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A Special Night Out

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“Don’t you look stunning tonight sweet baby girl.” Gabriel answered from his chair set before the fire.

“Thank you Sir, I am feeling rather…well,” Sara paused and closed her pure green eyes, feeling the connection with body. She listened to each hum, beat, and erotic twinge as they happened. The secret smile that came across her face was impossible to ignore.

“Uh-hum, you were saying?”

“Oh, my, yes…sorry, Sir. I feel rather sexy.”


“Yes Sir.” She told him giving her hips a shake and sending heavily jeweled gold chains slapping against her legs.

“Why?” He queried, although he already knew.

“It is the gift you have given me that is bringing me to the brink of climaxing.” And her body backed up this claim.

“Tell me?” He asked trying to focus her mind on her body’s desire but also wanted to keep her mind clear on what was soon coming her way. Tonight was going to be big for his lover, she was going out to their favorite club only this evening was going to be different. It was going to be all about her and he had one more present lined up for her to experience.

“Mmmm. Where to start? Okay, I feel the need to thrust me breasts out, to tempt you forward. They need to touched, stroked, sucked, bit – to work the tips harder. They feel swollen,” she lifted the large globes in her hands and shook them a little, rubbed her thumbs over the excited tips. “This beautiful chained halter top is stunning but some of the links rub against my nipples and encourages them for needing so much more.”

“Baby girl, are you complaining?” Gabriel asked before taking a sip from his glass, never taking his almost black eyes from the seductive woman in front of him.

“No! No, definitely not…it is just that, hmmm, I am eager Sir.”

“Yes, I can see you are.” It was not just the slight shake of her hips that led him to that conclusion. It was the small portion of her upper thighs that gave her away; they were glistening with her dew. “Now please continue.”

“Right, mmm, then there is what is underneath my skirt.”

“The fact that you are wearing no underwear?”

“No Sir, I rarely wear any – I prefer it that way, always be ready for you to take when it pleases you.”

“Then what is it sweet thing, what has you all worked up and ready to fuck the first cock you come upon?” He knew, he could see it swaying between her wide spread legs and it made him harder and his need to bury himself inside her hot cunt.

“The incredible plug you have given me and put in my ass a short hour ago, that is what is causing me to be so…so…uhhh…” She couldn’t finish. Crouching down, legs bent wide and showing him her bare pussy mound and worked the tail dangling between her legs. It was made from a fistful of fine gold chains and rubies and pearls and was attached to a swiveling hook on the end of the plug.

Standing back up she started to dance, actually she shook her hips and he could see her connecting with the plug buried in her ass and the heavy bejeweled tail that ensured she not only felt its presence but wallowed in the lust it inspired. Her movements had the mass swishing down around her calves, between her legs, whipping her softly.

Gabriel took in the entire picture she made for her big night out. A series of about two dozen horizontal chains randomly draped over and around her large breasts, allowing her tits and their tight pink nipples to peak out from between the strands. Her lower abdomen was flat and bare with the pleated red leather skirt resting low on her hipbones. Then there was her faultless bare legs’ showing from just below her ass cheeks down to where her ruby red five inch platform heels started, a Valentine’s Day present, and added a few inches to her petite frame.

“How about the plug, it is not uncomfortable is it?”

“Oh, no, it is delicious and the fine tail is…sooo…wicked. How do I look?” She slowly turned for him, giving him a chance to drink her in. She gave her ass a shake and groaned from the effect the simple act had on her body.

“Perfect, well, almost…you are missing just one thing for a special night out.” He hinted, teasing her with what she still did not know.

“What?” She looked surprised, what could possibly be missing from this outfit he had chosen for her to wear.

“Come over here.”

She walked over to where his chair rested, feeling the plug in her ass and tail slapping at her legs added a special swish to her stride. Once she was before him, Sara went to her knees within the clasp his widespread legs. Long powerful legs surrounded her, but what drew her gaze was the large bulge between the limbs. But she reached for nothing, no matter how tempting, and instead waited for him to tell her what he needed.

The wait seemed to be endless, when actually it was only a few minutes.

“Suck my cock, baby girl.”

No need to ask her twice, she went up on her knees and worked on releasing his large hard-on from their prison. Like her Gabriel was a commando man, in the four years they have been lovers never has she seen the man wearing any underwear and it was moments like this that made her thankful for that fact. In no time at all she was working his big round knob with her mouth, making sure he could see every lick and heard every slurp, while she freed his balls from deeper within his pants.

“Take more, sweetness, not just the tip…yes, there you go.” His hand her threaded through her white silky smooth blonde hair, not controlling but ensuring he could watch his cock disappearing between her plump red lips.

“Mmmm.” While she worked on his rod she rubbed her breasts against the inside of his legs, thrilling at the feeling it invoked but at the same time it made her needs for sexual satisfaction more of a necessity.

He put his glass down and moved his hand down to grasp hold of his dick and limit the amount she could work on.

“Are you enjoying your special day so far?”

“Ummm, hmmm.” Sliding her mouth on and off his hard-on.

As he drew closer to the edge of release he suddenly stopped her heads movement.

“Climb up here sweetness,” and he helped her up onto his lap. With her hands braced on his chest Gabriel held his cock steady for her to slide down.

“Come on baby girl, slide that pretty pink and wet pussy over my dick.” Once she was settled he put his hands behind his head and watched her slowly move up and down. The chains of her top gave off a subtle clinking sound but it was her nipples that held his undivided attention. They were hard, hot pink and pointed, making his mouth water.

Sara’s breasts were large with beautiful big soft pink nipples. Everyday he watches her walk, tits bouncing with their freedom because, like panties, she rarely wore a bra. Instead she enjoyed their being aroused by a hard breeze, teasing anyone who might look. But, right now, the two baubles were held in control by how her arms were placed. Not to worry, they would shine and blossom when his baby girl was in the spotlight. They are a highly excitable pair, her dynamic breasts enjoyed being treat gently, lovingly by his mouth and yet they also thrived on a little harsher treatment.

The fact that they were directly connected to her sweet pussy was best experienced with his rod buried deep inside her.

“Ga-abriel! Ungh…”

But today was different. He watched them being held in a state of arousal by the delicate chains while he listened to her new tail scraping against the chair and floor. When he was close to coming he reached out and clasped hold of her ass and squeezed the soft supple cheeks. Manipulated each handful around the hard presence lodged in her back rose.

“I think your tail makes you a wanton sweetness. Are you a naughty girl?”

“Yes! Ungh…ungh…fuck…yes…”

“Come on baby, fuck me!”

He kept shifting her ass around, working her passions up higher, his as well. Gabriel needed this release if he was going to make through the evening.

At that moment Sara shifted her position, which allowed her to take him faster and deeper. She bounced up and down over his cock while holding her breasts and scrubbing the chains over her nipples.

“Oh yes…uh…uh…uh…almost…”

“Fucking beautiful…” He was hanging on by a thread and knew what would send her over. Using his hands he pulled her ass cheeks apart then pressed them together, jiggling the two globes around the plug. Once, twice and with the third pull she screamed.


Her tight clenching slit squeezed him, hard, beating at his trapped length, while he shot load after load of cum deep inside her pussy.

“Shit baby girl, your cunt is like a vice”

She collapsed over his chest, breathing heavily, still pulsating around his throbbing rod.

Gabriel had not let go of her backside, in fact he continued to gentle maneuver the two cheeks, drawing groans of renewed passion from this lush woman. After a few moments he gave her a sharp sounding slap on each soft globe.

“Gasp!” Sara sat up and looked at him with a sexy pout gracing her lips, but her luminous green eyes were dewy with lust as her move drove his still erect cock deep inside her pussy.

“What?” She asked while rubbing a hand over the reddened backside.

“Stand up sweet cheeks, the night is just beginning.” Sara answered with a saucy grin winning over he pretend disgruntlement. He helped her pull off his still hard cock and stand between his legs. All he did was look up at her and there she was cleaning him off with her mouth.

Self-indulgent and delicious he rested his hands on her head and held it angled so he could watch. Unfortunately it did nothing to discourage his continuously raging libido where this woman was concerned. She held his heart and his lust firmly in her grasp and he would give her whatever she needed.

Stroking her blonde hair away from her face and he thanked her for her diligent attentions.

“Thank you baby girl, such a delicious mouth you possess but tonight we are going out. Now, stand back and let me see you.”

She stepped back and stood there glorying in his attentions.

Nipples were hard and poking through the chains, the tail coming from her ass swung gently from her movements and her red platform heels looked completely naughty. The skirt was short enough to show them off and his cum seeping from her pussy down her the inside of her legs, was what made everything perfect.

“Oh yes, that was just what was needed – now you look perfect, and mine.”

“Yes, always yours.” She answered him with a swish from her tail.

“Now, give me your word baby girl.” It was her elegant eyes that now held his attention.

“Crow.” There was no smile on her face when she answered him, this was serious and they both approached it that way.

“You and your hatred for birds. Okay, I have everything planned out but at any point you let me know if you are uncomfortable with they way things are going and we will stop.”

“Hmmm, yes Sir.”

“Ready to come again aren’t you?”

“Yes, it is the tail…it is sooo…lovely.” She swiveled her hips, swishing her new toy around her legs.

“I do believe you and those chains are going to be the talk of the night.” He told her with a gleam in his eyes. Gabriel knew what was coming her way and was excited to watch her enjoy her eroticism.

She stepped up flush against him, wrapped her arms around his neck and a leg around his hips.

“Together we will find our pleasure tonight.” Sara pulled his head down so their lips kissed gently and with feeling.

Big rough hands squeezed her ass.

“Most definitely, now lets go.”

* * * * * An hour later he was sitting at a table with a friend, Adam, and they sipped on their beer while watching Sara on the dance floor.

The Red Room was a private club but only because the games played there necessitated a safe and sane environment. Downstairs it was your basic bar with a dance floor, stage for an occasional show and poles for those that preferred to express themselves that way.

The DJ always played great songs to dance to, and when they couple entered and The Verve’s ‘Are You Going To Be My Girl” was playing she had dashed out to the floor and found her groove. After some time dancing on her own a young woman done up from head to toe in black latex came up and started bumping and grinding against his lover’s back and the two men were finding it an arousing view.

“Does she what you have planned for tonight?”

“Nope, thought I would keep it a surprise.”

“Ha! It most certainly will be that.” Adam took another sip watching the long lean redhead that was playing with Sara. “That tail is fantastic, where did you find it?”

“Had a jeweler make it, the way she responds to the added weight and action from the bejeweled chains is off the chart. Once I put it in her back rose, I thought she was going to come just standing there – okay, not true because that is the direct opposite of what it makes her feel.” Gabriel answered while readjusting his hard-on, it was almost time to move his lover downstairs for the gift of her ultimate pleasure.

They watched as the woman started stroking her hands over Sara’s body and when she came to the tail, the woman was entranced and lifted the small red skirt for a better view.

A new song and the two women turned around and faced each other, trying to speak but mainly laughing when suddenly the redhead closed the gap and laid her lips against his lovers. Startled Sara pulled back and looked over to catch his eye. He smiled, letting her know that no lines were being crossed, that he was enjoying himself as much as she was.

“Wow, I think I need to get to know that lean lovely better.”

The two women were involved in a tongue thrusting kiss that also opened the opportunity for the redhead to play with Sara’s ass and its tail, whipping her lust up to a desperate level. With the next song he watched as his lover turned to face him while the other woman pressed up against her back and started to play with her breasts. She looked at him with all her needs plainly written across her face and watched him as another’s hands played with her body.

Gabriel knew that she enjoyed being played with and watched as she fucked. Tonight she was going to get that experience and so much more. He knew the decision was the correct one by seeing the pleasure on her face as this unknown woman played with her before him.

“You want to collect the redhead and if she wants she is more than welcome to come down to the theater downstairs and enjoy the festivities.”

“Excellent idea. See you down there.” Adam stood and moved over to the two women and dropped a kiss on Sara’s lips and whispered something to her causing her to nod her head to the other woman and head over to his side.

“So who is your new friend?” He asked when she came and sat on his lap, watching the couple speak to each other before turning to leave the floor and heading downstairs where there were various areas for the clubs patrons to play.

“Erin, I think she said. Great dancer.”

“Mmmm, I thought you two looked to be enjoying yourselves.”

Sara leaned over and kissed him before whispering in his ear, “For our pleasure, remember?”

“I certainly do love. Which leads me to ask, are you ready for your final gift?” A thumb came up and started to tweak on of her nipples.

“Oh yes, definitely.”

Helping her stand first before he rose up behind her. “Turn away from me baby girl, I will need to blindfold you for a few minutes.” Once he had her facing away from him Gabriel pulled a blindfold from his pocket and pulled it over her eyes. “Again, your word is?”


“Okay, here, hold my arm and I will lead you downstairs to receive your gift.”

The couple walked slowly and through a doorway that led to a bank of elevators. Nodding to the attendant he walked them both into the box and went down.

Sara would be disoriented coming downstairs from this position, but he ensured she was not sure where exactly she was he walked her around. Pausing here and there so she could hear the activities in various rooms. In a short period of time they were at the theater and here was the elevator attendant holding the door open so she would still be off balance.

There was complete silence as they entered the room. Gabriel brought her to a halt and took her top and skirt off, laying them on a table before moving her forward. They stopped before a black padded form that resembled a doctor’s table.

Helping her up to sit on the edge of the table put emphasis back on occupied ass.


“Mmmm, I know sweetness.” He spoke to her in a hushed tone while he worked a padded Velcro strap across each ankle and wrist. “Soon you will be indulged, but first, lie down. There you go, perfect. Now, bend your knees. Yes, there we go, that is wonderful, you are all open and looking wonderfully ready.”

Each leg and arm was on a separate platform as was most of her body. Her head was cushioned on a circular pad with the center taken out and it ended with her ass. This allowed her tail to dangle down and slap against the large metal support pole.

“I am ready for whatever you are offering, Sir.”

“Excellent. Now hold on and I will be back in a moment.” He stepped back, found Adam and nodded for him to start his part while Gabriel finishing setting the rest of the room. An intense bright spotlight lit up her body, the rest of the lights would be shut off when his friend finished setting up his machine, leaving the theater a black hole except for Sara.

With the fucking machine lined up and ready to go he turned off the lights and used the remote Adam handed him and started it going at a slow and shallow pace.


This new machine had none of the industrial sounds or looks that went with the original models. Now it was high tech and low profile. The dildo on the end was actually made from a plaster cast of Gabriel’s rod and it was all controlled by a remote that relegated the speed, depth and whether or not it twirled.


There was just enough umph behind the movement to keep her tail swinging and slapping against the pole.


It was a spectacular show. A small smile quirked his lips as he noticed her hands clenching around the strap and her leg muscles flexing, taking the fucking with pleasure. It was time to shake her up a bit more. His thumb moved over the remote and he watched his lover race to the precipice of her climax and he held her there.


Walking up beside her he bent over and stopped with his lips just a breath away and stayed there to feel her panting breath.


He said nothing.

“Ga-ab-ri-el?” Sara panted as the machine continued to fuck her.

“Yes?” He whispered back to her.


“Please what, baby girl.”

“Need to cooome.”

Her nipples were so hard resting atop a jiggling breast. Looking down her flat belly, over her bare pussy mound he slid a finger down the slit and collected some of her honey and then spread it over her hard clit. It took three circles before she was screaming.

“Ahhh! Ahhh! Gabriel!”

The machine continued, without pausing in its thrusting, and quickly threw her up and into another orgasm. With a flick of his thumb he started the dildo twirling and thrusting while he occupied his mouth by biting on her nipple.


Gabriel raised his eyes as Adam joined him feasting on her other breast.


“Hmmm, delicious. Anybody want to have a taste?”


He took her lower lip between his teeth and took a nibble before letting it go.

“Beautiful baby girl, they all love you, now let them enjoy your body.”

“Yes! Ahhh!”

Immediately following her climax he eased the speed down and twirling, leaving the faux tool to slowly but deeply fuck his lover while others licked, kissed, bit and sucked wherever they wanted on her body.

Adam stepped back and joined him, watching as both men and women lavished their lust on her body. Fingers pinched and pulled, lips sucked and bit, a machine powered dildo fucked her senseless and Sara could not move a muscle. Her tail was dangling down from her ass and pooled ever so slightly on the floor, shifting with each thrust.


Unknown voices whispered to her and she was thriving.


He moved the depth for deeper and she started to scream as she came. He could not take much more of watching her come over and over again, only not around the cock resting between his legs, twitching with pleasure.


As she is screaming, her pussy clutching at the thrusting tool, Gabriel is pulling the rod from her depths and Adam pulled the machine back. With help from others he released her hands and feet, stood her up, bent her over the padded table and her hands held securely by others.

“Get ready baby girl…”

Using his feet he spread her legs wider apart while he undid he pants, his cock bursting forth, eager to dive in and cherish their lover. With one last adjustment to pull his balls free, Gabriel had the head of his lodged in her hot dripping wet entrance and plunged in one stroke until he bottomed out.

“Fuck yeah!” He said, not able to hold back any of the emotion that were racing wildly around him. This was his woman, his heart and soul, and she came on his demand. Grasping a handful of her tail he slapped at her ass as he fucked her harder.

“Ungh…ungh…ungh…” Their bodies slapped together with the force of his thrusting in and out of her depths, driving the air from her lungs.

“Come for me baby, come for me…” He was close but he needed to feel her pussy clench and beat at his cock before he let the intense orgasm shoot from his rod. Again and again he swatted at her ass with the jeweled chains.

“Ungh…ungh…Gabriel…ungh…” She was so close he could tell because it was difficult to pull his rod out of her slit and it felt like he was carving a new trail each time he trust in.

“Grrr…” It took all his strength but he kept going, hungry for her climax. One moment he his carving his way inside her depths and the next she locked his dick inside her depths, squeezed over and over again, drawing his seed from the bottom of his balls.

“Ahhh!” Sara screamed.

Over and over again he shot all his juice from the tip of his cock deep inside her pussy.

This was heaven, she was his safe haven.

Collapsing over her back he kissed her shoulder and took her hands from the people who held them. With his cock still buried inside her, Gabriel wrapped their arms around her as they stood up. He kissed his way up her neck until he reached her ear and whispered what was the first thing that came into his mind.

“Mine…you are forever mine.”

Stepping back pulled his rod from her clenching heat. Turning her around to face him, he motioned for Adam to turn up the lights. Reaching forward, he lifted her blindfold, before taking a couple of steps back and took in the vision standing before him.

“My cum marks you as mine.” He said watching the pearly liquid coast down her thighs.

“Yes, I am.” Sara said, watching him and not any of the others in the room.

In that moment everything came together and he felt at peace. He took a deep breath and wickedly smiled back at his love.

“Shall we play my love,” Gabriel said whilst holding out his hand for her.

“Yes, Sir.” She walked up to him with her tail swishing, breasts bouncing and his cum painting her legs.


©  Miss Tilly 02/06/06

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