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Voucher Number One Ch. 02

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Starring: Lucy Pinder and Michelle Marsh

Codes: Cum Swallowing

Disclaimer: This story is purely fiction, it has never happened. Please keep this story to this site only, if you want to share elsewhere email me and ask for permission.


I set the bowl and glasses down on the dining table, and waited for the ladies to return, after about twenty minutes they did. Michelle wore a tight black top and ruffled white skirt whilst Lucy wore a tight little black evening dress, and they walked into the room and sat at the table.

“We thought we should dress for dinner.” Michelle said. “Hope you like us.” Lucy added.

Handing the ladies a glass each, I told them to enjoy themselves and have some dirty fun. Also laid out on the table were a few other things, a bong, large ladle, whisky glass and two thin clear tubes about 6 inches long.

“Well, cheers!” Lucy said, dipping the two champagne glasses into the bowl and handing one over to Michelle.

“Cheers!” Michelle replied, clinking her glass with Lucy’s before they both drank them.

“Wow.” Lucy said. “that is just amazing.”

“Mmmmmmmmm, tastes delicious.” Michelle added.

Lucy dipped her finger into the huge bowl of spunk and scooped out a taste, before filling her glass again. Getting up she walked over to stand over Michelle, taking a large swing from the glass she swished my semen around her mouth, before gently tilting Michelle’s head back and opening her mouth. Lucy spat a thick wad of cum down into Michelle’s open mouth, dribbling it slowly until finally she was done. Following the white slimy glob down she softly kissed Michelle before standing upright.

“Swallow it, honey.” Lucy said.

Michelle complied gulping down my spunk, opening her mouth to show Lucy it was all gone.

“Dirty.” Michelle purred, before sliding the bowl over in front of her. “Mmmm, look at all this lovely spunk. It’s just for us.” She said.

Michelle pulled her hair back behind her head away from her face, before dipping her head down and submerging her face into the bowl. Holding her face there for a few seconds, she coated it in cum, before sitting back up. Michelle was plastered in spunk, a thick white layer of semen covered her face, dripping down from her nose and chin, back into the bowl.

“Ohhh yeah, baby!” Lucy gasped. “Would you like me to clean you up?”

Michelle slowly nodded, thick drips plopping from her nose into the bowl as she did so. Lucy walked back around to Michelle and lapped at her face, sucking up my spunk as Michelle sat there, offering herself to Lucy. Lucy slowly and gently licked every drop of spunk from Michelle’s face, finishing with a soft kiss on her lips.

“All done.” Lucy said.

Michelle opened her eyes blinking the glued lashes apart, before licking her lips testing for any residue of spunk. Picking up the cum bong she held it up into the air.

“Fill me up, Lucy.” She asked.

Lucy took the ladle and filled the bong right to the top, easily three or four complete pints of cum filled the pipe and the large reservoir. Michelle gripped the large valve, and held the full reservoir up high, before opening the tap and letting the cum flood into her mouth.

“Chug, chug, chug!” Lucy chanted as Michelle struggled on swallowing down mouthful after mouthful of lumpy semen. Thin trails of spunk ran down her cheeks as she gulped and swallowed repeatedly.

Amazingly Michelle managed to swallow the whole bong without spilling much, and as she set the empty bong down, Lucy clapped her hands appreciatively, before leaning down and softly kissing her pal, sucking the thin snail trails from her cheeks and neck.

“Oh boy, what a rush!” Michelle gasped, sitting back and rubbing her stomach. “All full!”

“Plenty left, ‘Chelle.” Lucy said lifting a large ladle full of spunk up and letting it splatter back down into the bowl.

She lay down on the floor, just in front of the table, opening her mouth. “Fill my mouth with spunk.” Lucy said.

Michelle ladled out a large load of cum, and slowly dribbled it down into Lucy’s mouth, she filled the ladle again and filled Lucy up until thick white spunk brimmed in her mouth.

Michelle knelt down and softly kissed Lucy’s bottom lip before Lucy closed her mouth and swallowed the whole mouthful of semen. Lucy reached up and pulled Michelle close, kissing her hard, they spent a good sixty seconds making out before breaking their kiss.

Michelle helped Lucy back to her feet, before using the ladle to pour out to large puddles of spunk onto the table top. Passing Lucy one of the thin tubes, she asked. “Ever snorted semen?” Before bending down and dipping the tip of the tube into one pool and pushing the other end up her nose.

“GOD!!” Lucy squealed as Michelle snorted up a huge glob of spunk, shaking her head and gasping. “That is foul.”

“Woah, what a rush!!” Michelle exclaimed shaking her head before going down for another snort.

Lucy copied her friend tentatively snorting up a small amount of spunk before coughing and choking on it. Her eyes watered as she coughed and spluttered. “That burns.” She gasped.

Michelle snorted hard, eagerly cleaning her semen pool from the table, sitting back. She watched as Lucy sniffed up all of her portion, twitching her nose and sniffing the remnants of my cum out.

“Go on Lucy,” Michelle encouraged. As Lucy sniffed hard, draining up the remainder of her puddle. “It’s such a high”

“Ohh, God.” Lucy gasped, tears running down her cheeks as she coughed and gasped.

“Where the fuck did you dream that up Chelle?”

“Kathy mentioned it to me on the phone, and thought to try it. Wow I am on such a whore now” She replied.

“Certainly clears the head.” Lucy added.

Michelle took the large brandy glass and filled it to the brim from the bowl. “Fancy a chugging contest, Lucy?” She asked. “Time me.” She said to me with a smile.

Standing looking straight at her pal Michelle tipped the brandy glass back and swallowed the cold thick spunk, gulping over and over until she drained the glass. Thick tears of cum dribbled down her cheeks from the corner of her mouth, running down her neck over her breasts, into her cleavage. Gasping she turned the glass upside down over her head to show it was empty.

“My go.” Lucy said, taking the brandy glass and filling it from the bowl. Resetting my watch, I waited for Lucy to begin before starting it.

She too chugged down my cum, I could see that it was gonna be close, as she swallowed hard. Michelle stood licking her lips as Lucy drank down the glass full of spunk, before raising the glass above her head as Michelle had done. Cum dripped from her chin onto her breasts as a few thin trails ran down her cheeks.

“Okay, who won?” Lucy gasped.

“Michelle, by half a second.” I replied.

“Yes!” Michelle gasped with glee, Lucy looked disappointed.

“But it was close!” Michelle added. Leaning over and kissing her friend. Sucking up the spunk from her chin and cheeks, before softly licking her breasts. Lucy reciprocated by sucking the spunk from Michelle’s face and neck before delving her tongue into her cleavage rooting out the last drops from the deep valley of titty flesh.

Michelle gasped as her friend licked her breasts, before pulling her head up and kissing her hard. “Kneel down.” Michelle said, pushing Lucy’s shoulders down.

Michelle gripped Lucy’s face in one hand, holding her mouth open, whilst using the ladle with the other, she filled Lucy’s mouth with cum. “Swallow” She said, Lucy obeyed. Forcing her mouth open again she filled it. “swallow” she said again. Lucy again swallowed hard. Michelle repeated this three more times, Lucy obeying, then on the fourth attempt, Lucy shook her head. “No more.” She gargled through her mouthful of spunk. Michelle put the ladle down and forced Lucy’s mouth closed, before pinching her nose making her swallow. “Last time.” She said kissing a trembling Lucy.

“Too much cum!” Lucy gasped, rubbing her belly. “I’m sooo full.”

Standing up she helped Michelle to sit on one of the dining chairs, before taking the bowl and standing behind Michelle. Michelle nervously looked up as Lucy held the bowl over her head and tipped it up pouring cum all down over Michelle.

“Ohhhh!” Michelle shuddered as the sold spunk oozed down over her head, through her hair, dripping down her face and the back of her neck. Lucy poured about half the remaining cum over Michelle. It was clinging to her long blonde hair, thick clumps of semen nestling in the silky smooth strands. Her face was covered in a white sheen of spunk, the tops of her breast had a 1/4th layer of cum over them, and a while pool of semen was slowly draining down her cleavage.

Michelle gasped as Lucy Knelt in front of her and began licking her face, sucking all of the spunk off. She kissed Michelle spitting the cum into her mouth, before whispering “Swallow.” In her ear.

Lucy continued to clean Michelle’s face, allowing her to blink her eyes open, before moving on to her breasts, feasting on the cold spunk that shimmered on the tops of her boobies. She kept spitting mouthful after mouthful of spunk back to Michelle for her to swallow, which she did with relish.

Lucy sucked the large drops of cum from Michelle’s top and skirt, before helping to remove said garments, so she could work on the cum that dribbled down between Michelle’s tits. A large glistening wad of spunk had spread out over Michelle’s abdomen, and stomach. Lucy helped Michelle stand before laying her back on the table.

“Let’s just clean you up.” Lucy said to a naked Michelle, before softly kissing her stomach, licking the cum from her.

Michelle gasped as Lucy kissed and licked her stomach, then moved her way up between her breasts, lightly flicking her hard nipples before spitting another mouthful out for Michelle to swallow. Finally Lucy sucked on Michelle’s hair, it was matted and clinging to the cum that had drenched her, but Lucy avidly licked and sucked every drop off before depositing it into Michelle’s waiting mouth.

“Ohh, you dirty bitch.” Michelle gasped as Lucy finished, lifting her head to look down her clean naked body.

She sat up and got down from the table, Taking each of Lucy’s hands she held them to her breasts. “Hold them together tight.” She instructed sternly.

Lucy gripped her breasts and squeezed them together hard, forming a huge cavernous cleavage. Michelle filled it with cum using the ladle, before picking up one of the thin tubes. She placed the tube in the pool, and then sucked up the cum into her mouth before swallowing it. “Mmmm, nothing like cum from between the breasts of a dirty slapper.” She said. Reaching around she unfastened Lucy’s dress, before helping her take it off. Stripping Lucy naked they stood kissing passionately for a minute or so.

Lucy picked up picked up the bowl and poured the remaining semen all over the glass table, before handing the empty container back to Michelle. She dipped first her right breast, then her left into the bowl, smearing the remaining cum all over them. Lucy took the bowl and did the same until every drop of cum was gone. They stood looking at each other not saying a word, before standing together in the middle of the dining room, arms around each other, navels pressed together, huge glistening breasts pushed tightly against one another. They began to rub their boobs around squishing and sliding over themselves, nipple against nipple, breast against breast.

“Titty fight!” Michelle said with glee, as her breasts squashed against Lucy’s.

“God, your breasts feel amazing!” Lucy said.

She let go of Michelle and stepped over to the spunk covered table, laying face down she rubbed herself into the cum, before rolling over and coating her back. “Move over!” Michelle said, Lucy sitting up and allowing Michelle to lie face down below her. Lucy lay on top of Michelle their semen covered glistening bodies rubbing together, both of them were plastered in spunk, loving every second.

“Ohh Lucy, lets clean up now.” Michelle said greedily licking the table.

Michelle rolled over and Lucy sat astride her bending down and sucking the cum from Michelle’s face. They spent the next few minutes sucking every drop of spunk from each other bodies, then the table, devouring every trace of semen.

“Wow! Soo much cum!” Lucy said.

“Yeah, I have never swallowed so much spunk in my life!” Michelle added.

“Meet me in the bedroom in half an hour, in your next outfit, you choose.” I said to them.

“My cock is hard as nails after that so I am really looking forwards to it.”


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