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Waiting For This

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*This is my first try at erotic literature. Sorry if it sounds a little corny. Tell me what you think*

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Mindy stood behind her mic singing back up for her favorite band. But her eyes weren’t focused upon the huge crowd in front of them. Her eyes were all for the six foot tall blond hair blue eyed keyboradist. She watched as Taylor jumped to the beat of the music admiring his firm buttocks. Imagining in her mind gripping those well-muscled cheeks as he furiously pounded his body into hers. The song ended and the crowd erupted into enthusiastic applause.

The band ended there set and left the stage and went back to there dressing rooms.

A few days later Mindy found herself sitting in her hotel room, on her bed in her underwear and bra, strumming on the borrowed guitar from Isaac and writing a song.

And from my eyes I’ve cried

As I’ve felt you far away from me

And I wonder if some day

I’d call and you’d be there for me

And you’d take me in your arms

And hold me for all time

And cherish every thought and dream

That came along and took us both away

Taylor knocked softly on Mindy’s door and it pushed slowly ajar. He looked inside the room to see if he could see her. He stopped in his tracks as he saw her sitting on the bed in her underwear and bra. Her voice was softly caressing his ears and he felt himself grow hard. He stared at her as she sat upon the bad almost naked. Her five foot two inch frame curled around the guitar. Her mid-back length black-burgundy hair gently brushing her face and her hazel brown eyes were focused on a spot on the floor, her eyes distant and faraway. He stared at her well formed breast, 36 DD he knew for a fact when he had come across her bra in the freezer after Zac had stolen it from her room and stuck it there. She wasn’t really thin but she wasn’t fat, just well proportioned with nicely rounded thighs and buttocks.

Taylor turned to leave not wanting her to see him. As he turned away from the door he heard her gasp, and he looked over his shoulder and stared directly into her hazel eyes as they turned a deep shade of green and showed of the embarrassment she was feeling and the lust.

“I’m …I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were…that…” Taylor stuttered looking down at his feet.

“That’s ok, you just startled me,” Mindy said. She set the guitar down next to the bed and stood up. “You don’t have to be afraid to look at me Tay. It’s not like you haven’t seen me in a swimsuit or anything.” She said as she slowly approached him.

“I know, but this is somehow different.” Taylor looked up at Mindy all the lust he was feeling plain in his eyes.

Mindy grabbed Taylor’s hand and pulled him into the room. Taylor closed the door behind him and looked longingly into Mindy’s face. He gently brought his hand up to cup her cheek and raised her chin so that he was staring directly into her eyes. “You are so beautiful, I have been wanting to see you this way since we met.” Taylor said, bring his face down to hers to gently brush her cheek with his lips.

“I’m not beautiful, Tay, you are, and so are the millions of fans out there wanting to be in my position. Why me?” Mindy asked staring up into his face.

“I don’t know I just feel drawn to you, your different form them.” He looked imploringly into her face. He leaned down and kissed her gently on the lips.

Mindy brought her hands down to play at the hem of his shirt. She pulled it up over his head breaking the kiss to get it off. She stared at the nicely defined tan chest. Her eyes wandering over its smooth surface, stopping on his erect brown nipples, with their small brown areolas. She worked her gaze down his well formed chest to his well formed abs and the faint line of hair she saw going into the top of his pants.

Mindy brought her hands up to play with the skin of his chest, running her hands over his smooth pectoral muscles. She smiled as he gasped when she ran her fingers over his nipples and lightly pinched them with her fingers. Her hands found there way down to his stomach playing along the ridges of his muscles and tracing the line of hair that ran into the top of his jeans.

Taylor leaned back over Mindy pressing into her. He kissed her more passionately, his tongue roving into her warm mouth, swirling around her tongue. Caressing her tongue with his. Her hands dug into his chest as she let out a small moan.

Taylor moved his hands down around her back, playing along the base of her spine. He dug his hands into her waist when he felt her grip his chest, then slowly raised his hands to the strap of her bra. He slowly unhooked her bra, sliding the straps off her shoulders and stepped back a little so she could let her hands free and allow the bra to fall to the floor.

Taylor stayed where he had stepped back to, staring at Mindy’s torso in much the same way she had his. He stared at her large round breasts; her nipples erect surrounded by large areolas. His eyes traveled to her stomach slightly rounded but still smooth and straight with a hint of the tight muscles underneath.

Taylor reached his hand up and gently cupped the fullness of her breasts. Lifting them slightly to test their weight and squeezing slightly to test their firmness. He lightly pinched her nipples hearing her draw in her breath and let or a small moan. He stared into her eyes and saw they had bled from a rich green to a deep brown, he sucked in his breath at the sight of this passion filled girl.

Mindy leaned back into Taylor and kissed him deeply shoving her tongue into his mouth. She started kissing down his neck, nibbling softly where the neck and shoulder met. Then she licked her way down his collarbone to his chest, biting softly on his flesh then licking it. She sucked one of his nipples into her mouth pulling on it gently and nipping at it. She heard his moan of pleasure and lavished the same attention on the other one.

Slowly she worked her way down his stomach alternating between licking and nibbling on the smooth rock hard expanse of muscle. She delved her tongue into his navel swirling it around and nipping at it gently. She smiled into his flesh when she felt his body jerk and heard him gasp.

She brought her hands up to the snap of his jeans and undid the button. Slowly she lowered his zipper and pulled his pants down sliding them off of his legs. She was eye to eye with the bulge of his penis. She ran her hand lightly over the bulge of his boxers as it pressed against the fabric to be free. She hooked her finger in the waistband of his pants and slowly pulled the boxers down his legs as his huge penis burst free.

Mindy stared at his enormous cock the thing had to be a good ten inches long, and it was as thick as her wrist. She wrapped her hand around the base of his penis, slowly sliding her hand upwards, then down again. She saw a drop of pre-cum ooze out of the top and quickly licked it off with her tongue.

Mindy slowly took the head of his penis in her mouth sucking gently while swirling her tongue around the head. She heard him moan, and sucked further down the length of his shaft, running her tongue along the underside of his penis.

One of her hands held his cock while the other came up to play with his balls. She got a rhythm of sucking up and down while playing with his balls working him to orgasm.

Taylor stared down at the brunet head between his legs and moaned in pleasure. His legs feeling as if they would collapse. He entwined his fingers in her hair pushing and pulling her head on his cock. It felt so good the way she would suck and stroked her tongue along his cock. He could feel his cum building in his cock and knew he was close to orgasm.

Mindy felt Taylor’s cock tighten as he neared orgasm, and worked her head faster upon his cock. Her nose burying into his pubic hair as she accepted him almost fully into her mouth. Her hand was squeezing and working on his balls as she stroked his cock with her mouth.

Taylor came shooting a load of cum into the back of Mindy’s throat. He watched as she swallowed every drop, and sucked until nothing remained.

Giving Tay’s cock one last suck and a kiss on the head, she stood to her feet and kissed him letting him taste what remained of his cum in her mouth. He moaned and gripped the back of her head, shoving his tongue deep into her throat and licking at what he could.

“God, baby that was great. That was the best blow job I’d ever had.” Taylor said leaning back and smiling lazily into Mindy’s face.

“Yeah and I think that was the best tasting cum I’ve ever had.” Mindy said leaning back into Tay and kissing him.

Taylor picked up Mindy around the waist and laid her gently upon the bed still kissing her. Her moved his hand down her body to the apex of her thighs. He ran his hand over the top of her panties feeling the dampness there. He smiled and slid his hands into her underwear and slowly stroked the soft curls there. He pushed his fingers past the moist lips and found her clitoris slowly stroking it as Mindy’s hips jerked off the bed and she moaned loudly. He increased the pressure of his lips as he kissed her and slowly inserted his middle finger into Mindy’s hot wet hole. She moaned loud into his mouth arching her hips off the bed and trying to push further on his finger.

Taylor kissed his way down Mindy’s collarbone to her breasts. He sucked her erect nipple into his mouth, and bit gently upon it. He heard her suck in her breath and moan loudly. He gently started working his finger in and out of her hearing her breath hitch as he did. He moved over to the other breast and sucked and nibbled on the nipple there. Then he began kissing a path down her stomach, licking and kissing in turn.

Taylor came to the top of her panties and inhaled deeply, smelling her musky feminine scent, and felt himself begin to grow hard again. He removed his hand from her panties and pulled the cloth down her legs and off.

He moved back up in between her thighs and nuzzled the curls with his mouth. He gently spread her wet pussy lips apart and licked a long stroke over her clit and felt her jerk against his mouth. Her sucked her clitoris into his mouth, sucking and licking it, listening to her moan, feeling her writhe under him. He tongued at her hole delving it deep inside her and tasting her warm sweetness. His cock swelled at the taste of her. And he continued his sucking and licking upon her clitoris.

Taylor slipped his middle finger back in her wet hole, still tonguing and sucking on her clit. He began to stroke his finger in and out, feeling her muscles clench and unclench around it. Her breathing picked up and he knew she was near to orgasm. He increased his licking and started sucking harder on her clit and worked his finger furiously back and forth in her pussy.

Mindy felt her self near orgasm, and entwined her fingers in Taylor’s hair. She pulled his mouth against her. Arching her back and forcing her hips onto his mouth. Her breathing increased and she moaned louder and louder. She felt the pressure begin to build and moved her hips more furiously on his mouth. Then she exploded into his mouth feeling her juices flow, she let out a small scream as she came. Taylor licked and sucked up as much of her delicious juices as he could.

Taylor leaned back up over Mindy and kissed her. Mindy could taste her saltiness on his tongue and moaned again. She felt his rock hard cock pressing against her pussy and pushed against it.

“Are you ready for this?” Taylor asked leaning up and staring at Mindy.

“Tay I’ve been waiting for this for months. Now get in here and fuck me.” Mindy moaned clasping his buttocks.

Taylor guided his hard cock to her wet hole and slowly slipped it in groaning at her tightens. He sheathed himself all the way in and stayed there a moment feel her muscles contract around him.

Mindy groaned as she felt him enter her all the way, his penis pushing at her womb. She gasped and moaned as he started working in and out of her picking up his pace then getting into a steady rhythm. She matched him thrust for thrust delighting at the feel of him going in and out. “Oh God Taylor that feels so good. Don’t stop…oh faster…faster…uh huh…yes OH GOD!!” Mindy moaned as Taylor gained speed pounding into her body.

Taylor started pushing in and out of Mindy’s now dripping pussy, feeling her tighten and contrast around him. He moaned loudly. “Oh God baby you feel so goo, so damn tight.” Taylor gasped and worked in and out of Mindy harder and faster.

“Uh…of yes Tay like that come on baby….Oh Yes!!” Mindy yelled feeling her self soar higher to climax.

Taylor pumped harder and harder and started to feel Mindy’s muscles tightening in climax. “Come on baby, I can feel you near, cum for me baby and cum for me good.” Taylor groaned out, pounding at her furiously.

“Oh GOD TAY!! I’M CUMMING, OH GOD I’M CUMMING TAY. YES!! UHHHHHHHHHHHH!!” Mindy screamed as she reached orgasm her body jerking and spasming beneath Taylor’s, her juices squirting out everywhere.

Taylor felt Mindy cum and let him self loose pounding her body furiously, then he felt his balls tighten and shot his load deep into her. “OH GOD BABY YES THAT’S IT FUCK ME!! OH GOD YOU FEEL SO GOOD AND TIGHT!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!! Taylor groaned as her oragasmed.

They lay next to each other breathing heavily. “Thank you Tay, that was the best lay I ever had.”

“Oh me too baby me to.” Tay said wrapping his arm around Mindy’s shoulder and holding her tightly against him.

The two young adults fell contentedly asleep wrapped in each other’s arms.

©  Lost Vampyress 03-18-01

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