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Voyager Uncensored Ch. 03

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Voyager Uncensored # 3 : “Shore Leave”

Part 1


Context Notes:

This episode takes place after “The Raven” but before “Scientific Method”, in Voyager’s 4th season, pretty much right after they introduced Seven. For certain plot reasons (as you’ll see), I wanted to have this story take place right about then. Also, I wanted to bridge the gap between the last Voyager Uncensored story and the new direction of the show now that Kes is (supposedly) gone and Seven is on the show. You’ll find, though, in this story, that Kes’ disappearance wasn’t quite what it seemed. Also, there are a couple references to other episodes such as “Threshold” (Tom and Janeway break warp 10 and devolve into Catfish), “Meld” (The murderous Ensign Suder), and “Phage” (Neelix’ Lungs get stolen!).

Content Note:

Okay, this one is definitely the most graphic and extreme one I’ve written, and they’re likely to stay at this level. I also kind of abandoned the pretense of having a serious plot in this one, the sex is the main plot element here, but I tried to keep the genuine characterizations and humor the previous episodes had.

This story contains: F/f, FM/f TS/m, F/m, FM/m, bestiality (alien), oral, anal, watersports, scat, humiliation and D/S.

(Note that “TS” here stands for a woman with a penis, not a man in drag, trust me, it will make sense when you read it.)

Also, as usual, no incest, no pedophilia (though I guess technically Kes is only 6, but then her race only lives 9 years and is mature by 2), no torture or snuff. Just thought you’d like to know.



“Captain’s Log: Stardate 49474.7 While I am frustrated by our unavoidable extension of our journey home by our encounter with the B’omar, I must say the three months it will take us to circumnavigate their space is going to go by rather quickly. It has only been a few days since the incident involving the Raven and already things seem back to normal. In fact, the crew is keeping very busy, especially Ensign Kim and Seven who are working on the new Astrometrics Lab. I-“

A soft bleep interrupted Captain Katherine Janeway’s log entry. “Neelix to Captain Janeway.” She sighed in annoyance and put down the PADD on the counter next to her, next to the sink.

“Yes, Neelix, what is it? And it had better be good, I’m taking a piss!” she replied with more than a little trace of annoyance in her voice.

Neelix was in the Mess Hall and heard the splashing sound of Janeway’s urine as she continued to relieve herself, as if to punctuate her point. “Er- I’m sorry, Captain, I didn’t mean to interrupt- I’ll just”

“Just go ahead, Neelix, what is it?” she interrupted.

Neelix heard his Captain continue to piss and went on, a little uncomfortably, “Uh, yes, well, it’s just that it’s Mexicano night here tomorrow night and I’ve just found that we’re all out of beans and jollypanos-” Neelix completely slaughtered the word “jalepeno”, pronouncing it like an English word.

“Jolly- what? Well whatever it is, just replicate them” replied the Captain.

“Well, it’s just that, well, I know how much people look forward to the theme nights, and I’d really like to get them fresh real food if possible…” Neelix explained.

“And I take it the hydroponics bays are fresh out?” Janeway sighed, knowing Neelix had an idea, wishing he’d just get to the point.

“Well, yes, Captain,” Neelix replied, “but I was talking to Ensign Kim and he told me we have scanned and contacted a planet nearby with an extensive agriculture, similar to your Earth’s, and-“

“Yes, the Yasmina, we contacted them yesterday. I’m sure we could arrange some sort of trade, and it will be good for morale” – unless he gives us all food poisoning Janeway thought to herself- still, better to pacify the annoying warthog or whatever he was, “I’ll ask them about it… as soon as I’m done with my piss!”

Neelix is suddenly flushed, looking around making sure no-one overheard and got the point, “Uh- thank you Captain, the crew will be grateful, Neelix out.” And with a soft tone, he deactivated the panel and started planning the “Fiesta”.

Back in Janeway’s quarters, the captain picked up her PADD and prepared to continue her log, when another beep interrupted her. “Chakotay to Captain Janeway”

“Yes, Chakotay?” Janeway asked, a little peeved now.

“Sorry to bother you Captain, but we’ve picked up a strange energy reading…” Chakotay reported.

Is there any other kind? Janeway thought to herself, “I’ll be right there,” she responded.

“Chakotay out.”

Janeway put down the PADD and looked down between her thighs into Kes’ deep blue eyes.

“Swallow,” she ordered. Kes audibly swallowed a mouthful of her Captain’s hot piss.


Kes licked Janeway’s pussy lips clean of piss, at all times keeping her eyes locked with her Captain’s.

“Good girl,” Janeway complimented her as she patted her on the head and stood up, pulling up her pants. She put Kes’ gag back in and turned on her anal vibrator before leaving, locking the bathroom and heading up to the bridge.


Insert Main Titles and annoying commercials for phone companies and cars here.



On the bridge, Janeway and Chakotay stood at Ops with Ensign Miya. Miya was a Deltan and was standing in for Kim while he worked on the Astrometrics Lab. Janeway listened as Miya described the strange energy reading from over 400 million kilometers away, but like the rest of the bridge crew, she had a hard time thinking about anything else but Miya’s sensuousness, one of the reasons Deltans find it hard to get far in Star Fleet. When Miya first arrived on the ship, she felt apprehension, she had heard of the difficulties Deltans have had in integrating with humans, people who found their sexual freedom uncomfortable, but this ship was different, soon after they’d been stranded here in the Delta quadrant, a sudden sexual freedom and general decadence had grabbed hold of the crew and never really let go (read “S-Space”, Voyager Uncensored # 1). Since then, she has had many sexual partners and now currently shares her quarters with Tasha Yar, who’s sexual appetite nearly matches her own! (read “Lost & Found”, Voyager Uncensored # 2).

“My best guess would be that the exotic energy is of some sort of stellar origin, a dense cluster or trinary system, perhaps even a black hole.” Miya finished her report.

“Or a wormhole?” Janeway offered, having listened enough to inject her own scientific two cents.

“Possibly,” Miya replied with a glance at Janeway that made the Captain’s lips quiver.

“Well, we have one stop to make along the way, how long will it take to get there?” Janeway asked, collecting her thoughts.

“Almost a week, Captain,” Miya answered.

“Very well, continue your scans, let us know if anything develops. Helm, set a course for the anomaly, but plot it through Yasmina.”

“Aye, Captain,” Paris acknowledged and plotted the course.

“Yasmina, Captain?” asked Chakotay as they took their seats.

“Yes, Neelix wanted to try and get some new ingredients for his Mexicano night, something called ‘jollypanos’,” Janeway repeated the word with Neelix’s poor pronunciation.

“Jolly- Jalepenos?” Chakotay corrected her, “What makes him think we’d find jalapenos 60,000 light-years from Mexico?!”

“Those were my thoughts as well, Chakotay, but I seem to remember Yamina was a quite hospitable and beautiful planet, it wouldn’t hurt us to have a little shore leave, we’ve all been working hard,” Janeway explained.

“And the anomaly?” Chakotay asked.

“It can wait. It seems like we run into one every week, and they usually mean trouble. Sometimes I think when we find an ‘anomaly’ we should just turn around and go the other way” Janeway joked.

Chakotay smirked and enjoyed the joke, happy to see his Captain is trying to relax for once. Maybe, he thought, once he gets her down on Yasmina, they can relax… together…


“Tom, Dick, and Harry”



“Thirty-one!” Kim counted off through gritted teeth. He tried to hold back the tears as he repeated, for the thirty-first time, “Thank you, Sir, may I have another?”

“Well, since you asked so nicely, yes you may!” Torres replied with an evil grin, and swatted Kim’s as with a Kor’phagh for the thirty-second time. The Kor’phagh is a mixture of a cat of nine tails and a paddle, traditionally used in Klingon society in women’s training schools to discipline unruly females. Ever since her Day of Honor, Torres had been trying to get into touch with her Klingon roots, so she figured she’d bring her favorite plaything in on it.

“OW! Ungh, thir-thirty-two!” Harry counted off, as the red marks glow on his bare cheeks. His face was almost as red as his ass from humiliation. He was bent over Torres’ lap, wearing nothing but a cockring, a collar attached to a leash in Torres’ left hand, and an eight-inch dildo up his ass, “Th-thank you, Sir, may I have another?”

“Well, maybe one more since you seem to like it so much,” Torres sneered and gave him one last hard slap on the ass that makes Kim yelp in pain. Torres was wearing a new Dominatrix outfit, Thigh-high high-heel boots, a black latex skirt, and a nipple-less black PVC corset. Around her neck was a spiked collar, just to finish the look. After the last blow, she got up and let Kim drop to the floor. He hit the ground, then winced in pain and raised up off his sore ass, trying not to touch it.

“That will give you something to think about next time you try to go off and have sex without my permission!” Torres admonished him.

“I wasn’t- I just- she- ” Kim stammered to explain, but he couldn’t- can’t deny that ever since Seven of Nine started wearing that skin-tight catsuit all he could think about was getting the statuesque blonde in bed… it must have been pretty obvious since just a short while ago Seven of Nine almost raped him because she had picked up on his unspoken interest.

“Don’t even try to deny it or it’s back to the Kor’phagh!” Torres wielded the Klingon paddle threateningly.

“OK, ok… I’m sorry…” Kim backed down.

“Sorry WHAT?” Torres nearly shouted.

“Sorry… sorry Mistress.” Kim offered.

“That’s better” Torres put down the paddle and began to take off her skirt. Kim saw the huge Klingon penis under her skirt and began to panic. As uncomfortable as the dildo up his ass was, it was nothing compared to Torres’ holodick she had made for herself… being drilled like a Terrelian Mildabon by a aroused Klingon woman was NOT something the human anus was meant to take well… and Harry would swear she’d enlarged it since she had first made it. It was almost as if she’d been experimenting on him to see just how much cock he could take up his ass. He’d never had the chance to measure it, but it was certainly the biggest cock he’d ever seen. And on a normal person it would have been impractical, something that big on a regular basis would have been impossible to hide and always would have gotten in the way.

“Uh, hey,” Harry spoke up, trying to delay her, “why is it you can have Paris but I’m not allowed to- you know?”

“Oh, is that it, hunh,” Torres laughed, stroking her growing Klingon HoloPenis, “you’re jealous! Well, I can share! Computer, program Torres, nga’chuq be’joy’ #57.”

With a soft beep, the scenery shimmered and they found themselves in Paris’ quarters, or at least, a holosimulation of it. Just then, Paris came in through the door.

“Honey, I’m home!” Paris said and walked up to Torres and they kissed.

“Hi, dear!” Torres replied.

“I see you brought home a surprise!” Paris said as he looked down at Harry with a chuckle. He squatted down and checked him out, seeing the leash and collar, the cockring, and red marks on his ass, “Nice work!” he said looking back at Torres, who had an evil grin on her face Kim found disturbing.

“Kimmy here was just telling me how jealous he is of our newfound friendship, Tommy,” Torres said in mock concern.

“Really, oh, Harry, you poor guy. We’ve been best friends for three years now and suddenly I go off and be with Torres, how thoughtless of me… ” Tom says. Kim had a sinking feeling about where this program was heading.

“Well, maybe we can make it up to him… make him feel ‘included'” Torres suggested with a sadistic smile.

“Sounds good to me, what about you, Harry?” Tom asked, standing up again, hands on his hips.

Harry looked at Tom, then Torres. He knew what was going to happen. He knew it was just a holoprogram, but it felt real. Still, even though he’d never actually been fucked by a REAL dick, the holodicks Torres programmed felt… and tasted real… but deep inside he knew he’s not gay… but this was taking it further, now he’d be having sex with a holo MAN….

“Come on Harry, you know you’ve always been curious, haven’t you?” Tom said, moving closer. Torres dropped down next to Harry on her knees and started to undo Tom’s pants where his erection was already showing.

“You’ve always secretly wanted to see what all those women were getting I know you, you little faggot…” Tom continued. Torres dropped Paris’ pants and held out Tom’s semi-hard prick. Kim smelled the scent of another man’s crotch, Torres began sucking it, long and hard, looking at Harry as she did,

“Mmm, yeah, see? You can have some too, no need to be jealous, come on, why don’t you join her?” Tom urged him on.

Torres sucked for a bit, while Kim watched, transfixed, unable to think of what he should be doing. Torres took her mouth off Tom’s now-hard cock and put her hand on the back of Kim’s head, slowly drawing him toward it. Kim was still stunned, but realized what was happening and momentarily jerked back, resisting, but Torres grabbed him harder and he saw the steel glare in her eyes. He knew that as much as this humiliated him, it would be over quicker and less painfully than another session with Torres and her Kor’phagh… at least she hadn’t programmed it to be a monstrosity… Harry’s head was guided forward, and he felt the soft pink flesh of the head of Tom’s cock slip between his open lips and into his mouth. Torres guided Kim’s head up and down on the cock, making Kim give Tom a nice, slow blow-job. After a few strokes, she pulled him off and sucked it herself again. She repeated this a few times, alternating, sharing Tom’s cock with Harry. Tom leaned back and enjoyed it, moaning softly, every now and then encouraging them with words.

“Yeah, not bad, Harry, you like the taste of my cock, don’t you?” Tom said as he leaned back and let Torres suck him.

Harry looked up at Tom, not sure what Torres had programmed this Tom to do if he didn’t play along, knowing Torres, not something good. He decided he had to play along. “y-yes, Tom…”

“I thought so, you little homo… come, on then, why don’t you give it to me good this time?”

Torres again released Tom’s cock from her mouth and this time didn’t force Harry forward onto it.

“Come on, Harry, you said you wanted my dickmeat, now prove it!” Tom taunted him.

Harry decided the fastest way to get this over with was to play along, and went forward on the cock. He took it in his hand, but Tom knocked them away-

“No, man, this is a blowjob, not a handjob!”, he said, “use your mouth… ONLY your mouth…”

Harry once again looked at Torres, then went forward, enveloping the cock of the hologram of his friend and pretended it was just like any other time, reminding himself it’s all just tractor beams and replicators, not real… but very convincing. Torres watched on eagerly, a wicked smile on her face, stroking herself as she watched.

“Yeah… oh… you’re GOOD at this, Harry! I guess you’ve had a lot of practice… hey, come on, harder…” Tom encouraged, grabbing Harry’s head and guiding him to deeper thrusts. Deeper and deeper, Tom pushed his head down, making him deep-throat him, which Harry didn’t find all that difficult seeing as how Torres’ “cock” is much bigger and he’d taken all of hers… Suddenly, Tom grabbed Harry’s head with both hands and started pumping Harry’s face, fucking his mouth vigorously. All Harry can do is try to keep up. Suddenly and a lot faster than Harry expected, Tom tensed up and thrust his hips all the way forward into Harry’s mouth. Harry’s lips were practically at Tom’s balls, his nose buried in his soft brown pubic hair. He heard Tom grunt loudly and felt the hot jets of cum shoot down his throat.

“Oh yeah, come in his mouth, Tom! Shoot it down his throat! Make him drink your cum!!!” Torres growled as she stroked her faux cock.

“Oh…. FUCK!” Tom groaned as he shot his load down Harry’s gullet. Harry was thinking only that he was thankful Tom’s cock was so deep he didn’t have to taste the cum.. then he caught himself wondering what it might really taste like if this had been the real Tom… he forced himself to stop thinking about it as Tom finished, pumped his face a few more times, and leaned back, relaxing for a bit.

“Man… that was good…” he said as Torres came up and french-kissed him. He grabbed her ass as they deeply kissed.

Kim started to pull off Tom’s still-hard cock, but to his surprise, Tom’s hand grabbed his head again and stopped him, “Whoa, Spunky! You’re not done yet! That’s just the first cum, to get me ready for a real fucking! Now that that’s out of the way, you can give me a nice, long, blowjob! Show me your technique!” he pushed Harry’s mouth back down on his cock, which had never even got soft, “and make it good, I’ve had the best back when I was in prison!”

“Oh, yeah, Harry, I forgot to mention, Tom has quite the stamina, he can cum usually three or four times in one night, without getting soft!” Torres now explained.

SURE he can, Harry thought to himself as he fellated the holoTom, if he was programmed by Torres he would obviously have super-stud stamina… this is just beginning, he thought to himself, as he started the long, slow blow job demanded of him.


“Seven of Nine pounds”


“All right, bitch, get this slip on so we’re ready when we get to Yasmina,” Janeway said, holding a thin, white satiny slip that looked almost long enough to cover Kes’ tight little ass if she stood up straight.

Suddenly there was a soft chime at the door. Janeway and Kes looked up at it, surprised.

“Who is it?” Janeway said, getting up , ready to hide Kes if it was Neelix, although it seemed unlikely seeing as how he won’t be able to walk comfortably for a while after his holodeck work-out.

“Seven of Nine, Captain”. Came the stolid voice from the other side.

Janeway relaxed and spoke “come”. The door slid open and Seven stepped in. She glanced over at Kes and raised an eyebrow, seeing her on the floor, naked, with her hands restrained behind her back, nipple clamps on and vibrator sticking out of her ass. The door closed behind her and Janeway spoke, “What’s the mater, Seven, you look… troubled.”

“Yes, Captain, I… I am .. uncomfortable.” Seven spoke with a vagueness that was uncommon for her.

Janeway stood up and grabbed her shoulder, “I know, Seven that it must be difficult for you, but I think you’re fitting in well… the crew is still adjusting to your… ‘unique’ demeanor, but I think you’ve proven yourself a very valuable member of this family… the astrometrics lab you and Ensign Kim have been working on is-“

“No, Captain, you misunderstand, ” Seven interrupted Janeway’s pep talk.

“Oh? Well, then, what did you mean?” Asked Janeway, a little concern showing on her features now, a concern that made Kes jealous, despite her humiliation…

“I am… physically uncomfortable…” Seven continued.

“You.. you mean the suit?” Asked Janeway, she knew it was tight and the heels were absurd, but it did wonders for crew morale, she’d hate to have someone with Seven’s body walk around in a dumpy engineer’s smock…

“No, Captain,” Seven replied, almost rudely, not knowing where Janeway would have gotten that idea, her Federation “uniform” was infinitely more comfortable than her Borg suit, she couldn’t imagine being much more comfortable, “I have.. internal pain… here,” Seven demonstrated by holding her hand on her lower belly.

“Pain?” Asked Janeway, concerned, “why come to me, you should be telling the Doctor-“

“The.. Doctor makes me uncomfortable as well, Captain.. I… I was hoping you could help me yourself, I know you…” Seven realized she was not getting through to Janeway, “I was mistaken, I will leave.”

“No, no, wait, I can help, just, here, sit down”

“I prefer to stand”

“Oh, yes, of course… OK, well.. how does it hurt?”

“It… is hard, and it.. moves, sometimes it makes noise”

“Makes noise… are you hungry?”

“Hungry… I do not think so-“

“The Doctor did tell you you should start eating…”

“I have been.”

“Oh, you have?”

“Yes.. Neelix… demonstrated how to eat.. he taught me to .. ‘chew”

“How long ago?”

“Seven days”

“Neelix… ” Janeway chucked at the picture of it, until she saw Seven’s unamused face, serious about her discomfort, “Well, did you keep eating?”

“Yes,” Seven continued, “I found it.. very inefficient… but I found once I’d started, I had regular urges for food… it has become quite an inconvenience”

“Yes, your body is adjusting to eating, you’re digestive system hasn’t been used in… ” Janeway trailed off, suddenly making a connection, “Seven, have you… gone to the bathroom?”

“What? ” Asked Seven.

“Gone.. to the bathroom, you know… excreted?” Asked Janeway

“I.. am unfamiliar with the process”

“Of course… if Neelix had to show you how to eat.. someone would have to show you how to… get rid of it.”

“Will this alleviate the pain?”

“I think so, Seven”, smiled Janeway.

“Will you.. teach me?”

Janeway thought for a moment, then smiled, a very wicked smile, “Yes, yes I will…” and she looked at Kes. Seven looked as well. Kes looked up at them, and the look of horror and realization came across her face.

Before long, Janeway was standing over Kes’ face once again in the bathroom squirting the last of her piss into the petite blonde girl’s full mouth.

“Swallow” Janeway ordered and Seven watched on as Kes swallowed every last drop of Janeway’s urine.

“Wipe” Kes licked Janeway’s pussy lips clean of piss, as she has three times every day for the past couple years.

“Now, your turn, Seven.”

Seven looked on for a second, absorbing the concept, then undressed quickly with one zip. Both Kes and Janeway were dumbfounded by the statuesque nude beauty suddenly before them. Both Janeway and Kes began to get wet looking at her. Seven, of course, was totally unaware of her effect on the two women and looked at Janeway expectantly.

“What? Oh, of course, take a seat, Seven,” Janeway got up and made room for Seven. Kes looked at Janeway, a little apprehensive, then at Seven who promptly took her spot on Kes’ face. Kes stared up at the blonde amazon who’s bald pussy was now pressed firmly in her open mouth. Seven looked up from Kes’ face and at Janeway.

“What do I do now…?”

“Just.. relax… it will come naturally… just relax your pelvic muscles… let the pressure in your bladder go.”

Seven looked pensive for a second, then looked down… and tried. Kes looked up at her expectantly, waiting … then , very suddenly, Seven’s hot, concentrated dark yellow piss began to fill her mouth… very quickly, and with a lot of force- it filled her mouth so quickly she was swallowing mouthfuls loudly, audibly,

“I… I think I am doing it Captain!” Seven said, watching Kes.

“I’d say so! Good job, Seven, keep it going, let it go!”

“This is much easier than I anticipated captain…” Seven said as she continued to piss down Kes throat. Kes’ eyes were wide open, surprised how much piss was coming from this woman.. she’d had never had this much piss from any one person before, and this was this woman’s first piss in twenty years! In a way, she was honored to be the receptacle of this very special gift.

As Seven’s piss went on, unabated, Janeway was amazed, she stood there, grinning to herself, wide-eyed, trying to imagine how much piss was pouring into her little slavegirl’s tummy. She wanted to touch herself, this scene was just so damn hot to her, her petite little blonde slave drinking pints of hot piss front this goddess of a woman a easily twice her size.

Finally, Seven felt the piss subside, and she lifted off Kes’ mouth, filled to the brim with her amber-orange concentrated piss, “I believe I am done, Captain… ” she said as a last few drops and rivulets dripped from her engorged pussy lips splashing audibly into Kes’ mouth, making ripples. Seven looked up at Janeway who was smiling impishly. She nodded in agreement. Seven looked back down at Kes and ordered her more sternly than Janeway had ever heard, “Swallow.” Kes’s twat spasmed at the command, as did Janeway’s, then Kes kept her mouth open as she drained the last of the incredibly strong piss down her throat.

“Wipe,” ordered Seven as she finished. Kes raised up to eagerly lick the remaining piss off of her bald pussy.

“This… procedure is not… unpleasant, Captain.”

“I know, Seven, kind of makes up for the inconvenience of eating, doesn’t it?”

“Yes, but I do not think it has worked, I am still in pain.”

“Oh yes, of course, that was simply the first part, for the second part, we’ll have to turn Kes here around…”

Seven stood up and Kes looked at Janeway, surprised, she had only ever serviced Janeway, and never quite like that! Certainly she had cleaned her afterward, she had had Janeway fart in her mouth during her anal worshippings, but never… never this far… Now she was going to make her do it for Seven!!!

“Turn around, Kes, and open wide…” Kes became nervous, shaking in anticipation and fear.. this was it… the last vestiges of her pride, the final frontier of her humiliation… but she did as her Mistress commanded, and she turned around to face Seven’s ass, tilted her head back and opened wide.

“Now, Seven squat down, legs spread wide, and put your anus right on her mouth…”

Seven looked down, and carefully did just so…

“And now-?” Seven was cut off by the loud, wet sound of a long, nasty fart that exploded out of her ass right into Kes’ mouth, it took all three women by surprise, especially Kes, who started to struggle, but couldn’t get away from Seven’s ass. The sound was extremely obscene and Kes’ cheeks turned red as they flapped from the escaping fart gas that didn’t shoot out her nose or go down into her lungs. Janeway could smell the escaped gas and it was one of the downright nastiest farts she had ever smelled… and it turned her on to no end knowing that most of it was going right in her little toilet girl’s mouth.

“You’ve got it now, Seven, just let it come naturally!”

“As you said, this does seem natural-,” Another wet fart exploded from her ass, filling Kes’ mouth… Janeway went behind her and knelt down at Kes’s side and saw the panicked look in her eyes, and saw shit specs on her cheeks. Seeing this, she new these were dirty farts, sending wet shit projectiles all over the inside of Kes’ mouth… however bad the farts smelled to Janeway, they must taste much worse. She just hoped Kes wouldn’t just faint.. of course, she’d never let her down before…

“I… I think it may be stuck, Captain,” Seven said with some consternation.

“You have to push, Seven,” Janeway urged her.


“Yes, how do I explain it… just… push it out with your stomach muscles… you know, flex your abs a bit,” Janeway suggested. She watched as Seven did just that and she began to grunt.

“This is NOT working,” Seven protested.

“Harder, Seven, you normally do this at least once a day, it’s only because you’ve waited so long, try harder…”

“Very well… I will try again…”

Seven pushed and pushed, farting a few times, grunting… Janeway looked down into Kes’ eyes, running her fingers through her hair, smiling, getting wetter with each fart, each grunt from Seven.

“Captain, I think it may be moving…” Seven said, a mild look of surprise and renewed dedication on her face.

Janeway looked down at Kes, and whispered, “Hope you’re hungry, Kes, your first brown meal is going to be a big one, a whole week’s worth…”

“Yes, captain, I feel it.. here it comes… UNGH!” Sevens face contorted with the effort.

With a loud fart, the first shit from Seven’s ass in over twenty years started to emerge, it slid smoothly out of her anus, which is distended almost a three whole inches into Kes’ open mouth. Kes looked up at Janeway now who was still running her fingers soothingly through her hair. She was unsure what to do with the shit log now filling her mouth, making it’s way to the back of her throat,

“Whoa, Seven, hold on…” Janeway cautioned.

“Unacceptable Captain, I must get this out!” Seven grunted and continued to push.

“Uh-oh, Kes, you’d better start chewing!” Janeway warned.

Seven continued relentlessly expelling a monster turd into Kes’ tiny mouth. Kes chewed her first shit meal from a woman’s ass. It was bitter and chunky, very thick and acrid, extremely pungent and concentrated. The taste was overwhelming, but before she had long to think about it, the masticated parts of the shit got practically shoved down her throat by more hard shitlog. She swallowed the partially chewed shit and began chewing the rest. Janeway watched as the visible lump in Kes’ throat made it’s way down. She touched it, amazed at the idea that she was feeling real human shit slide down her little slave’s throat…

Kes flushed with pure humiliation as she gulped down her first meal from another woman’s ass, her degradation now complete. Suddenly, Kes sensed a presence… someone watching them… maybe some sort of alien presence. She wanted to tell the Captain, but the mouthful of shit forcing it’s way down her throat made that a little difficult. However, the thought disappeared from her mind when a loud, nauseating fart blew another large load into her mouth, squishing the shit in her mouth and filling out her cheeks. She quickly forgot about the presence she might have felt and concentrated again on chewing and swallowing the loads of shit she most definitely felt sliding down her gullet.

Seven continued to grunt and push as more and more shit filled Kes’ mouth. Janeway watched in amazement as Kes bit off and chewed each and every piece she got fed, shit smearing on her lips and cheeks and on Seven’s ass, but otherwise, going down her throat in large lumps. She watched with pride and awe as her toilet girl became a true, total toilet to a woman who hadn’t shit in twenty years and had a week’s full of shit for her that no doubt tasted worse since it’s all waste from Neelix’s so-called food.

Janeway began to masturbate as she watched Kes take everything Seven fed her. The shit and farts kept coming, Janeway’s whole bathroom reeked of concentrated shit. The smell would be in her quarters for days. As she watched Kes chug down the shit like chocolate from a pump in some old children’s fantasy film she loved as a child about a crazy chocolate factory…

“It is coming easier, Now, Captain.. I can’t seem to control it…” Seven stated.

“That’s okay, let it flow, Seven,” Janeway encouraged the big blonde crap factory dumping into her busy little beaver’s gorged mouth.

“Very well…” Seven continued with her task with uninhibited determination.

With a loud, wet sounding extremely long shit, Kes’ mouth filled to the brim with soft, slimy shit, more pungent than before. This was the newer shit, fresher and stronger, and definitely made from some sort of spicy food, slimy and strong. Kes gave up trying to swallow, the shit was coming too fast, some of it dripping down her chin, it was so soft she could just swallow it straight down. Occasionally there were some small solid chunks mixed in, but they went down easy. She let the vulgar image of herself literally drinking this quiche-like shit from this woman’s ass occupy her mind as she set about her task of swallowing every last bit of crap Seven had saved up… she was not going to disappoint Janeway now who was vigorously masturbating as she watched, enjoying her front-row seat to the most perverse scene she’d ever witnessed.

“This is working, Captain, I feel the pain and fullness beginning to abate… “

But as Janeway watched, and Kes swallowed, the shit kept on coming, Kes’ cheeks regularly bulging and hollowing as the shit filled her mouth and she swallowed, Janeway couldn’t believe what she was watching…

Kes couldn’t believe what she was doing… she didn’t know when this would stop. The shit was getting runnier now… and slowly it stopped… eased off, she took this opportunity to finish the remaining shit in her mouth. She swallowed sown some of the slimier pieces stuck in her gums, and some chewy pieces in her teeth, and began to lick Seven’s anus to finish up.

Janeway was still masturbating with one hand, still holding Kes’ head with the other, forcing it tight against Sevens’ ass, “Yeah, lick her ass, Kes, clean it inside and out, fuck her ass with your tongue, get it up there- clean it inside and out! Tongue-fuck her ass! ” Janeway was really frigging herself now, raspily breathing the commands into Kes’ ear.

Kes obeyed, opening her mouth as wide as she could and sticking her long tongue deep into Seven’s perfect ass. Ocampas have longer tongues than humans, left over from their evolutionary past for grooming, they had a kind of rough texture. This also meant they had considerably more taste buds. However nasty Seven’s shit might have tasted to a human, Kes tasted it ten times as strongly! Her ten inch tongue delved deep into the statuesque blonde woman’s asshole, cleaning out two decades worth of saved up shit. She licked it clean from the inside out, getting every last morsel, every list soft shit streak, and she swallowed it all down. Kes was amazed that she hadn’t thrown up, that she’d managed to repress her gagging reflexes and accomplish this task. She attributed it to Janeway’s methodical training of her to accempt any kink, any perversion, any humiliation. She realized this was the beginning of a new level for her and her Mistress, and the end of her old life and the beginning as a new one. She was now a total slave, a completely submissive slut, a real living toilet. Kes became aware of Seven’s sphincter flexing about her tongue. Janeway looked up at Seven, she had a confused look on her face.

“Captain, I – ” Seven was cut of by the sound of a loud, long extended gurgle from her midsection. She looked at Janeway with alarm.

Suddenly, Seven’s bowels exploded with liquid shit- diarrhea shot outof her ass, over Kes’ tongue and right into her wide-open mouth.

“Oh my god!” Janeway was shocked, Kes’ mouth filled up quickly, and despite the tight seal on Seven’s ass, some diarrhea shot out and sprayed Kes’ face, Seven’s ass, and Janeway’s face. Janeway immediately renewed her grip on Kes’ head and tightened the coupling between Kes lips and Seven’s asshole.

For her part, Kes drew her tongue back into her mouth, having to repress her gagging urges once again. The first wave of diarrhea had shot right over her tongue and saturated every crevice of it with liquid shit. The experience of feeling the colon open and release a torrent of liquid shit cascading down over her entire sensitive tongue and right into her waiting gaping mouth was one that would live vividly in her mind forever. Unfortunately, pulling her tongue out only increased the flow of watery crap from Seven’s rectum. In shock, Kes had not yet swallowed the first wave and her cheeks were quickly swelling. On top of this, Janeway had pushed her head back against Seven’s ass and Seven was pushing back on her as well. Kes had no leverage and couldn’t pull away even if she’d been insolent enough to try. Kes has closed her throat in an effort not to choke, but the force of the expulsion just rerouted the diarrhea up into her nose.

Janeway was now furiously frigging herself when she saw slimy brown rivulets of shitsauce begin to run out of Kes’ nose! “Swallow, you stupid bitch, or you’ll suffocate!”

Janeway’s admonition brought Kes back to reality. She realized Janeway was right, if she didn’t start swallowing, she wouldn’t be able to breath! Kes opened her gullet but didn’t even have to swallow- the fluid feces forced it’s way right down her throat. The pressure in her cheeks literally shoved the diarrhea down into her already full stomach to join the rest of Seven’s shit.

Janeway watched transfixed as lump after lump went down Kes’ throat. She heard the audible gulps as mouthful after mouthful of Seven’s brown nectar shot down into the girl’s belly. Kes looked at Janeway with pleading, desperate eyes, glazed over by the ethereal fantasy of the scene. Janeway looked deeply into her eyes, on the verge of ecstasy, her fingers a blur in her sopping cunt, her eyes heavily lidded, her breaths coming short and sharp. Kes groaned and the dildo that has been in her ass popped out with a wet fart- Seven’s shit had filled her guts so much she couldn’t hold her own gasses!

This put Janeway over the edge and she came in loud long groans, “OHHhhhhh FUCK!!! YESSssss! UGH! UGH! Ughhhh…, ” she spasmed and convulsed, jerking her pelvis back roughly with every contraction. Kes watched her Mistress have her most powerful orgasm yet, detached from the grotesque fact that she was gulping down another woman’s flowing excrement. As humiliated and repulsed she was by what Janeway had made her do these last couple years, bringing her Mistress to orgasm was always the ultimate reward, she felt proud of herself, valuable the one who had transformed her life to this depraved state. With passion, now, she actively swallowed the gushing defecation down her throat. Seven was grunting and spurt of diarrhea surged into Kes’ mouth, but now she was keeping up. And after a few more mouthfuls, the stream began to subside and Kes actively sucked the foul juices out of Seven’s now well-traveled rectum. Finally, there was none left and Seven lifted herself up slightly off Kes’ ass and sighed in relief. Seven turned her head to look down over her shoulder at Kes. The strain of the event had actually displaced a strand of hair from Seven’s usually rock-solid coif.

“Wipe,” Seven commanded.

Kes shot a glance over to Janeway who was now limp against the bathroom wall, her eyes half open, glazed by the power of her orgasm, her exhausted hand was draped over tone of her dripping wet thighs as she gazed dreamily on Kes. Kes went right to work, licking the liquid shit off of Seven’s buttcheeks and the crack of her ass. Once again she sank her impressive tongue deep into Seven’s anal cavity and licked it spotless. When she at last withdrew her tongue from Seven’s fecal temple, Janeway was now by her side again and presented the shit-eating little cunt with her diarrhea-splattered face. Kes licked it clean then she licked the excess shit and diarrhea off her own lips and cheeks, getting every last morsel. Finally, Janeway bent down and gave her a long, wet, passionate prolonged french kiss, swirling her tongue around her filthy mouth, probing her orally. Seven was now standing aside, feeling her stomach. Janeway at last broke the liplock and gazed lovingly into Kes’ eyes with pride. Kes felt a deep warmness and forgot entirely how utterly disgusting and depraved what she had just done was. She was lost in the loving, approving gaze of her Mistress…

“I feel… relieved…” Seven said thoughtfully.

“You did very well, Seven” Janeway said, standing up.

“And this is how it is always done?” Seven inquired.

“Oh, yes, this is totally normal, you should come back once a day and do it,” Janeway made the suggestion that made Kes’ pussy lips quiver and her stomach gurgle.

“I find it… efficient, ” Seven declared, “The Borg do nor believe in waste, everything is recycled. In this way you are similar, this is acceptable.”

“So you’ll come back once a day, then?” Janeway offered.

“Agreed. I feel.. empty now.” Seven said.

“Well, you’re probably pretty hungry now, that was an incredible load!” Janeway explained.

“Very well, I will return tomorrow,” Seven said and picked up her “uniform”.

“Just a minute, Seven- Kes, isn’t there something you want to say to Seven for the gift she gave you?” Janeway asked.

Kes looked up at Janeway and then at Seven, “Thank you… for your shit, Seven…”

“Mistress Seven, ” Janeway corrected her.

“Thank you, Mistress Seven,” Kes said.

“You are… welcome, ” Seven replied, looking right into Kes’ eyes..

“Now give her a nice thank you kiss and lick that dildo clean while I walk her out,” Janeway instructed her.

Kes leaned forward and Janeway turned Seven around and bent her over and spread Seven’s cheeks wide. Kes leaned forward and planted a wet puckered up kiss of gratitude on Seven’s altar of shit with an audible smack.

“Very nice, let’s go, Seven, ” Janeway walked Seven out into the bedroom.

Kes looked on, lost in thought at what she had just done for the first time. She knew it would most certainly not be the last. She remembered Janeway’s orders and picked up the dildo and sucked it clean, licking her own shit-stains off the big black monstrosity. She wondered what it might be like to lick her own shit off it next time, shit that was leftover shit, recycled a second time, and maybe a third.

“Okay, shove that thing back up your ass, it’s clean, ” Janeway interrupted Kes’ contemplation.

Kes complied and with some difficulty managed to wedge the artificial phallus back in her asshole.

“Hey, hand me that tricorder… I want to see how much you ate!” Janeway said.

Kes herself was a little perversely curious and did as ordered. She handed the tricorder to Janeway who ran it over Kes quickly. Kes and Janeway both looked at the display screen, it read 107.

“107? How much did you weigh this morning?” Janeway asked.

“100…” Kes replied, realizing at the same time as Janeway she’d suddenly gained seven pounds… of pure shit!

“Seven pounds! My goodness!” Janeway smiled widely in amazement and put her hand on her hip, shaking her head and inspected the dirty little human toilet that stood before her, her flat little belly bloated with seven pounds of pure excrement: concentrated piss and shit!

“Well, ” Janeway continued, walking to Kes and leading her by her nipple chain back to her spot on the bathroom floor, “let’s see if we can make it nine or so, because I’m next.”

Kes remembered that Janeway had not yet taken a shit herself. She got down on her knees and assumed the position, mouth open and waiting. She wasn’t sure where Janeway expected her to fit her shit, but she’d try her best.

“All right, girlie, you should be an expert at this by now, so open up, I’m gonna pinch a loaf down that your nasty little gullet of yours!” Janeway hissed with a wicked grin and turned around and sat her quivering asshole right on Kes’ gaping maw.

Kes was in heaven with the first lewd, nauseating and filthy wet fart.


“Tom, Dick, and Harry, Part 2”


Harry Kim grunted in pain through a mouthful of dick as Torres plunged her massive cock up his ass to the hilt again, a new record for Harry’s ass, he’s certain. By now she’s been riding his ass for the better part of an hour, and in that time, “Tom” has cum down his throat two more times, the last time fifteen minutes ago. His overworked jaw got tired and sore a long time ago, now he’s just relaxed it and let Tom face-fuck him. He didn’t have the energy to resist, it had taken him all his strength to keep himself from just collapsing between the two lovers. If the real Tom really was this virile he could see why Torres and he made such a good match, they could both fuck non-stop for what seemed like hours…

“How’s that ass, Honey?” Tom asked, as he fucked Harry’s face.

“Oo, tight, babe, you’ll have to give it a shot… next time, after it’s had a chance to recover…” Torres said huskily as she rammed it home again.

“God that looks hot, she’s really giving it to you, Harry!” Paris marveled as he glanced over to get a good view of his girlfriend’s cock ravaging his friend’s ass, “I’ve never seen a cock that big before, not even on a REAL Klingon! And I’d know, I was in jail, remember?”

Torres leaned forward to get a better view of Harry’s face getting fucked by cock, drool running out of his mouth and down his chin, “Oh fuck, Harry, your ass was MADE for fucking! Ungh! ghay’cha’!…. It’s so nice and tight! It’s taking all I’ve got to not cum in here…” Torres grabbed him around the waist with one arm and held herself up with the other and really started driving it home, pummeling his ass with her strong, very developed Klingon leg , butt and pelvic muscles, her ridged cock becoming a brown blur plundering the small hairless ass of her boyfriend’s best friend. His poor, abused asshole would look ridiculously stretched if Harry could see it. Almost unbelievable, but the half-Klingon engineer had trained it over the past couple years to accommodate an absurd amount of cock…

“Oh FUCK, I’m coming! Oh Harry, I’m gonna fill you up with my come! Fuck!” Torres grunted with animalistic desire. the bioconnectors that made the holocock feel just as real to her as it does to Harry pushed her over the edge, sensing the contractions in her pelvic muscles and using them to trigger the cum spurts out of her cock and deep into Harry’s bowels. Another thing she’d been modifying and experimenting with was her come. At first, it was just a pink variation of Harry’s, but she’d modified it over time. It was still pink, but she’d varied the texture, taste, and especially the amount. As she shot wad after sizable wad into his intestines, Harry remembered the first time she came in his mouth with her new cum amount. She’d outdone herself and he swore he’d drunk a quart of cum by the time she’d finished cumming. He remembered being disgusted with himself when he went to have dinner that night and realized he wasn’t hungry since he’d already consumed almost a gallon of her thick, viscous cum that day… Now all he could think about was how long he’d be shitting Klingon cum diarrhea (another Torres engineering feat, he was sure)… but his thoughts were cut short when he realized Tom was really fucking his face hard now, and would be ready to cum again…

“Oh fuck! Yeah! Ungh!” With one last deep thrust, Torres pumped the last of her replicated jizz into the young ensign’s asshole, “Mmm, that should keep you filled up for a while, my little cum repository!” she said as she slapped him on the ass.

“Oh God! This is it! I’m cumming!” Tom yelled as he actually pulled away, and out of Kim’s mouth.

Torres quickly leaned back and pulled Harry with her so that they were both on their knees, Tom came forward, holding his cock tightly, “Open up!”

Torres grabbed Harry’s jaw and he opened wide, sticking out his tongue, waiting for the cumshot. He wouldn’t avoid tasting it this time, Tom was aiming it right on his tongue!

Tom held his cock tight, right over Harry’s extended tongue and open mouth. Harry looked up at him and just as he looked back at Tom’s cock, Tom groaned loudly and let the first string of hot cum fly- it shot right into Kim’s mouth, to the back of his throat, and in a string along his tongue. Tom held his cock firmly in place and let the next load fly, this time, entirely on Kim’s tongue.

“Oh yeah, fill his mouth, Tommy! Give him all of it!” Torres rasped, watching enraptured.

Tom shot load after load right onto Harry’s tongue, making sure he tasted it this time. By the time he finished and the last few drops were slowly dripping from his cock, Kim’s tongue was totally covered in white cum. Torres sucked the extra come off Harry’s chin and stood up, bent over and slowly drooled the excess come into his mouth, staring into Harry’s defeated eyes as she did so.

“Wait” she ordered, and got her holocamera, “I need a close-up of this!” She pointed it right at Harry’s face and said, “OK, down the hatch, cocksucker!”

And with that order, Harry finally brought this most recent holoprogram in humiliation to an end by swallowing the mouthful of cum with his mouth still open so the camera could watch it go down, as he’d been taught so many time before.

“And… cut!” Torres turned off the holocamera. “Excellent performance, Harry! You’re a natural! You’re a star, baby! A natural born whore!”

“Wow, that was great, B’Elanna! When you told me about this, I didn’t really believe you, but this was.. wow! I’ll definitely have to try this program again, you really did a bang-up job on him!” Tom said as he got dressed, “Shit, I’ve got to get down to Yamina, I’ll be late if I don’t get going, thanks again!” And with that, he kissed Torres and said: “Exit.”

Harry watched in pure horror as Lt. Tom Paris stepped through the exit and OUT OF THE HOLODECK!

“Wha-what- how?!” Harry began to stammer…

“Oh, yes, Harry, he’s quite real! And he thinks YOU’RE the holoprogram! Sure, I could have probably convinced him to join us for real, but this seemed easier, it’s fantasy… to him anyway, I figure it makes him more free, less guilt, and more likely to do whatever the fuck he wants, you know rape you like a real true bitch… after all, you’re just a holoprogram! Well, better get dressed, I wouldn’t want to be you when Seven finds you- you’re an hour late for your shift! Very ‘inefficient’!” And with that, she deactivated the holoprogram, her precious holomonstrosity of a dick disappeared and she left Harry sitting there in a pool of pink Klingon cum leaking out of his used and distended asshole, alone with only the hologrid and very very much confused.




“Captain, I’m detecting a Hirogen ship warping in at maximum speed,” reported Tuvok.

Janeway spun to look at the viewscreen and at the approaching Hirogen ship. She stood up for a more dramatic camera angle, “Mr. Paris! Get us out of here- maximum warp!”

“Aye, captain, maximum warp!” Paris punched in the command.

The Voyager warped instantly away from the scene, the Hirogen pursuing closely.

“Urk!” Paris grabbed his throat and fell to the floor.

“Tom, what’s the matter?” Janeway asked.

“I’m… turning into a catfish again!” Tom said and sank to the floor.

Janeway tapped her commbadge, “Medical emergency on the bridge!”

“Doctor here, ” replied the Holodoctor, “I’ll be right there!”

“Doctor, bring a fresh water fishbowl, too,” Janeway added with a straight face.

“Excuse me?!”

“Just do it!” Janeway responded and cut the communication. She turned to Chakotay, “Chakotay, we cant afford to slow down. If I turn into a catfish again, you are to keep me in a fishbowl in my ready room and feed me chips and crackers.”

“Crackers?” Chakotay was a little confused.

“Crushed, of course!” Janeway clarified.

“Er, don’t worry Captain, if something were to happen to you, I’d do my best to get the ship home,” Chakotay assured her, wondering about the mental stability of his captain.

“No, no, I will still be giving orders,” Janeway continued, “I will use Morse code to communicate with you utilizing the pattern of my feces.”

“Uh… ” Chakotay didn’t know how to respond. The Doctor walked onto the bridge and saw Paris.

“Oh, no, not again!” The Doctor sighed and put Tom the catfish in the fish tank.

“Chakotay, I’ll be in my quarters,” Janeway said on her way out, “I’m going to draw a bath and sit in the tub so that when I turn into a catfish I’ll be able to breathe,” she completed as she left.

Torres walked up to Chakotay, “Chakotay, this is ridiculous, she cant expect us to follow those orders!”

Chakotay spun and barked at Torres, “She’s the Captain of this ship and she can command this ship from a fishbowl on top of her desk using fecal Morse code to communicate if she wants to!” Chakotay realized what he was saying and lowered his voice and looked down, massaging his temples, “I’m sorry… we’ve all been feeling the stress.”

“Commander,” Tuvok interrupted, “The Hirogen ship has pulled away.”

Everyone looked at Tuvok, surprised.

“Just like that?” Chakotay asked.

“Yes.” replied Tuvok.

“Oh.” Chakotay said, “Someone should go tell the Captain.”

“I’ll do it,” said the Doctor, holding Paris in a fishbowl, “I’m going that way anyway. It’ll take me about a day to turn Paris back into his cheery simian self!”

“A day!?!” Torres ran up to accompany him to sickbay and keep an eye on her devolved boyfriend.

As the Doctor and Torres strode out, Chakotay sat down and almost laughed when he conjured the image of Janeway sitting naked, soaking in her tub, waiting to turn into a catfish again. Only, the image was as arousing as it was funny. He was looking forward to going on this diplomatic mission on Yasmina, it would give them some time alone… together.


Chakotay and Marlin stood at the transporter pad waiting for Janeway to arrive. He was in full dress uniform for their meeting with the Yasmina, a civilization of people who might be able to assist them in this sector, perhaps even help them get home. Chakotay was amazed by how many times they ran into people like this. Seemed like almost once a week. They had already transported up a large supply of jalepenos (or the local equivalent) for Neelix’s “Mexicano Night”. Chakotay was happy he would be down planetside and would have to miss the latest culinary experiment of the annoying little Talaxian. He looked over at Lt. Farrely, the transporter operator. As much as he hated to admit it, he missed Seska. Chakotay and she would occasionally risk a quick fuck behind the transporter console while they were waiting for the rest of the landing party to show up. But now Seska was dead, Chakotay wondered when he’d find a piece of ass fine enough to replace her. The Captain was a hot-blooded woman, but so far they hadn’t been able to develop much of a relationship yet.

“Ah, Commander, ready for action?” Janeway interrupted his thoughts as she came striding in in full dress uniform.

“Yes, Captain, we-” Chakotay stopped in mid-sentence when he saw Kes. She was wearing a clingy white thin dress that looked like no more than a slip. It barely covered her ass and her breasts were exposed. On her nipples were two gold nipple clamps joined by a thin gold chain that functioned as a leash for Janeway to lead Kes around by. The overall effect was… distracting, to say the least. Chakotay looked at Marlin who just shrugged and smirked back at him.

“Uh… Captain, I don’t mean to second guess your judgment, but don’t you think bringing her down on a diplomatic mission might not be a good idea?” Chakotay warned.

“Nonsense, Chakotay, she’ll be useful in reading the negotiator’s true intents,” Janeway offered casually.

Chakotay looked at Kes. She was flushed a deep red and had her head bowed all the way down in either shame or humiliation or by obedience, Chakotay couldn’t tell. Perhaps all three. He’d heard rumors about Janeway and Kes, but he’d never seen such a public display of humiliation from them until now. He wondered if Neelix had found out yet. With that news investigative show he’d started, he was amazing that no-one had told Neelix or he hadn’t just stumbled upon it by sheer dumb luck. Chakotay remembered how Janeway had orchestrated the apparent “death” of Kes shortly after Seven arrived on board. Neelix had become obsessive of Kes after she’d dumped him and the only way to get him off her back was to put on a good show and make it seem like she was dead. Chakotay had thought then that it was Janeway’s master plan, but seeing now Kes’ obedient demeanor, he wasn’t so sure it wasn’t her idea to begin with…

“Don’t worry,” Janeway sighed, “I’ll remove the clamps and cover her up when we’re not in private for the sake of the negotiations.

Chakotay sighed in relief as they stepped up onto the platform.

“Energize,” ordered Janeway.

Nothing happened.

“Lt. Farrely!” barked Chakotay, “The captain gave you an order!”

Lt. Farrely snapped out of his daze and stopped fantasizing about Janeway and Kes long enough to activate the transporter and beam the trio down to the coordinated transmitted by the Office of the Prime Minister of Yasmina. As soon as they had dematerialized, he raced off to the bathroom to masturbate feverishly.


“The Land of Milk and Honey”


Seven of Nine worked at one of the newly installed consoles in the center of the new Astrometrics Lab. Ensign Kim, in typically human fashion, was off taking care of some “personal” business. The only other person working in the lab was crewman Karen Wilson. Seven stopped working and regarded crewman Wilson. Seven found the dirty blonde woman efficient, especially for an ex-Maquis. She had heard others speak of crewman Wilson as a “cold fish”. Seven didn’t quite get the metaphor, but she did feel the woman had a disdain for most people, especially Seven. It didn’t matter, of course, whether crewman Wilson “liked” Seven or not was irrelevant as long as she did her job capably, which she did.

Crewman Wilson felt Seven’s stare on her and looked back at her. Seven was standing oddly, shifting her weight back and forth from foot to foot. Karen didn’t care for Seven, the ex-Borg just wormed her way into Janeway’s favor and thought she was hot shit. And she strutted around in her skin-tight catsuit, showing off her body, giving every guy who passed a cheap thrill. Granted, she had an incredible body, but she should show a little more modesty.

“Is something wrong?” Karen asked, noticing Seven was still shifting her weight and looked distracted.

“I… am fine,” Seven realized she’d been staring and also realized she’d been shifting her weight in an unconscious effort to relieve pressure from her full bladder. Kes was down on the planet with the Captain and was not available for Seven’s use. Of course, the Captain did say that that was the normal way of handling such needs, so…

“3 of 11,” Seven spoke in her cold, authoritative tone.

Crewman Wilson realized Seven was addressing her with her Borg-style designation and turned around… and saw Seven strutting directly toward her, unzipping her catsuit as she did so, her bountiful breasts were already freed from confinement, literally springing forth from the silver skin-tight outfit.

“What-” Karen tried to speak, but couldn’t think of anything to say. Seven was completely naked now and 2 steps away from her.

“Your services are required, ” Seven stated.

“Wait-” Karen started, but Seven grabbed her by her short bob haircut and pulled back until Karen fell to her knees. By the time she thought to struggle, Seven had already straddled her face, her large pussy lips covering her mouth, her blonde curly pubic hair tickling the inside of Karen’s nostrils. Seven’s Borg-enhanced muscles held her head in place and her thighs squeezed on Karen’s jaw forcing her mouth open. Karen was in shock, her struggles half-hearted because she still hadn’t realized exactly what was going on. Did Seven expect her to give her oral sex? Did Borg drones have sex?

Suddenly a hot, acrid liquid shot into Karen’s open mouth, snapping her instantly out of her daze. Seven was pissing in her mouth! She’s using me as a human toilet! Karen thought to herself in sudden realization. Enraged, she started struggling with all her might, coughing up the urine, trying not to swallow it. Tasting it was not an option, it had already poured over her tongue and saturated her taste buds. With all her might, she tried to struggle free of Seven. She glared up at the built blonde Borg woman, her eyes filled with rage, her screams of protest muffled by Seven’s labia and drowned in her strong dark yellow piss, now spilling out over her chin and staining her uniform.

“Hold still, ” Seven admonished her, “you are not doing this correctly…” Seven, with minimal visible effort, set her stance to effectively resist Karen’s struggling.

Karen realized she couldn’t stop Seven and resigned herself to cooperating. If she tried to fight back, she’d just end up getting hurt. She looked up into Seven’s eyes and tried to resist with her glare if not with the rest of her body; she’d report this to the Captain as sh\oon as she got free. But as she sat there, drinking down this incredible woman’s golden urine, she realized it was Seven whose glare was burning into her. Her deep blue doe eyes bore down on Karen, dominating her. Despite herself, Karen found herself swallowing willingly, her hands drifted down to her crotch, which was radiating heat. Karen looked deep into Seven’s eyes as her tongue played in the stream of the bigger woman’s piss. The taste of Seven’s liquid waste burned itself into her memory forever as the golden nectar cascaded over her slithering tongue.

Seven continued to piss and noticed Karen had ceased struggling. Resistance was, of course, futile. Suddenly, when Karen’s tongue flickered across Seven’s clit, Seven shuddered, her eyelids flickered and her lips parted, letting slip the slightest of sighs.

Karen picked up on Seven’s reaction and started purposely flicking her piss-drenched tongue across Seven’s rapidly engorging clitoris. Seven began to moan, gyrating her hips subtly, all the while still releasing a torrent of liquid gold down Karen’s throat. Karen couldn’t resist anymore and slipped her right hand into her pants and started feverishly fingering her own sopping wet cunt. With her other hand, she grabbed Seven’s ass cheek and held on for dear life as Seven gyrated on her face, delighting in Karen’s impromptu cunnilingus. Seven was not visibly breathing heavier, her eyes still locked on Karen’s. Karen’s cries of protest had now turned to moans of pleasure and perversion. Seven dropped her other hand and grabbed Karen’s head, and started riding her tongue. As her piss stream continued unabated, her gyrations became more forceful, her breathing more rapid and shallow… her gasps turned to mewling moans and groans, her brow furrowed. Karen, for her part, tried to keep up with the complex task of frigging her own clit, tonguing Seven, and swallowing her nasty urine.

Suddenly, Seven threw her head back and tightened every muscle in her body. Karen stuck her tongue in Seven’s cunt and extended it as far as she could, opening her mouth all the way, ready to let Seven’s mix of cum and piss fill her mouth. Seven jerked repeatedly, releasing an almost painful sounding grunt each time she squirted her orgasm juice and the last of the contents of her bladder over the other woman’s tongue and into her waiting, eager mouth. Karen, herself, let the cum and piss store up, savored the taste, and as she swallowed in large gulps, came hard herself, both her hands now flying over her clit and in her cunt. Her orgasmic spasms shaking excess piss off of her over Seven’s legs and the floor, her grunts of pleasure vibrating Seven’s cunt lips.

Finally, Seven looked back down and opened her eyes. She looked right into Karen’s eyes, half-open and filled with lust and post-orgasmic glaze. Sweat coated Karen’s brow and matted down the hair around her forehead. Seven released her hold on Karen’s head and relaxed. Karen’s tongue played over Seven’s puffy pussy lips as her mouth slowly pulled off of the taller woman’s mound. A film of sweat, cunt juice, saliva and urine coated Karen’s mouth and Seven’s pubis. The two body parts parted with a wet slick slimy sound, the mixture of bodily fluids having formed a seal between the two women. Karen’s jaw was sore, her mouth having formed itself to fit Seven’s mound. Her mouth hung open and saliva or sweat or piss or pussy juice spilled out, over her chin and onto her breasts, bare now. Karen didn’t remember exactly when she’d unzipped her uniform top, but it didn’t matter much to her right then. She just leaned back against the wall and slumped, exhausted, covered in bodily fluids from both of the spent women.

“That was satisfactory, ” Seven said, already zipping her catsuit back up. She looked over at 3 of 11, her hair a complete mess, her lipstick smeared, her mouth hanging open, drooling, her eyes half-open and glazed, one hand still down her pants which were down around her hips, her pear-sized breasts exposed, nipples erect . A slight smile of contentment was visible on the woman’s face, and Seven realized it was the first time she’d seen crewman Wilson without a frown.

“I will expect your tasks to be complete by the end of your duty shift, 3 of 11… ” as Seven turned and walked out, Karen barely noticed, still lost in her post-orgasmic haze. As she sat there in a puddle of her own juices, the events playing over again in her mind, her hand, almost with a mind of its own, started stroking her engorged pussy again.

“Karen…? came a voice from somewhere beyond Karen’s eyelids. She opened her eyes wider and tried to focus on Harry Kim’s face.

“Are you okay?” he asked, with genuine concern. He looked more closely at the disheveled woman, Karen “cold fish” Wilson as Paris called her… she reeked of pis and sex and had curly blonde pubic hairs stuck to her cheeks and chin, and one was hanging out of her mouth, “Karen?”

Karen, in response, simply smiled and flexed her hands down between her thighs and moaned softly, closing her eyes and drifting off back to the land of cunt-cream milk and bitter-piss honey between Seven of Nine’s legs…






Chakotay and Marlin walked toward the entrance to the main hall of the Yasminan Palatial Estates, taking in the beauty and grandeur of the arches and columns. Chakotay always found it amazing how civilizations on complete opposite sides of the Galaxy could, by sheer chance, come up with the same exact architectural styles… and technology… and doors… and pets… and arms, legs, and, well, just about everything except facial features… Chakotay stopped when he realized Janeway and Kes had fallen behind. Janeway had stopped and was grasping Kes’ leash with one hand and Kes’ head by her hair with the other hand.

“You stupid bitch!” Janeway was admonishing the scantily clad girl, “Didn’t I give you explicit dressing instructions?”

“Yes, Mistress… I-” Kes began apologetically.

“Really?” Janeway dropped the hand holding the leash between Kes’ legs and started massaging her crotch, already moist with excitement from being publicly humiliated like this, “Then why are you wearing panties?”

“Unhhh…” Kes moaned in response.

“You little slut… you’re sopping wet!” Janeway rasped in Kes’ ear, lips almost touching her alien earlobe.

Chakotay looked around nervously, hoping the Yasmina respresentatives wouldn’t pick just this moment to arrive. Marlin, for her part, was simply grinning sadistically.

“Take them off. Now.” Janeway ordered.

Kes obeyed and began to remove them.

“No, wait,” Janeway stopped her.

Kes breathed a sigh of relief, realizing Janeway was just testing her.

“Piss them first,” Janeway matter-of-factly instructed her.

“Wha… wha-” Kes stammered, not believing her exotic, alien ears.

Janeway sighed in exasperation, “I said: PISS in them!”

“But… in front-” Kes began and was cut off by a slap to the face. It wasn’t meant to injure her, it stung just enough to remind her of her place.

Chakotay and Marlin exchanged glances, wondering if they should step in. Of course, neither of them had the balls to contradict the Captain.

Janeway didn’t have to say another word. She just glared at Kes. The young Ocampan surrendered to her fate, bowed her head, and, after a brief pause, began to piss all in her skimpy white silk panties, the acrid, dark-yellow piss staining them and running all down her legs.

Kes’ lower lip quivered and she began to weep softly at the humiliation of releasing the contents of her bladder all over herself in front of her fellow crewmates. But she could not deny the rush of blood to her shaven cunt. As much as she was ashamed by it, severe humiliation and the hands of her Captain excited her like nothing else.

Janeway smiled proudly and patted Kes on the head as the torrent of piss trickled to a stop. Marlin calmly side-stepped the pool of urine growing at the humiliated girl’s feet.

“Good girl,” Janeway assured her, “that wasn’t too bad, now, was it?”

Kes looked up at her with tear-filled eyes and meekly shook her head “no”.

“Good,” Janeway stood back, “now take those fucking panties off, you fucking little CUNT!!!”

Everyone jumped at the sudden anger in Janeway’s voice and Kes hurriedly removed the piss-soaked panties, saturated with her own juices.

“Those panties better not be the *only* thing holding your dildo in. Remember what happens if it falls out,” Janeway warned, “Hmm… now where can we put these panties? Oh yes, in your mouth, of course. Come on.”

Kes hesitated for a second and Janeway slapped her on the ass roughly. Kes put the dripping panties in her mouth fully and flushed beet red.

“Good, ” Janeway said approvingly and kissed Kes full on the lips, pressing firmly to make Kes squish the soaked panties in her mouth like a sponge, forcing her to drink some of her own piss. Janeway turned back to Chakotay and said, “alright, then, we’re all set.”

“Uh… Captain?” Chakotay said as he pointed at Kes.

Janeway looked confused and looked at Kes, “Oh yes,” Janeway said as she removed the nipple clamps from Kes’ red nipples, pulled her dress back over the blushing Ocampa’s small breasts, and put the leash on her belt, “there. Now we’re set.” Janeway led the way into the main receiving chamber, Kes was right behind her, head bowed low.

Chakotay sighed and turned with Marlin to follow them, wondering to himself how Kes was supposed to tell them what the negotiators were thinking when her mouth was stuffed with soaking wet silk panties.

“Ah, greetings, Captain Janeway, I am Prime Minister Jasmine,” said a tall, statuesque red haired woman in long-flowing robes as she walked up to the away team.

“I am Captain Katherine Janeway,” Janeway said with a professional manner as if the hand she the Prime Minister was shaking hadn’t been between Kes’ thighs just thirty seconds before, “and this is Commander Chakotay, my first officer, Lt. Marlin Orlando, a xenosociology specialist, and my bitch, Kes.”

If Jasmine understood the meaning of Janeway’s introduction of Kes, either it didn’t show or she had no problem with the concept, “Excellent, ” she said, “you’ve arrived just in time for our evening feast, I would be honored if you would join me at my table.”

“Of course, ” Janeway replied, “it would be our honor…”

Prime Minister Jasmine smiled and turned back towards the receiving chamber and towards the large dining hall. Janeway and the away team followed close behind, Kes, who was having a little difficulty walking straight struggled to keep up.


“Mexicano Night”


Neelix picked up the plate of soft tacos and brought it over to Seven’s table.

“I must say, Seven, you really seem to have taken to this whole ‘eating’ thing rather well!” he said as he placed her fourth serving of Mexicano Surprise on her table.

“Yes,” Seven said through a mouthful of beef, cheese, onion, peppers and corn, “I had a rather relieving experience this morning and I find I am quite hungry now.”

“Well, excellent,” Neelix beamed with pride, happy to see he was such a great tutor AND cook, “If only Mr. Vulcan would share your appreciation of fine cuisine!”

Tuvok looked up from the spectacle of Seven chugging down her 5th soft taco. He had no idea where she was storing it all, especially considering the fact that she already “assimilated” 4 “Borg Burritos”. Surely she couldn’t hide her bulging stomach with such a tight uniform.

“Mr. Neelix,” Tuvok spoke flatly, “I am not quite as confident as others seem to be in the safety of your culinary products. Most especially so In light of the incident last month when half the crew had… ‘the runs’.”

“Oh, no,” Neelix retorted, “I am still convinced that was an alien virus that attacked the ship! That never would have happened if you let me be a security officer-“

“I am certain-” Tuvok attempted to interject.

“I’m like a Regalian Nightstalker,” Neelix continued unfettered, “I keep my eyes peeled for that sort of thing- I have a sense for danger, you know! And I’m a people person! Perhaps if you had tighter security-“

“MISTER Neelix-” Tuvok began to raise his voice, but caught himself, “I… hardly believe…” Tuvok took a deep breath, “I will attempt to enact tighter measures. I assure you, I will not be caught unawares by this… ‘virus’ again…” With that, Tuvok got up and with a notably tense gait, strode out of the Dining hall.

“I think he needs some fiber,” Neelix said.

“Fiber?” Seven mumbled through a mouth-full of taco.

“Oh, yes, it’s a kind of laxative, I guess, well, it more of bulks and softens stools-” Neelix began.

“Is this ‘fiber’ an edible substance?” Seven inquired.

“Oh, yes, but-“

“You will bring me some ‘fiber’,” Seven said, “a large quantity.”

“Well, you don’t actually… er… it’s not…” Neelix fumbled to explain, “Well, I was going to bring you some of my chili next…”

“Yes, bring them both, I am still unsatisfied, ” Seven said after finishing the last soft taco, then drained the last drop of her drink, “and I will require more of this… ‘prune juice’…”

“O… kay, then, I’ll be right back!” Neelix chirped as he walked away and whispered to himself, “I’m glad I made extra!”


“Table Manners”


Later that night, on Yasmina, the Captain and crew were enjoying their dinner with Prime Minister Jasmine and her staff.

They were enjoying their meals, exotic yet delicious delicacies from all over the Delta Quadrant. Yasmina was considered to have the third-best cuisine in all of the Delta Quadrant, if not the entire Galaxy. Everyone relished in the once-in-a-lifetime feast.

Everyone except Kes, that is, whose mouth was still stuffed with her own panties. She had drunk the last of her piss from them over an hour ago, but she couldn’t eat without taking them out in front of everyone. Her plate of Larusha Terlik on Huma Bread sauteed in Broxian Nectar sat, tantilizing yet untouched, in front of her.

“Kes?” Jasmine asked the Ocampan, “do you not like your meal?” She seemed genuinely concerned, and possibly a little offended, “I could have the chefs prepare something more to your liking…?”

Kes couldn’t respond, she could only look down and blush deeply.

Jasmine found this quite rude and turned to Janeway, “well, is the girl MUTE?”

Janeway replied, “No, of course not, Madame Minister,” she turned to Kes, “Kes, answer the woman…”

Kes looked at her, surprised. She managed to mumble something through the panties in her mouth, something along the lines of “Mrmphlgm…”

Janeway made a motion as if that explained everything and continued eating.

Jasmine shook her head in confusion, “What-” she began.

Janeway poured on the charm, “I’m sorry, Madame Minister, the fact of the matter is that Kes’… physiology is quite unique and she has a very… selective diet,” at this, Janeway flashed a devilish grin, “I’ll… feed her later tonight, myself.”

Kes’ blush got even deeper as her pussy quivered at the implication, she was instantly wet and worried about leaving a puddle of her juices on the chair.

Jasmine nodded cautiously, not sure what to make of the situation, but let it drop.

Just then, a waitress came out with their drinks. As she got around to pouring Kes’ drink, Janeway stopped her by putting her hand over Kes’ glass.

“Madame?” the waitress inquired.

Janeway reached into her bag and pulled out a large carafe full of yellow liquid. Kes, of course, recognized it instantly, even before the aroma hit her sensitive Ocampan nose. She had wondered why Janeway hadn’t made her drink her piss this afternoon. She was saving it for a special occasion.

Jasmine saw the carafe and, after a brief puzzled look, seemed to realize what was going on, “ah, yes, the special diet, of course.”

Janeway filled Kes’ glass to the brim and stared at her. Kes looked around and saw that everyone, including the waitress was watching her, for some reason. Knowing what was expected of her, she lifted the heavy glass of her Captain’s piss to her lips and began to drink it. It filtered through her panties, soaking them all over again, and poured down her throat. It was a familiar taste, at least. Everyone continued to watch as she finished the large glass and set it down, wiping her piss-wet lips with the fine, hand-crafted lace white napkin in her lap.

Jasmine was impressed, “yes, well she seems to enjoy THAT very much! What is it?”

Janeway ad-libbed, “ah, well, it’s from my home planet, Earth… it’s called ‘lemonade’.”

“‘Lemonade’,” Jasmine repeated, “Intriguing… I wonder, Captain if I may… I consider myself quite a conniseur of exotic delicacies from all over the Galaxy, yet I’ve never heard of this ‘lemonade’… might I sample some, if Kes does not mind?”

Janeway grinned broadly, “But of course! Kes, you don’t mind, do you?”

Kes, wide-eyed, stared at Janeway… surely she wasn’t going to let the head of a planetary government drink her piss! Slowly, she realized that, yes, that’s exactly what she was going to do. She distractedly shook her head that no, she didn’t mind.

“Excellent!” Jasmine held up her glass to Janeway, who poured a good mouthful into it.

Chakotay shot Janeway an incredulous glare as Jasmine lifted the glass in the air, so that the light shone through it. She swirled it around, judging it’s color. She lowered it to her nose and inhaled it’s scent. A confused look came over her face. Kes and Chakotay thought, for sure, that the jig was up. This was going to be a diplomatic distaster that would be one for the record books.

But Jasmine continued evaluating the glass of Janeway’s urine. She held it to her lips, then, in one quick motion, tilted her head back and dumped the entire amount into her mouth as if she were doing a shot. She leveled her head and slowly swished the piss from one side of her mouth to the other, tasting it fully. Her head cocked in contemplation. She swished it around faster, then stopped. Finally, she swallowed it all in one large gulp.

All eyes were on her as she sat there, considering what she had just drunk.

“Delicious!” she exclaimed, “I’ve never quite tasted anything like it!”

Chakotay was in shock, but Janeway and Marlin just smiled. Kes couldn’t believe the alien Prime Minister actually LIKED it… perhaps her taste buds were different than… well, most people’s!

“I’m glad you liked it, Madade Minister,” Janeway diplomatically replied.

“Indeed! And call me Jasmine,” she replied, “you, Captain, have given me quite a gift! It has been too long since I’ve tasted something new! Let us have a toast!”

Jasmine held her glass out to Janeway again and Janeway, this time, filled it to the brim. She held out the carafe to Marlin, who politely held out her glass and accepted a filling of Janeway’s piss. Janeway offered it to Chakotay, who passed and picked up his glass of water, instead. Janeway turned to Kes and filled her glass back to the brim without asking, emptying the carafe at last.

Janeway picks up her own glass of Rhulien Wine and Jasmine makes a toast.

“To new experiences!” She declares.

“Here, here!” Janeway nods as they clink glasses. Janeways watches in delight as Jasmine, Marlin and Kes all chugs down her nasty piss.

As Kes is drinking her glassful of piss, she feels something wet and rough between her legs! She jerks in surprise and almost spills her drink. She looks down and sees it’s Jasmine’s pet chingador, an exotic alien creature about the size of a Earth dog. Chingadors have long snouts, a rounded horn on their head, six legs and two sets of sex organs (the females always give birth to twins – one from each vagina).

Jasmine had introduced them to her chingador earlier in the evening. His name was “Pinganto”. Kes didn’t like the way he was looking at her. When the others were appreciating the fine art and sculpture the Prime Minister had on display, Kes was busy keeping Pinganto from sniffing her crotch.

Now Pinganto was under the table, stickin his wet nose right in her crotch! She looked around and nobody else seemed to notice. Rather than make a big scene, she tried to surreptitiously shoo the chingador away with her foot under the table. Unfortunately, that just caused her to spread her legs wider giving Pinganto an opening to shove his head up fully into her crotch until his nose was right against her sopping wet, hairless cunt. Worse yet, his horn was rubbing against her clit as his rough tongue licked her labia.

Kes looked around, nervously trying not to show that she was getting cunnilingus from the Prime Minister’s pet. Everyone seemed oblivious. She had no choice but to let Pinganto do as he wanted and hopefully he’d leave her alone.

Janeway chatted with Chakotay as she watched Jasmine and Marlin get involved in a conversation. She was pretty sure the two were hitting it off quite well, obviously flirting. She heard Kes make a soft moan and looked over at her. Her eyes were closed and she looked flushed and almost in pain. She put a hand on her shoulder and Kes’ eyes snapped open and she looked over at Janeway.

Kes tried to cover, she picked up her glass of Janeway’s piss again and continued drinking it, trying not to squirm too much. Swallowing it down, she smiled and moaned, “MMMmmmm….”

Janeway smiled and turned back to her conversation with Chakotay. Kes immediately bucked and felt an orgasm building uncontrollably in her loins. Despite her shame and disgust at being licked at by this alien animal, her filthy little cunt didn’t discriminate. She grabbed the tablecloth and held on as she shuddered in ecstasy, her female cum squirting from her pussy to be lapped up by Jasmine’s pet.

Moments later, she came back to her senses and looked around, groggily. It took a few seconds for her vision to clear as the blood drained from her head.

Janeway was still talking to Chakotay and Jasmine and Marlin were sitting very close. She saw Jasmine take Marlin’s hand and guide it under the table to her lap! A look of surprise flashed across Marlin’s face, followed by a look that couldn’t be mistaken for anything but raw animal lust. Kes had a feeling it was going to be an eventful night.


“Anger Management”


Tuvok worked at his console on the bridge, quietly and efficiently monitoring every ship security system and reviewing the sensor information for any possible threats. All seemed within safety protocol standard.

Unfortunately, his security net did not detect the approach of Neelix.

“Hello, Mr. Vulcan!” Neelix said as he strode out of the turbolift and over to Tuvok.

Tuvok clenched his jaw tightly and looked straight ahead for a second before turning to Neelix, “Yes, Mr. Neelix, what is it now?”

“Well, I decided that since you were so busy that you didn’t get to have any Mexicano tonight, I programmed it into your food replicator in your room!” Neelix announced cheerily.

“You… and what of my other food programs?” Tuvok asked, not sure if he wanted the answer.

“Oh, I deleted them, no room in the… memory?” Neelix searched for the right technical word, “Or whatever it’s called. Anyway, when Mexicano week is over, you can get the old food programs back from the standard database!”

Tuvok’s teeth gritted almost audibly as he replied, “Those recipes were not IN the standard database, I had to manually enter them myself and gradually tweak them over the course of the last 4 years…”

“Oh…” Neelix’s brow furrowed and his “fur” (or whatever that was on his head) bristled, “Well, I’m sure I can recreate them for you, and give them my own special flare- after all, you must be tired of eating that bland old Vulcan food for 4 years!”

Tuvok completely lost it. Vulcans had a history of being the coolest, calmest, most collected race of humanoids in the galaxy, excluding pon farr. But Vulcans had never encountered a Neelix before. They would have to create a new primal rage ceremony for the handling of Neelixes. Tuvok’s hand shot out like lightning and gripped Neelix’ throat with supertalaxian strength and lifted him effortlessly off the ground, “I… DO… NOT… THINK… SO…. MR… NEELIX!!!” Tuvok growled as he crushed the annoying Talaxian’s spinal column between his powerful fingers. He let Neelix go and he dropped to the floor like a sack of potatoes. Or jalapenos, whatever those were.

Suddenly, the exit to the holodeck opened and Tasha walked in.

“Sorry to barge in Tuvok, but- oh, what happened here?” Tasha asked, seeing Neelix on the floor, his head at an unnaturally odd angle to the rest of his body.

“A… simulation…” Tuvok tried to explain, regaining his composure.

“Simulation?” Tasha asked, a grin forming on his face.

“Yes, a program I developed over a year ago… ” Tuvok explained in his normal, logical tones, “A prepared tactician can use the holodeck to enact any situation and be prepared for any contingency.”

“So… don’t tell me, ” Tasha played along, “Neelix was… possessed by an evil aliens force and had taken over the ship and you had to shatter his spine to drive the evil out?”

“That is a distinct possibility, ” Tuvok replied with a perfectly straight face and without missing a beat, “I presume, Lt., that you came here for a reason?”

“Oh!” Tasha remembered, “Yes, Torres has punched out ensign Carrey.”

“Again?” Tuvok asked.

“Again, ” Tasha continued, “I think she’s frustrated.”


“You know… with Tom still being a… a catfish… and Seven has Kim busy in Astrometric and won’t let him even take a break.”

“I see,” Tuvok nodded, “How is ensign Carrey?”

“Out cold, ” Tasha replied, “he’s in the sickbay, the Doctor says he’ll be fine after some minor reconstructive surgery.

Tuvok nodded slightly and walked up to the computer panel, “Computer, locate Lieutenant B’Ellana Torres.”

The computer chirped and a millisecond later replied, “Lt. Torres is in holodeck 3.”

“That’s just next door, should we just-” Tasha began.

“No, in her enraged state she could be quite dangerous,” he cautioned her.

“I’ll call for backup,” Tasha said as she was about to hit her commbadge.

“That will not be necessary,” Tuvok told her, “Send Mr. Neelix. He has been wanting to be a security guard. I think this will be an appropriate time to take him up on his offer.”

“But, Tuvok, won’t she… I mean… cream him?” Tasha asked, not believing Tuvok would be so… irritated with Neelix that he’d send him to a certain pummeling.

“Of course not, Lt, ” Tuvok explained, “in her aroused condition, it is best to send someone who is… ‘a people person’. She is familiar with him and he should be able to calm her down and get her to come along quietly. All personnel have their unique talents and are strategically best suited for specific special conditions.”

“Of course, you’re right, ” Tasha nodded her head in understanding, “I’ll go get him.”

Tasha left the holodeck. Tuvok looked down at the corpse of Neelix and almost smiled. Almost.


“All Tied Up and Nowhere to Go”


Late that evening, back on Yasmina, Janeway was putting the finishing touches on Kes’ bondage straps. She had Kes on her knees on the floor, leaned all the way forward at the waist so that her face was resting on the floor sideways. Her arms were strapped to her sides, pointing straight back. Her ankles were cuffed together. The resulting position was one of unmistakable submission. Her ass stuck straight up in the air, her back inclined up at a 45 degree angle. She was completely naked.

“There we go,” Janeway stood up and appraised her work, “all tied up and nowhere to go!” Janeway chuckled.

Kes looked up at her Captain and Mistress. She was wearing a flowing, red dress that was very thin material and, under the right light, fairly translucent. She could see the outline of her body, her round ass… her pelvis and bush… Kes started to get wet all over again.

Just then, the door signal chimed. Janeway walked over and hit the open button. Chakotay stepped in adjusting his tie with more than a little frustration.

“How is it that, all the way on the other side of the Galaxy, they’ve invented the same cursed tradition of tying a damned knot around your-” he stopped short as he saw Kes’ dildo-stuffed asshole staring up at him, “um… hello, Kes.”

“Hi… Commander,” Kes meekly replied.

“Here, let me help you with that,” Janeway offered, “I’m pretty good with knots.”

“So I see,” Chakotay acknowledged.

As Janeway did Chakotay’s tie, she spoke to Kes, “alright, bitch, Chakotay and I are going to hit the downtown strip and do some clubbing, experience the nightlife that I hear is so wild, here. You’re going to stay right here, just like that, like a good little bitch and wait for us. When we get back, we’ll play with you and I’ll give you that feeding I promised you before.”

Chakotay heard Kes groan softly and looked down to see moisture running down Kes’ puffy, swollen labia. He couldn’t believe it, she really loved being Janeway’s bitch! Janeway roughly pushed his head back to looking foward and finished the tie.

“There, see?” she patted Chakotay on the ass and sent him out the door, “Go see if the shuttle is ready for us, I’ll be right down.”

As Chakotay left, Janeway knelt down beside Kes and produced from her bag what looked like some kind of harness, like a horse’s bridle. Suddenly, Janeway roughly yanked the large dildo out of Kes’ butt, making an obscenely wet “pop” sound. Kes gasped and could feel her sphincter was stil dilated, she could feel the cool night breeze from the open window blowing into her gaping asshole.

Kes watched as Janeway quickly and expertly attached the soiled, thick dildo and attached it to the bridle. Before she could object, Janeway grabbed Kes’ hair, pulled up her head, forcing her mouth open, and shoved the soiled dildo into her mouth! She could taste her own shit juices on the massive, veiny fake cock, still warm from being deep in her bowels for the entire day.

Janeway slowly worked the dildo deeper and deeper down Kes’ throat, pleased to see a nice brown slime coating building on the little bitch’s lips. Kes choked and gagged a little here and there but Janeway kept patiently, insistently forcing it in until the bridle rested against her face. She buckled the straps securely around the back of Kes’ head and let her head drop back down to the ground.

Standing up, Janeway picked up her riding crop and walked around Kes. Kes could only see her stilletto black patent leather thigh-high boots from her perspective. Janeway slapped Kes’ exposed ass with the riding crop sharply, making Kes jump.

“Very nice, bitch,” Janeway hissed as she began to slide the riding crop into Kes’ still gaping rectum, “I’ll be back for this later tonight… in the mean time, try not to be a bad girl or I’ll have to punish you!”

With that, Janeway withdrew the riding crop, gave Kes another smack on the ass and walked out.

Kes lay there wondering how long they would be gone and what the Hell she was going to do all night. She didn’t have to wonder long, though…


“Gang Bang”, Part I


“Computer!” Neelix barked with the most authoritative voice he could muster.

The computer calmly chirped in response.

“Special Tactical Security Operative 4th class Neelix requesting emergency security override of this holodeck, immediately!” Neelix spat.

“Unable to comply, please state proper security override code.” bleeped the computer.

“Oh, yes, er…” Neelix looked at his hand where he’d scribbled the code and read it slowly and methodically, “One nine four F Z fifty seven oh four alpha twelve Charlie.”

“Affirmative.” replied the computer and the Holodeck doors opened. Neelix, in his brand new beige security outfit, strode in with confidence to find Torres.


“Doggystyle, Part I”


Two hours had passed and Kes had begun to go stir crazy. Her throat had accustomed itself to the girth of the large dildo violating its depths, while her asshole had eventually closed back up, returning to it’s original tightness. The muscle tone of her ass was something she was quite proud of, actually. Janeway had always praised her on how tight her ass was, no matter how much abuse it had taken.

But now Kes had started to get panicky and she began struggling with her bonds, trying to, at least, loosen them. She shuddered to think what would happen if Janeway came back and found she had gotten out of them, but she was going to go nuts if she had to lay here bent over for the rest of the night.

Suddenly, she heard the door slide open and she instantly stopped struggling. The nightlife must not have been all that wild if they were back already! What were they going to do to her now? What kinds of kinky things did Janeway have planned for her? Her pussy quivered just trying to imagine it.

She waited but nobody said anything. She didn’t even hear them come in. Had the door malfunctioned? She was face down on the other side of the bed and had no way of seeing the door. She thought she heard some heavy breathing… maybe Chakotay and Janeway were already going at it?

She waited longer and the suspense was killing her. Her heart pounded so hard she could feel it pressing against her ribs, her vision began to get fuzzy and she felt light headed. Whatever they were going to do to her, she wished they would just do it and stop teasing her! The anticipation was more than she could take!

Then, to her shock, she felt a warm, wet sensation on her cunt… and a familiar one! She turned her head as best she could and looked back to see Pinganto licking her pussy! His horn was rubbing against her asshole in this position as he slobbered all over her cunt.

Kes groaned in desperation, humilation and, she had to admit, passion. It had felt so good to get release at dinner… maybe it wasn’t so bad… at least she’d have something to occupy her until-

Just then, Pinganto got up on his hind legs and put his two large middle paws on her asscheeks, spreading them oscenely and his two front paws on her back, resting his weight on them and holding her down. She felt his cock clumsily jabbing at her pussy.

She began to panic, getting licked by this alien creature was one thing, but to be FUCKED by it?! That was more than even she could handle. She began to scream (as it were, she couldn’t really scream with ten inches of fake cock down her throat) and tried to wriggle away from the chingador. But resistance was useless, he was too heavy and too strong. She was going to get fucked by this animal and there was nothing she could do but try to enjoy it.

As she felt it’s weighty cock flop around all over her pussy and ass clumsily trying to find an opening, she realized she was dripping wet. She was so worked up from the events of the day that she probably would enjoy it.

“God, I’m such a filthy bitch,” she thought as she felt his penis finally settle at the opening to her cunt. She welcomed the feeling of a real, live cock inside her. Wait, no, he had it at her ass…! No, wait…

“Oh fuck!” she thought as she remembered… chingadors have redundant sexual organs! Pinganto’s TWO cocks were probing her nether regions, trying to violate her… in her cunt AND her ass at the same time!

She let out an animalistic groan as she came to this realization, at the precise moment Pinganto found his mark and plunged BOTH of his massive animal cocks into her at the same time! He rammed her asshole and cunt savagely, plunging his twin pricks to their full depth with every thrust!

As Kes let the feral passion overcome her, driving her into an almost unthinking, bestial lust, some distant, objective, innocent part of her mind that still hid away somewhere deep in her psyche realized that this was her first real sexual intercourse… her first real cock in either hole… and it was with an animal! This realization drove her over the edge and as she felt the first hot twin jets of animal cum shooting into the depths of her womb and bowels, she screamed through the most intense, primal orgasm of her life.

Then, Pinganto started all over again. Chingadors usually had to mate several times in a row to ensure pregnancy. And Pingador was going to make sure he impregnated this bitch!


“Gang Bang”, Part II


Torres looked on at the approaching rape gang of Klingons and Naussicans, all heaving and sweating. The adrenaline and testosterone pumping through their veins… and organs… was palpable. Torres had a scratch on her face and half her work tunic was torn off already.

“All right, you fuckers, enough foreplay, do your worst!” She growled savagely, “Come on!”

The naked Klingons and Naussicans, none endowed with less than 12 inches, began to advance, drooling and growling. Torres was about to get the gang-raping of her life. It was her favorite stress-release program when no-one else was around to relieve her. Kim was lucky she was going to get appeased this way and not via his ass.

“Freeze!” Neelix shouted, pointing a small cracker-sized phaser at the nearest Klingon.

“What the-?” Torres spun to see Neelix.

“My god! The Holodeck’s malfunctioned!” Neelix cried, “don’t worry, Torres, I’ll protect you!”

“What the HELL are you doing in here?” Torres screamed.

“Tuvok ordered me to come get you, something about punching out Ensign Carrey?” Neelix said, waving his mini-phaser around belligerently, not realizing it was only a stun phaser with about enough power to give a medium-sized cat a short nap, “I’m sure it was all just a misunderstanding, but nevertheless, Tuvok would like to see you.”

“ARRGGGGGH!!!” Torres screamed and stormed out of the holodeck.

Neelix watched her leave and turned back around, waving the phaser at the group of would-be rapists, “Ok, you bunch, you’re going back to the hologrid as soon as I contact-oomph!”

Neelix had backed into something big. And hard. And sweaty. He slowly turned around to see a seven-foot tall Klingon breathing a hot foul stench in his face.

“Er, hello there… Mr. Klingon!” Neelix smiled nervously and raised his phaser, only to have it snatched from his hand and crushed like a walnut.

“Oh my… uh… ” Neelix backed up into a 8 foot tall Naussican. He looked around and realized he was surrounded. The lead, and most well hung Klingon advanced, stroking himself.

“Oh, my… uh, that’s a rather large uh… tool… you have there-” Neelix noted.

Suddenly Neelix began to flail madly in an attempt to get out, but he was grabbed and pinned down effortlessly, “Computer!” he cried in desperation, “End program!!!”

“Unable to comply, ” responded the computer, “please state proper security override code.”

And Neelix would have done just that. If his mouth hadn’t been full of Naussican man meat. But at least that muffled his screams of agony when the Klingon impaled him from the other end making him resemble very much a pig on a spit over a campfire.


To be continued in EPISODE 4!

©  scatwoman 07-08-04

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