destroying her ass, Michelle was sliding back and forth her puke covered body rubbing over Lucy.

“FUCK!! FUUUUCKKKKK!! FUUUUCKKKKK!!” Michelle screamed as she came, two huge dildos blasting her ass hole.

Lucy grasped her friends hair and pulled her face down so she could kiss her hard, as Michelle writhed and screamed in orgasm


Jennifer released Michelle’s hips and slid the shaft out, easing back up onto her feet. Michelle was still shuddering and gasping as she kissed Lucy, who drove the dildo deep up her ass and held it there.

“Now then, Michelle.” Jennifer panted walking around to the front of them standing next to me. “Let’s see how you handle this monster in your throat.”

She stood where I had been, as Michelle pulled herself upright again. Her full breasts glistened with spit and puke, as she pulled her bedraggled hair away from the sides of her face.

“Ohhhh, you dirty little slut, Jen. You are sooo gonna pay when I have the power.” Michelle gasped, looking up at the huge shaft bouncing in front of her.

“Well, in that case, I might as well tell him to double fuck your asshole now.” Jennifer laughed as she said this.

Lucy started to rub her own breasts, smearing the thick stringy puke all over them, before reaching up to play with Michelle’s. This made Michelle gasp and groan, which gave Jennifer the opportunity to push the end of the dildo into her mouth.

I positioned myself behind Michelle and held her hips, pressing my head to next to the shaft of Lucy’s strap on. Michelle groaned, Jennifer had hold of the back of her head and was intent on shoving all fourteen inches down her throat.

Her ass popped open, her sphincter stretching again, as my cock eased up her. At that moment, Jennifer trust the final six inches deep down Michelle’s throat. Her arms flailed, a muffled scream came from deep inside of her, as Jennifer held the back of her head and ground her crotch into Michelle’s face.

“Fucking YES!” Jennifer cried, excitedly. “You took the whole thing!”

Spit was spurting down from her mouth, splattering over Lucy, who was stroking Jennifer’s thighs as she stood over her. I held Michelle’s hips and started to thrust. After a hard throat-fuck and watching Jennifer, my balls were bursting.

“Oh, yeah! Yeah, baby!” Jennifer gasped, holding Michelle’s head, pulling out about four inches, and then slamming it home down her throat.

Slamming my cock hard up Michelle’s ass, Lucy started thrusting as well, soon we had both got a good pace going. Michelle was choking and coughing up spit, occasionally a spray of puke would blast Jennifer’s crotch and splash down over Lucy.

“Fuck, oh fuck! Jen, do her, fuck her harder.” Lucy cried reveling in the deluge of puke and spit.

My balls exploded as I was deep in Michelle’s ass. I held myself deep, clawing at her ass cheeks, pumping shot after shot up her ass. Lucy kept fucking hard, smearing my seed up and down Michelle back passage.

“Oh, cum honey, fill her up!” Jennifer growled.

I was twitching and jerking my load up Michelle’s ass, pinning her down onto Lucy. Jennifer had hold of her head, she was bent upright, back arched, spit spraying put as Jennifer throat-fucked her.

Lucy held Michelle’s hips now and pumped furiously up her ass, as my cock softened I eased out leaving her to her work. I sat back and watched as Jennifer drew all the way out, maybe 12-13 inches, then rammed the whole length down Michelle’s throat in one brutal thrust.

“FUCK!!” Lucy cried watching Jennifer. “That’s brutal!”

Michelle was properly puking now, huge sprays of white thick semen puke, gushing out of the sides of her mouth, as Jennifer continued to abuse her throat. Michelle’s arms were again flailing wildly as she retched over and over, absolutely covering Lucy in a lumpy white layer.

“Drown her ‘Chelle, drown Lucy with your puke!” Jennifer cried, pulling the dildo out. She jumped down and watched as Michelle vomited all over Lucy, a huge white spray splattering down her face and body.

“Shit, shit, shit!!” Lucy gasped.

Michelle bent forwards relieved of the dildo, coughing and puking violently. Jennifer gripped the back of Michelle’s head and then jammed her other hand down her throat, helping her to continue throwing up. Eventually though Michelle’s stomach was empty and she just retched and retched.

“Oh fuck, that was intense.” Jennifer gasped, sitting down beside me.

Michelle sat up, panting and gasping, her face and body covered in puke. Her eyes were red and she looked exhausted, “You are gonna pay for that, Jennifer.” She gasped.

Lucy, was struggling to open her eyes, her face completely drenched in puke. Michelle got up onto her shaky legs and turned to look at Jennifer,

“Well, what now?” She asked.

“You go and clean up a bit, I am gonna have a bit of fun with Lucy.” Jennifer replied.

“Okay…” Michelle replied “Lucy, you better brace yourself. This is one sick bitch.”

As Michelle left, Jennifer walked over to Lucy. Unfastening Lucy’s strap on, she straddled Lucy before pushing hers into her.

“Ohhhh fuckkk!!” Lucy gasped.

Jennifer bent down and licked Lucy’s face, getting a big mouthful, before struggling to swallow. Then she again sucked up a huge mouthful, before spitting it into Lucy’s mouth and forcing her to do the same.

“Nasty, gotta be nasty.” Jennifer gasped as she fucked Lucy, scooping and sucking up all the puke from her body. She swallowed most, but shared with Lucy as well, who was writhing and gasping as Jennifer drove the fourteen inch dildo deep into her pussy.

“Oh, fuck! Oh fuck, yeah Jennifer, oh yeah.” Lucy gasped.

I sat and watched as Jennifer drove the shaft deep up into Lucy’ pussy, before mauling her big breasts and nipples. Lucy was moaning and gasping as Jennifer fucked her, her hair sticking to her face and arms.

“Yessss, ohhhh! Yesss, yess, yesss, fuck yes!!” Lucy cried.

“Oh yeah, look Lucy, he’s got a hard on again.” Jennifer gasped as I started stroking my cock.

Jennifer leaned forward, pressing her nose to Lucy’s staring at her, Jennifer’s hips working hard.

“Fucking cum for me, bitch.” Jennifer panted, holding Lucy’s head still, resting their foreheads together.

Kissing Lucy hard, Jennifer rammed her hips back and forth, driving the shaft deep into Lucy’s pussy. Lucy was groaning and gasping, her hands holding Jennifer’s face, running through her long blonde hair.

“FUUUUCKKKKKKK!” Lucy cried, her body shaking, climaxing hard.

Jennifer was slamming the shaft home as Lucy shuddered screaming loudly. Jennifer was laughing as she fucked Lucy, loving how she had made her cum.

“FUCK! FUCKKK!! YESSSSS!!” Lucy screamed, staring up at Jennifer. “Fucking bitch!” She gasped.

Jennifer kissed her hard, ferociously swirling her tongue in Lucy’s mouth. She broke her kiss as Lucy calmed from her climax, laughing as she lay on top of her.

“Ride me no, Lucy.” Jennifer said.

Rolling over, Lucy sat astride Jennifer, tossing her slick dark hair back. Jennifer reached up groping Lucy’s boobs, making her gasp. She moved her hands to Lucy’s ass cheeks, and spread them, “Fuck her ass, baby!” Jennifer told me.

“Ohhhhhh, yeahh!!” Lucy gasped as she saw me walk around behind her. “Drive it up my ass hole babe, really give it to me!” Lucy groaned.

Pressing my cock to Lucy’s asshole I pushed it in. She cried as my cock drove down into her ass, until my crotch touched her buttocks. Jennifer held Lucy’s waist as she rutted up into her pussy, and I joined in buggering her ass.

“Fuuuckkkerrrsssss!! Oh, oh, oooohhh!!” Lucy groaned as we pounded her.

Michelle returned at this point, freshened up, make up re applied. She grinned watching us DP Lucy, sitting on the lounger.

“Fuck Lucy, you have got it easy so far.” Michelle said.

“C’mon Lucy, feel that cock up your slutty ass hole.” Jennifer said, watching as Lucy screwed up her eyes.

“Now, you tell me your dirty fantasy, just like ‘Chelle did.”

“Oh, ohhhh fuck! I want to be in an orgy.” Lucy panted as I slammed up her butt. “An all girl orgy, but first get gang-banged by about twelve men and filled up with spunk!”

“You slutty minx!” Michelle said watching avidly as Lucy got pounded in both holes.

“FUUUUCKKKKK!!” Lucy screamed climaxing hard. “FUCK! FUCK!! FUCK!!”

“Oh yes Lucy, that’s it!” Jennifer gasped as Lucy came on top of her.

“YESSSS!! YESSSSS!! YEAAAAASSS!!” Lucy screamed.

My balls were banging on Lucy’s buttocks as I held her hips tightly, rutting deep up her butt. Cum boiled over in my balls as I shot bolt after bolt of spunk deep into Lucy’s ass, making her groan.

“Yeah, fill her ass with semen!” Jennifer said, holding Lucy still while I injected my cum into her bowels.

Grinding and jerking I pumped my all up Lucy’s back passage, until finally I stepped back, my cock easing from her bum. Sitting down next to Michelle I was spent.

“is your ass full of cum Lucy?” Jennifer asked.

“Uh-huh.” Lucy replied grinning.

“Michelle, your belly must be empty. I think you need to fill up again, why don’t you suck his cum from Lucy’s ass.” Jennifer said.

“Ohhhh, you’re so filthy.” Michelle said, getting behind Lucy. Michelle spread her ass cheeks wide and sucked hard on Lucy’s ass, using her tongue to probe her butt hole open.

“Mmmmmmmm, ohhh ‘Chelle.” Lucy groaned.

Lucy arched her back and sat more upright, as Michelle slurped all of mu cum from her ass. Jennifer fondled Lucy’s large plump breasts, squeezing them in her hands. “Oh fuck, I wish mine were this big, and REAL!” She said.

Michelle finished gulping down my cum, and stood up from Lucy, smiling.

“Ohh Jen, that was tasty.” She gasped.

“Go over there and suck on his cock until you get some more, while I use this slut.” Jennifer said.

Michelle knelt in front of me, sucking on my limp cock, while Jennifer eased Lucy up off of her. She moved Lucy onto the floor, lifting her hips up and resting Lucy on her shoulders. She pushed the head of her strap on against Lucy’s asshole, Lucy snarled as Jennifer pushed it in.

“Yessss!” Lucy gasped as Jennifer eased all fourteen inches up her ass. Lucy held tightly to the side of the lounger her hips bucking as the dildo filled her bowels.

My cock got hard, Michelle slurping on my head, twirling her tongue over the tip. Michelle sucked avidly on my dick, expertly stimulating my cock head and shaft.

Lucy was bent over, Jennifer slamming the thick shaft hard up her ass. Lucy’s feet touched the ground over her head as she was folded in half shrieking and crying

“FUCKKK!! YESSSSS!! YESSS!! YESSSSSS!! Lucy howled climaxing as Jennifer continued drilling her back passage.

Michelle swallowed as my cock exploded in her mouth, the excitement of watching Lucy getting piledriven was too much for me.

“YESSS!! YESSS!! YESSSS!!” Lucy cried and Jennifer continued to bounce up and down on top of her.

My hips were trembling as I came, over and over. Michelle wantonly sucking my shaft swallowing every drop, her tongue worked hard on my head as spurts of hot semen jetted down her throat.

“FUCKKKKKKEEERRRR!!” Lucy growled her last spasms of orgasm ending, Jennifer sitting on top of her ass, the dildo embedded deeply inside.

Michelle slipped my spent shaft from her mouth and turned to look at Lucy and Jennifer, “Nasty bitch, mmmmmmm.” She purred.

“Wanna help me?” Jen asked. “Strap on the dildo, then.”

Jennifer pulled Lucy up onto the lounger again, until her head hung from the end, long dark hair falling onto the floor. “I’ll take her ass still ‘Chelle, you get her throat!” Jennifer said.

I worried Lucy looked up to see Michelle kneeling above her head, the fourteen inch shaft of a dildo bouncing on her crotch. “C’mon Lucy, swallow me down!” Michelle teased.

“You sit here.” Jennifer said to me stroking Lucy’s abdomen. “When you get hard, I want those beautiful boobies fucked nice and roughly.”

Straddling Lucy, I felt her groan as Jennifer started to bugger her backside again. Michelle pressed the head of her dildo to Lucy’s lips and eased it in.

“Yeahhhh Lucy, take it!” Michelle gasped, as she pressed the dildo deeper into Lucy’s throat.

I saw her neck stretch and the outline of the end of the shaft work it’s way down her neck, until finally Michelle had her crotch tight against Lucy’s lips. My cock hardened and I slipped it between Lucy’s mammoth breasts, Michelle grinned as I started to slowly fuck them. She rested on the lounger and slowly slid the shaft out of Lucy’s mouth, Lucy gasped for air as a large wad of spit trickled down her face.

“Yeah, throat-fuck the bitch!” Jennifer gasped, continuing to fuck Lucy’s ass.

Lucy clutched her tits tightly around my cock, as Michelle pumped her hips against Lucy’s face. Lucy croaked and gagged as Michelle thrust the thick shaft deep, spit dribbling down her face and into her hair.

“Yes, Lucy! Take it, you fucking whore!” Michelle snarled, violently fucking Lucy’s throat. She reached down and pinched Lucy’s hard nipples as I pumped my cock between her breasts.

I rammed myself hard back and forth between Lucy’s wonderful soft boobs. Watching as Michelle drove the huge dildo down Lucy’s neck, the outline clearly visible as she choked on it repeatedly. Lucy was screaming over the shaft, as she came, her body shuddering and bucking below me. Michelle held her hands over her breasts as she fought to push her off.

“Oh yeah Lucy, cum for me!” Jennifer panted her hips working hard, Michelle was grinning as she continued her brutal throat fuck.

Michelle put her hands behind her head leaned back and let her full weight slam into Lucy’s throat. She reveled in the power of her thrusts, grinning at me. I couldn’t hold back any longer and came hard, thick pulses of spunk splattered Lucy’s chin, and Michelle’s stomach. Some hit the bottom of Michelle’s boobs.The rest was smeared between Lucy’s tits.

“Yeahhh!!” Michelle gasped. “Fucking cum, baby!!”

Jennifer eased up and held the shaft deep up Lucy’s ass, as I finished cumming. “Oh, good stuff, baby.” She panted.

Michelle eased her strap on out of Lucy’s mouth. Lucy gasped for air, her face smothered in spit. Long thick trails of slimy mucus ran down her face, her lovely dark hair was covered in thick trails of it. Her eyes were red and tears still ran from the corners.

“Oh, I fucked you up good.” Michelle said happily, as she knelt down in front of Lucy.

I got up from her chest and sat on the nearby lounger, as Michelle started to suck and lick the spit from Lucy’s face, eagerly swallowing every drop. Jennifer leaned forwards and sucked my cum from between Lucy’s breasts pausing to chew on her nipples occasionally.

Michelle swallowed every string spit ball from Lucy’s face and hair, sucking every drop up leaving her clean as a whistle. Michelle smacked her lips. “Mmmmm, tangy.” She gasped.

Jennifer sat upright, swallowing the last few drops of my cum, before easing out of Lucy’s ass. Lucy sighed as her butt hole clenched closed.

“No, come over here and sit on this thing.” Jennifer said laying back on another lounger.

Lucy got up onto her slightly shaky legs and walked over to straddle Jennifer, she looked back over her shoulder and eased her ass down onto the strap on.

“Fuuuuuckkkk!!” Lucy gasped as the huge shaft burrowed up her ass.

Jennifer groped Lucy’s boobs, before pulling her back so she lay on top of Jennifer. “Double fuck her ass!” Jennifer said to me.

“Oh yeah, baby.” Lucy groaned as I approached her pulling her thighs out wide. “Fucking pound my ass!”

Pressing the head of my cock to her ass, she shrieked as her sphincter burst. Pushing in next to Jennifer her whole ass shook as my cock worked deep up into it. She cried as my crotch rested on hers, both Jennifer and I deep in her backside. Pumping my hips I rutted deep into Lucy’s ass, Jennifer holding her hips steady.

“Oh ‘Chelle, suck, her pussy.” Jennifer gasped. “You cum in Michelle’s mouth when you’re ready.” She said to me.

Michelle got down on the floor beside Lucy and started to suck her clit, Lucy’s hips bucked and fought with the extra stimulation. She roared and roared climaxing hard.

“YESSSSSSSS!! YESSSSSS!! YESSSS!!” She growled, her hands clutching the sides of the lounger as her hips twitched and trembled.

I held her legs up, arms gripping her spasming thighs, driving my dick in and out of her ass. Jennifer was tweaking Lucy’s nipples, slamming the shaft of her strap on in next to my cock. Lucy’s whole body shook in the power of her orgasm, which eventually subsided.

“You nasty fucking bitch.” Jennifer gasped, as she buggered Lucy hard. “You love it up the ass, don’t you?”

“Fucking yeah!” Lucy cried in reply, gasping as I slammed home hard.

Michelle was furiously sucking Lucy’s pussy, flicking her hard clit with her tongue.

“OH! OHHH!! OHHHHH!!” Lucy shrieked about to orgasm again.

Furiously ramming my whole length up Lucy’s pulsing back passage I watched as she came again. Tossing her head back Lucy screamed loudly as my cock and Jennifer’s strap on pounded her ass.

“YESSS!! YESSSS!! FUUUCKKKKERRRRSSS!!” She screamed, coming hard.

I was ramming hard up Lucy’s backside, my crotch slamming against hers, as her orgasm subsided I could feel myself about to cum. Pulling out I grabbed Michelle’s head and rammed my exploding cock into her mouth, a shocked Michelle avidly swallowed my semen.

“Oh yeah, swallow every drop.” Jennifer gasped, watching Michelle guzzle my load.

“Ohhh, you greedy bitch.” Lucy sighed as her ass shrank back around a single shaft.

Michelle released my spent dick and walked around to replace me, she nudged her strap on next to Jennifer, and Lucy screamed as it tore open her butt.

“YYYEAAAASSSSSS!!” Lucy howled.

Lucy snarled and hissed as Michelle drove her 14 inches up into Lucy next to Jennifer. She whined loudly as finally Michelle had her crotch tight against hers. With a loud wail Lucy came, the feeling of both huge dildos in her ass too much to bear.

“NGGHHHH!! YESSSSSSS!! FUUUCKKKKKK!!” Lucy screamed, as Michelle and Jennifer started to double fuck her ass.

Michelle had Lucy’s legs held open wide, Jennifer her arms wrapped around Lucy’s belly, holding her tight. Lucy was going mad as she had her ass pounded by the two dildos.


Michelle leaned forwards, groping Lucy’s boobs, kissing her, then Jennifer hard. Michelle’s hips were pounding away at Lucy’s ass, and soon she came again. Her screams were muffled by Michelle’s kisses, but Lucy certainly was coming hard.

Jennifer was fondling both Michelle and Lucy’s breasts as they rubbed together. I walked over my hard cock bouncing in front of Michelle’s gasping face.

“Wank over us!” Jennifer gasped. “All over our faces!”

Michelle broke her kiss with Lucy, and looked up, staring at me as I stroked my shaft. Lucy eyes wide, face red, flushed snarled as her ass continued to be slammed. Jennifer grinned form below Lucy, licking her lips ready to be spunked over.

I stroked my cock hard as all 3 writhed below me, Lucy gasping and crying as her ass was rammed. Michelle went back to kissing Lucy while Jennifer kept watching my cock as I wanked faster and faster.

“C’mon baby, cover us!” Jennifer gasped as she saw my cock twitch.

Thick spurts of cum splattered down over Lucy and Jennifer’s faces. Ropes of white semen splashed across Michelle’s head and hair, while Jennifer greedily swallowed every drop I sprayed her with. Lucy was gasping as another orgasm hit her hard, cum splashing her face.

“FUUUUCKKKKKK!!” Lucy screamed as her body twitched between Jennifer and Michelle.

Michelle kissed her furiously as she peaked in her climax, I flicked my last few drops onto their faces before sitting down. All three of them shared cum filled kisses before Michelle eased from Lucy’s ass, causing her to gasp as the pressure on the sphincter was lessened.

“Ohhh, fuck!” Lucy gasped, as Michelle dragged her up off of Jennifer’s huge shaft. She stood legs trembling looking at Jennifer.

“Oh yeah, but fucked good.” Jennifer said.

“Filthy little bitch.” Lucy replied, panting, sitting beside me.

“Ohhh, yeah, nearly done though girls.” Jennifer said. “Just one last thing, I think we should give him a triple blowjob before I go. I think that will be enough to give him a memory he’ll never forget.”

“Oh yeah and I want another load for my belly.” Michelle added eagerly.

She sat on the floor in front of a lounger, allowing me to stand and bend over to rest on it. Jennifer joined her on the floor, whilst Lucy moved behind me. Michelle took my soft cock into her mouth, as Jennifer sucked on my balls. Lucy began to lick my ass as the others worked my cock. Jennifer suckled each ball while Michelle slurped my head deeper and deeper into her mouth. I was rock hard as all 3 ladies furiously worked on their task.

“Ohhhhh, fuck yeah!! Look his legs are giving way!” Jennifer gasped with a giggle.

My knees started to buckle as the amazing head, and Lucy’s tongue ravage my ass were almost too much, I collapsed closer to Michelle, my knees resting either side of her head, my cock now deep in her gullet. Jennifer managed to get both of my balls into her mouth at once, as Lucy drilled her tongue up my ass.

I roared and shouted as cum burst from my shaft directly into Michelle’s throat, there was no let up from Lucy or Jennifer as my semen deluged Michelle’s belly. Her eyes were tearing up, running down her cheeks as my cock unloaded deep in her throat.

I was screaming loudly as I came so hard, Lucy licking my ass Jennifer sucking my pumping balls, Michelle swallowing and choking my cum down. Eventually my legs gave way and I collapsed onto Michelle, my cock coming out of her mouth, Lucy and Jennifer moving out of the way.

“Ohh yeah, that was amazing.” Jennifer panted. “Fucking stuck to the floor.”

Lucy grinned as she moved down to kiss Michelle. “Full up again?” She asked

“Mmmm, yeah…” Michelle purred in reply.

“Ohh girls, that was amazing!” Jennifer panted, Starting to pick up her clothes. “I think your next destination is the bedroom in about thirty minutes. If you follow me I will fill you in on what is happening.”

I rolled off of Michelle and watched as the three of them left me to move to the bedroom and wait for them to change.


©  chlp 10-31-18

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